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Hi Louis!

Hi Louis!


Have fun, enjoy life and dont forget to reward yourself! On this journey of Fannytasticlife!

Loving yourself is especially important, self-love and self-care as I mentioned before. The value of this increases over time within yourself. I always set goals with rewards, some of these rewards are easily attainable and some require effort, money or focus but nonetheless all these rewards are promises I keep for myself.

The other day my family and I went to The Mall at Millenia in Orlando, FL where they have many stores that you can enjoy shopping at. While shopping there it was a surprise to come across at first sight Yves Saint Laurent, Bvlgari, Rolex, Tiffany, Burberry, Chanel and then realize right in front of me was Louis Vuitton. I looked at my husband with beyond a Starbucks gaze and said pretty please may I take this moment. My husband took the kids and sat down; he knew that I recently made one of my goals a reality.

My goals was to achieve my MBA, which I am so proud of!!!!

That is me, circled in green. Yes, it is virtual but I am so happy here. Graduate 2021!

Now, a lot of people graduated this year with so much to celebrate. The reason it is important to me, is because I have promised myself this moment, my whole life! My grandmother in 1974 got her master’s and she was 45 years old at the time. She always said do not wait your whole life to have this credential. However, life has taken its toll on me, and I am now 41 and so proud that I finally achieved this goal. I had promised myself that when I achieve this goal I will buy my dream, Louis Vuitton Bag and today at Mall – this purchase was my destiny. My grandmother always insisted that I should set goals in my life and when I can reward myself. This was the behavior she often taught me with my weight and many other life goals. She insisted since I was seven that my masters were non-negotiable,

I particularly, have always studied law and you may have suspected that I would have a natural progression to a Juris Doctor (J.D.) as my grandmother always prescribed. However, I am very much into analytics and business, so I changed the course of my education to focus on Business Administration.

I wanted to focus on key elements of human capital, marketing, financing, organizational behavior, economics, management and business ethics, I have mastered the art of payroll through my own life development. Ethics are very important to me as well as integrity and we discussed these topics within my coursework as well as deep dive into communication and analytics. While working with ADP I was able to tap into my analytics skills and become a subject matter expert in Analytics and Insights. I worked very closely with the product team and enjoyed these relationships as well as stayed in contact with them through Linkedin <3

My goal was particular and detailed as I planned on not just graduating with the MBA but I had to a have earned a minimum of a 3.5 GPA. This was the important factor on whether or not I truly earned my reward.

Back to the mall, so I was waiting online and so many people were also, some who already had beautiful bags. One of the line expeditors approached me and asked, “Is this your first time?” I thought she may have asked because I took a selfie… but she was asking everyone. She shared why she valued the store and some information, and I really enjoyed her level of engagement.

While on line, I snapped this picture of me in the moment!

I finally, make it to the head of the line and I am asked to meet Natalia. Natalia, smiled through her mask, and she was elegant, classy, and professional. Her look was clean lined with a pallet of neutral, black, and white and crisp red nail polished. Stunning! We started to walk through the store, and we discussed the House of Louis Vuitton, this was very enchanting. We also discussed types like canvas and leather, monogram, classic, etc. She asked me if I knew what I wanted or did I have something in mind, which I did. I knew I wanted something that my grandmother had, like her style as the MBA is in her legacy.

I wanted a Monogram Empreinte leather in black only with a gold chain but not just any chain, we discussed many bags and then I saw the Multi Pochette in cream, but I did not say anything. She went to gather some other bags and then she unwrapped the Multi Pochette in black and I was in love and floored!!!! The chain had an iconic look similiar to Chanel. This is exactly what I have had my eyes on for the past three decades to purses similar. Some of the features I loved was the gold chain with the leather cord and the pouch attached that was removable with an addition across the shoulder strap, which made these two bags in one!!!! I saw the price and knew this was a purchase. We still looked at other bags – just in case. I thought to look at canvas and boots just to make certain I was sold, I was.

Louis Vuitton mission statement is to”embody unique savior-faire, a carefully preserved heritage and dynamic engagement with modernity and to represent the most refined qualities of Western “Art de Vivre” (The Art of Living) around the world; to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity; to blend tradition and innovation, and kindle dream and fantasy”,to be creative and aim for excellence.

zarnab wajahat

This was complete white glove service and I was treated like a goddess, we shared, and laughed and over all my experience was incredible. I noticed people who came in and did not purchase were also treated amazingly and when they left were still given the respect. This confirmed my overall opinion on this experience, which was excellent.

Here is my accompanying podcast regarding goals, rewards and of course Louis Vuitton!

Here is what I purchased, which is available in store and online at Louis Vuitton

Here is a Tiktok, enjoy 🙂

Here is the bag, my reward! These pictures you can find on their website.

My next goal is Doctor of Business Administration: Management – Qualitative Research degree, which I plan on attaining by 2024. At that point I will be Dr. Fannytasticlife and yes my reward will be … can you guess … Chanel. Possibly the Chanel Quilted Lambskin Extra Large Briefcase or something like that… who knows (wink wink)

Thank you for joining me on this journey of Fannytasticlife.

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