Financial Literacy – Kid’s edition – Part One

On today’s journey I want us to discuss something especially important in my own home and that is the topic of finances.  It is important to understand how money works and describing to children how we operate with money.

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    What does this mean?

    Financial literacy is the ownership of skills and knowledge particularly that equips you with making educated and valuable choices regarding finances. Well, as an adult we learned the hard way as we had to get a job first and then understand how to balance our budget, pay taxes, bills and all these different aspects, which can feel like it is falling on top of our heads. Then we learn how to deal with these new responsibilities and manage it. However, imagine if you were given the gift of understanding finances ahead of the game even understanding how to manage, coordinate and move your money around so that by the time you are in adult you have some equity earned interest an increased in your dollar just by investing in yourself.


    First wallet, always starts the excitement.

    We bought this wallet at Oldtown in Orlando,FL. He loves it!

    In my household with our own children, when they turned five years old and they were able to write out their own names, I started individual bank accounts for them each. You can do a savings acct for them in the meantime but if you want them to understand the process starting at five is an excellent beginning point. If they had a deposit from their grandma, uncle, birthday, tooth fairy they would walk into their bank (with me as an escort) and do a deposit at the teller; I would stand by to assist but they would understand the jargon that was being spoken to them in that transaction and be able to answer questions and begin to understand the process. This is the important piece as they are physically part of these transactions. We typically would open a savings and checking account.

    Big Picture and Expenses

    We as parents concentrate on the big picture expenses for example: shelter, food, clothing, even entertainment. We also maintain anything they may need, which can include technological items such as computers, phones and gadgets for school and fun. Sometimes my kids want the latest game or a fashionable sneaker or trend and something of this nature I ask them about what they have in their allowance or what other items they want to do in the house to help work for these. So, how does this work?
    There are a couple of methods, but I will give the example of low end and high end. This just indicates the parent contribution not including gifts that you may receive. Other rules of financing and banking you should consider are the following.

    TypeBank RulesRate/AmountDetails
    Interest RatesCan range and payout annually or be accrued and offset monthly with your statement. 0.001% – 0.06%Some banks offer reward programs for a higher balance that can increase this. 
    Check with your financial Institution.
    ResponsibilityThe manager of the account is the parent.  However, when the child turns 13, they can usually download app and maintain account.  If it is a checking account since an adult is listed on the account a debit is usually issued.This rule can vary bank to bank this why financial education is important at an early age to prepare them for when they are a teenager. 
    Check with your financial Institution.
    FeesFees (Maintenance, overdraft, check bounce) can apply but for a child or student savings/checking account they can be waived$12 – $60To avoid Fees, you may need to keep a daily balance of $500 to $1500 after the age of 24. 
    Check with your financial Institution.
    TaxesIf the yearly balance does not go over 15000, taxes will not apply on the account.  Normally these deposits are post tax your individual income.  For the child, they are not required to report as you are listed on the account.  Until they are a legally recognized as an adult by the government standard and no longer a minor.$260 and up.For a single person, with no dependents at the age of 18.  They may owe $260 of a $2,500 taxable income.  Based on the IRS tax table, please speak with your accountant or taxing professional for your individual advice.
    FDICEach individual account at any bank is covered for up to $250,000.00 at any time.  If you accrue more than this amounts you may need to open a different account, trust, or fund.Not covered 250,000.01Individual accounts $250,000.000
    Joint accounts $500,000.00
    Check with your financial Institution.
    Life InsuranceExcellent way to plan, thinking positively.  Because this money usually has a fixed rate, that you can borrow from for braces, college, first car, down payment on a home)$35 -$100 MTHEvery provider is different.  Best to choose from are the Mutual of Omaha, Gerber, State Farm – reach out to find out more details.

    Now that we have an idea of the rules. How do we figure out the payments of allowance or money for our children? First you will need to set up three accounts Checking, Savings and Insurance. Of course, these are suggestions, but you may want to take advantage early.

    TypeAvailabilitySocial Security NumberPaymentsFrequencyDown PaymentFace ValueGuardian
    CheckingOnce Social Security is issued.Yes$1 – $26Bi-Weekly$25 – $1500Annual AmountParent only, at 13, a child can manage with parent, transitions at 18.
    SavingsOnce Social Security is issued.YesVariesVaries$125 – $500Annual AmountParent only, at 13, a child can manage with parent, transitions at 18.
    Insurance14 days old to 17 years of age.No$35 – $100Monthly or annually$5,000 – $500,000Parent until 18

    Plan Capital for Equity

    Now, have your children walk through the process with you. Understanding the game plan, in my mind is the first step. I have two options that can work for any income. They are called Low End and High End. Again, this does not include gifts or birthdays but just the payments on the parents’ end.

    Low End – AllowanceBased on age$125 at beginning (year 0)
    $500 at age 18.
    $35 a month (Based on policy ages 0-17 then transfer to whole life policy for adults)NA
    High End – AllowanceBased on age$125 at beginning (year 0)
    $576.9 bi-weekly from (0 – 16)
    $14999.40 a year total (under the $15,000 taxation mark)
    $250,000.00 lifetime (for this period 0-16 years)
    $100 a month (Based on policy ages 0-17 then transfer to whole life policy for adults)NA
    Bonus – Tooth FairyNANANABased on age per tooth. 
    Ex. 5 years old = $5.00.  20 teeth by rate = $100. 
    Have the child take the cash and make the deposits.

    Allowance Types

    What it looks like. Be warned there are many graphs here, these are estimated.
    For both Allowance types: Low End and High End, the checking stays the same.

    YearType RatePaymentsYearly Amount
    0Checking $   1,500.0011500 (Continued threshold)
    1Checking $           1.002626
    2Checking $           2.002652
    3Checking $           3.002678
    4Checking $           4.0026104
    5Checking $           5.0026130
    6Checking $           6.0026156
    7Checking $           7.0026182
    8Checking $           8.0026208
    9Checking $           9.0026234
    10Checking $         10.0026260
    11Checking $         11.0026286
    12Checking $         12.0026312
    13Checking $         13.0026338
    14Checking $         14.0026364
    15Checking $         15.0026390
    16Checking $         16.0026416
    17Checking $         17.0026442
    18Checking $         18.0026468
    19Checking $         19.0026494
    20Checking $         20.0026520
    21Checking $         21.0026546
    22Checking $         22.0026572
    23Checking $         23.0026598
    24Checking $         24.0026624
    25Checking $         25.0026650
    26Checking $         26.0026676

    The Low End and High End types really apply to the savings account. The idea in this plan is to make at least the low amount or any up until the high amount. You do not want to exceed on this account more than $15,000 per year but you want to have at least $125 until they turn 18 then $500 to prevent fees. Of course, if you are a millionaire, you can do whatever you want but for the average person this can meet multitudes of income ranges and teach your children how to save.

    YearType High EndPaymentsYearly AmountYearType Low EndPaymentsYearly Amount
    0Savings $ 500.0015000Savings $ 125.001 $ 125.00
    0Savings $ 576.902614999.418Savings $ 375.001 $ 375.00
    1Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    2Savings $ 576.902614999.4Total500
    3Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    4Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    5Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    6Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    7Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    8Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    9Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    10Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    11Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    12Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    13Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    14Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    15Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    16Savings $ 576.902614999.4

    For the life insurance, this works by specific policy. As a child’s medical is usually not put into question and the application process is simplified. Anyone can open a policy as the social security number is truly not needed. As low as $35 a month to $100 a month or annually from $420 to $1200 you can buy coverage. Typically, this covers death as it is a life insurance policy. What is not told to you is that the face value, which can be $5,000 to $500,000.00 is based on an index amount. And when the policy matures you can use it, which is typically at the age of 100. When the child is turning 17, you can begin to transfer the plan to whole term for an adult and they can take over the payment. For example, if they need braces, or want to buy a car, or later a down payment on a house, depending on where you are in your policy you can borrow that cash from the policy. Whether paying it back or not, which will deduct from the face value. Other benefits, include not needing to be reported on taxes and the money is all post taxable dollars. This is how the wealthy maintain their financial health within their portfolios.

    Piggy Banks

    All my children have one that is completely full of money from when they were born. We have never touched it and when they graduate high school it is theirs. One of the banks if from Tiffany’s so I ask that they manage with care. They also have individual banks like superheroes that they fill and often forget about.

    I still recommend a good old fashion Piggy Bank. Once they get full, take them and deposit into their checking and savings accounts. We consider this for them as income and explain the 2/3 policy.

    The 2/3 Policy is a strategy

    When you are an adult, you need to pay bills that are deducted from your wages that include taxes, utility, living expenses, gift, entertainment, miscellaneous, etc.  This concept teaches the child that no matter how much money they receive they will be responsible for a “bill” payment in the amount of 2/3 of the income.  You will truly only enjoy about 1/3 of it.  To plan for this mindset, in the example below I have $100 as the hypothetical gross amount in the piggy bank.  Here 1/3 of that money goes into checking as net and 2/3 into savings where it is saved for a future bill as the deduction. Although this really isn’t going anywhere it is stashed away. 

    Gross = Amount of Piggy BankNet = CheckingBill (Deductions) = Savings

    The best part is when they get their first paycheck/statement they will understand why they are “missing” the gross amount.

    Please leave comments below.

    Let me know, if you do something like this with your children, or if you try this method how did it work for you?


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    Chiquitita, tell me what’s wrong.

    This is an emotional one… patience for me and thank you as this therapeutic voyage.

    La Paz, Bolivia, 2011

    ¡Jallalla! Hello everyone! (This word is both Quechua and Aymara, and apart from being a greeting it conveys a wish for hope and a fulfilling life). awesome ¡Qué chala! That’s Awesome Está pintudo. Thats Amazing! Bolivia, La Paz

    When life was simple; Fanito trusted in her mommy and daddy to always have the answers and lead the way.

    The stories from my blog and podcast are all from the heart and I hope they can inspire you. To find answers, determine resolutions. or just have a good laugh.

    This story is not about my life but my perspective of my father Ramiro Fanor Alanez Melean, and his testimony.

    Who he was through my eyes.

    Have you ever met someone that although they had a hard life, they brought joy, happiness, and charisma to the time you spent with them? My father had a patience that he tolerated my annoying behavior and loved me the way I needed love from my father. He had a strong level of discipline, respect, and humor. He protected me, taught me to protect myself. Loved my mother in a way that let me know how I wanted to be loved.

    My Dad, me and my sister (top to bottom)

    He had funny interesting sayings’ that would catch me off guard. He would see someone up to no good and would yell to them “Caught you with the meat in your mouth” this was a reference that he would say to his dogs if they took food, I knew from being with him.

    “Caught you with the meat in your mouth!”

    Ramiro Fanor

    He was and true artist, visionary, designer and musician. He loved crafting leather and making show stopping outfits. My mother would make dresses for us and paint. They would work together in out small 1 bedroom apartment on 11th street – in a passion of love and artistry!

    My father was extraordinarily strong and tall to me as a little girl. He stood 5’11, 170 lbs. He would tell people 5′ 12″ 160… for whatever reason this made me laugh. I would say to him, “why not just say 6 feet tall?”, and he would respond, “well that would be a lie…”

    My handsome father

    He always kept his hair long and luxurious, my mother braided his hair, shampoo and conditioned it. This was their ritual. He was the one who combed my hair and taught me to take care of my ends, he would say, “Fanito, you split before your ends do…” it is these memories that make me smile.

    “Trash don’t pick it up, don’t throw your life away!”

    Ramiro Fanor

    Family time with my father , 2008

    My father gained weight later in life when my mom had gotten extremely ill, but he was still very handsome. Sometimes my teachers would ask me if he were single… shocked, I would roll my eyes, and tell my mother. Life was simple back then, but there was so many struggles he went through that I was not sensitive to, until later in life that we had a fight of a lifetime over a human, and his rights.

    “…But do you love me…”

    Ramiro Fanor

    He would sing so beautifully. He on guitar, my mother the piano, me the drums and my sister dancing.

    “Sharp, in my suit and fierce is my knife”

    Ramiro Fanor

    Always a smooth cat, he would say, “Alley cat” he would always dress for the occasion with whatever he had. Ask me about a good jacket, fedora, and pump – my dad would check to make sure we were “…ironed, presses and pushed pause on the evil eyes.” his words.

    What happened?

    In 2008, my father was living with me in Brooklyn, NY. I had my first son, and he would travel to Manhattan to pick up his granddaughter (my sisters’ daughter) from school and bring her to her grandma’s house (her dads’ mom) each day. My sister had gotten him an unlimited MetroCard where she would refill, and he always had a way to travel within the city. He was a widower and retired worker. It was in this time he was being a grandfather and enjoying his later years. On one instance in the beginning of 2009, he was traveling on a Friday to do his usual route to pick up his granddaughter. He never arrived.

    We all were worried; he did not answer his phone or contact us. In this period in his life, he was not his usual healthy, fast, and strong papa. He was older with a bad back that he had just had an operation on from a slip and fall, and he had a bad liver, bad arm and in medicine. We were extremely concerned for his safety and wellbeing.

    Friday evening, I received a call that my father had been arrested and was at Rikers in New York. The officer explained that it was a mistake. A group of young adults jumped the turnstile on the G line in the transit system and the transit police did a sweep and arrested all that was there. He then said the following: “Unfortunately, your father was there and because it is a Friday, he won’t be released until Monday.”

    I went on Monday to get him and they told me that ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) had picked him up. Now, he was at Varick. I tried to understand why, and they said because he is not a citizen, any crime that violates moral turpitude is instant deportation. My sister called everywhere, and we constantly ran around.

    I explained his legal status and right to be in this country, I explained it was a wrongful arrest. They seemed relieved and gave me paperwork to take to the other precinct in Brooklyn and have them fill it out for his release. I could not believe how simple it seemed, so I ran over to Brooklyn and spoke to the arresting officer. He refused to fill out the paperwork, because he had said that he needed to make a quota. I spoke to his sergeant and they all admitted that it was “Unfortunate,” but their hands were tied.

    After a couple of hours, I left and headed to Varick street to see my father. They would not let me see him and asked for his passport, declaration of his country of origin and followed those demands with the threat that he would be deported to either his country with the documents or Mexico without. It just so happens that I was studying Immigration Law, and I proclaimed that not only was I his daughter an American Citizen with the right to claim him, but I was also his advocate and legal representation. It was in that moment they allowed me to see my father. He seemed physically shaken and slightly roughed up. He was in an orange jump suit, which should have been light blue to signify the alleged crime. I insisted that he needed a new jumpsuit, commissary, and the right for visitation. They agreed to visitation on the spot but said because he was not a citizen that the constitution did not apply to him. My sister and I acted quickly, reaching out to get a petition, a bill in his name, to everyone that we could.

    The next day I went to see him, and he was moved to New Jersey, then Pennsylvania, than Delaware and finally Brownsville, TX. It is there where he stood for the next year. As we fought and were not entitled to see him. He could only call us and at the time we did not know that his calls were recorded.

    One day a nurse from Brownsville called me and told me that my father was in her infirmary. He was beaten by a guard and raped. She said she was afraid for her life and that she warned us to be careful that we told him anything. The next phone we got was from an officer in Florida, she said that she was his assigned detaining officer. Through her travel from Texas to Florida, she felt horrible and wanted to help him. He was not entitled to contact anyone, so she called from her cell phone to alert us that he was being deported in 15 minutes. Nothing we can do.

    F1 Student Visa

    At the young age of 15, Ramiro Fanor (Fanor), who was born in La Paz, Bolivia and resided there with his mother Guillermina (Guiche), father (Walter) and three siblings Olga, William, and Tico. Loved their life, their father a politician who was quite established and wealthy for that community and time. Fanor’s, father was trying to control a potential revolution in a campaign to unseat that current President and in that uproar, he was unfortunately assassinated by the town center hall. In fear of threats that were coming to her family, Guiche wanted to flee to Cochabamba, Bolivia. In the midst she was able to attain an F1 Students Visa for young Fanor to travel to the United States for an education legally. He arrived in the US and would often correspond with his mother via mail or a monthly call to let him know what he was doing and how well he was progressing in his education.

    Legally in the United States he was able to establish himself where he finally met Shari Sue Gerloven, where they had three children. Sam who passed away after birth, Willamina and Fanny. They lived together in the Lower East Side of New York City. Although they married, Shari was unable to sponsor Fanor to be a citizen because she was disabled and needed to show that she was able to provide for him. However, he was approved for amnesty through the incident prior to his arrival. He collaborated with a lawyer to grant the Amnesty but through malpractice the lawyer took advantage of Fanor and never filed his paperwork. The lawyer received payment through barter. Fanor would work on constant project in his home to pay the retainer. When the projects were finally complete from the years of 1988 to 1997. The lawyer admitted to never doing the application.

    Unfortunately, Shari passed away in 2000 and it was at that point a new law had passed that granted him Widowers status.  He was grandfathered into this law that allowed him a stay without Citizenship and he was invited to apply for Citizenship if he wanted to.  At that pint he was grieving from the loss of his wife and in 2008 decided he wanted to file.  Sadly, he was picked up prior to filing and wrongfully arrested.

    Prodigal Son.

    In 2011, Fanor was deported from Florida to Bolivia at the age of 62. After legally arriving, residing, and adapting to the United States and becoming a legal resident for forty-seven (47) years. My sister and I ran to Bolivia to be present for our father. The reuniting was bittersweet and heart wrenching, having to leave out children and families to be there and finally having to leave our father to return home. My sister was pregnant with her third baby and my baby was not even ten months old.

    Life after deportation.

    He finally was able to find his family, his mother, my grandmother Guiche laid in her bed unable to move. After we left, she died but, in his care, and love. He was tortured in detainment and seemed happy that he was able to find any sort of humanity.

    “We may be apart but we are still on earth together.”

    Ramiro Fanor

    In La paz, Bolivia, with our father after three years.

    We made many trips all over the next decade to see one and other in Ecuador, Dominican Republic and once even met in Columbia. The Dominican Republic trip was special because it was a resort where we not only reunited his children, grandchildren but relaxed in a beautiful place.

    Dominican Republic – Family Reunited.
    Laughing with Papa Fanor
    Saying goodbye to Papa Fanor during that trip.

    His mother while he was in the United States always paid his taxes and maintained his information in Bolivia. When he arrived, they knew where he had been, and he was able to not have any political issues as well as attain retirement. He was also the name deeded to his mother’s land. As a property owner he had interest, rights, and other benefits.

    Ready to come home.

    Reaching out to the homeland security, many immigration offices, and other agencies to confirm when my father could return was a tedious process that had to be done many times. In 2017, I had spoken with a woman who looked at the status of ICE and his overall file and said he has no ban that is active. As she mentioned, he can file for a tourist visa, she said that while he was detained his file was updated that showed previous amnesty application and currently widowers act (particularly 5 U.S. Code § 8442) had been applied. She suggested that if we applied for a travel visa he can come and stay for up to six months and renew yearly she also mentioned he can plan to be sponsored by one of his daughters and gain citizenship. My sister and I were overjoyed and started talking and discussing next steps.

    I called my father and could not get a hold of him. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I would speak to him every day or about at 11:15. He would call me 10:15 his time 11:15 my time as those numbers held a lot of love in our hearts. My mother’s birthday was 10/15 and we often symbolized these numbers in remembrance of her.

    Weeks were beginning to pass, and I could not get in touch. I tried contacting everyone in Bolivia, including police, hospitals, and any family that would speak to me. It was not until my sister went on a trip with her family for her daughters sweet 16, that we unfortunately could not attend and stayed home that I finally received a call.

    At first, I was excited and wondering what my dad was up to and why he had not called, completely unlike him. I also wanted to share the good news of his granddaughter and of the status. It was not him; it was my cousin. Who is brother’s son that told me to call his dad and that it was important? My family stretches all over the globe and I had wished that we had tighter connections so to get this call was strange as I normally did not speak very often to some of my family but wish that our relationship was tighter and stronger. I called my uncle, while sitting in the back of porch of my house. He answered, the call started and he greeted me like he always did. “Hola, Chiquitita Fanito, how are my little love?” His voice was so tender, all of a sudden I could hear his breath, he was upset, I could hear the wind, My in-laws looked at me with curiosity and he said as time froze in that instance, “my love I am sorry to tell you this but your father has died” I could not breath/ He then stated ” he had a heart attack that was Anemia induced” … I choked and screamed so loud; I can feel my heart pounding now typing this. “This is not true, Tio…please… I have plans… he is coming… we made arrangements…please stop, this is not true…put him on the phone” … I looked to my Mama (mother-in-law) and Papa (father-in-law) and said, “help me, please help.”

    I could not believe this and my sister I could not call her. My husband and I and all cried… why? Later his family in La Paz and Cochabamba told me it was lies and that he was murdered or held as a prisoner for the land. One cousin checked all the hospitals and said it is not true he has been kidnapped. I could not believe or know what to believe… unfortunately to this day.

    Light in our heart.
    Saturday, September 9, 2017 – General Mass – RIP

    We gathered at his favorite church and spoke to all who would listen to the testimony regarding his life, who he was and how he would have wanted to be remembered.

    Though your heart is aching.

    To all: He also loved his family; I really should mention he often spoke about his nephews and nieces and cousins. He loved them and would ask me every day to make sure you tell my Matty, Joey and Baby Jessy that we will be silly again. How is my Susie he always said. He also would say do not forget to send a mail on the line (yes, he did) to my nephew and niece on the face program on my phone. In his way he wanted to stay connected to his family. He would ask if I saw or spoke to his friends, Doug, Joaquin, Darlene, and if I go to 11th street make sure to give Pocholo a hug and Daisy, her son Mike and the block as they are family. He often mentioned Takia and said – I wish I can hear her smile. His heart was huge and always taking in new friends and loving old ones. Certain friends we grew up with he would tell me was his children because he wanted them to have love and certain family he constantly mentioned like Angelina, Milqueza, Mireya, Mireya, Nadia, Jamal, CJ, Cynthia, Kitty, Diego, Leslie, Suhad and all. He would tell me that my husband was an amazing man, and he loved his brother like his own son, his Ruby and his gorgeous wife and family. He also mentioned that he loved his new best friend Pepe (my husband uncle). He also mentioned to make sure to check on Mama Olga, my sister’s mother-in-law. He wanted me to always call her, especially on her birthday. Her daughter Jolly he said was gorgeous and her husband Tone was his man (close friend) and they had beautiful children. He always gave compliments that he felt and meant, he loved so hard with his heart in one hand and sword of valence in the other. I have so many testimonies of his but for these I hope touches and inspires.

    To his grandchildren: Your grandfather spoke about you every day. He loved you more than you can ever imagine. He was in pain that he could not hold you and love you and play with you and be your grandfather. Do not let any day pass that you feel sad because he would then tell you “smile, though your heart is aching, even though it is waking.” he loved to quote music lyrics and often would insert in many moments of conversation, remember him and fill your heart always.

    To my sister: We were loved. We had the best father one could ever desire. He went into battle for us. Not only did he teach us that he loved our mother and he taught us that he worshipped our mother. Our father loved you very much and always spoke of you highly. Please dont ever forget his love and always tell his stories like we do to keep his memory alive. I love you and pray each day for him and our family!

    The only thing that has brought me peace is that he was reunited with my mom, his son, and mother… But I had no answers to give. Thank you for joining me on this journey of Fannytasticlife.

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    Chiquitita Fanito T-Shirt

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    Little Fanny who her dad called her Fanito with her Llama hair Pancho that her Guiche (grandmother) sent. When she would frown her father would sing to her Chiquitita by Abba to cheer her up…

    ¡Jallalla! Hello everyone! (This word is both Quechua and Aymara, and apart from being a greeting it conveys a wish for hope and a fulfilling life). awesome ¡Qué chala! That’s Awesome Está pintudo. That’s Amazing! Bolivia, La Paz

    How it was sung to me by my dad!

    very truly,


    Moral Turpitude.

    The legal definition of Moral Turpitude, gross violation of standards of moral conduct,vileness, such that an act involving moral turpitude was intentionally evil, making the act a crime. The existence of moral turpitude can bring a more severe criminal charge or penalty for a criminal defendant. For an immigrant this means immediate deportation.

    Wrongful Arrest

    An arrest is deemed wrongful when a person is detained and wrongfully convicted by police without proper legal authority.

    Opportunity – is hindsight.

    The other day we were had an Ugly Sweater contest. For the fun I modeled my sweater; of course! I truly felt we needed this. I can see many people saying, “need?” Well, yes, because those days of office fun are on pause. The ugliest holiday sweater contests and cultivating a culture of joy, celebration and team spirit are just not present.

    We received great entries and I was happy for a first contest for Fannytasticlife brand turnout. This was pretty cool. We also got surprised with a donation for an additional prize by the generous and dapper James Chiu, 21QAlumni. He offered a donation towards a fan prize in the value of $50.

    Immediately, I knew this had to be an item we offer but highend for it, is a bonus prize after all. My favorite designer who I adore is #Chicoboyz who is also my my talented and humble husband. I requested his services for a designer craftsmanship care package. He knew I mean Swarovski crystals! I mean we need to give the people what they want, sparkle, shine gaud and a level of elegance for the new year, fashion baby 2021. I also was inspired but an article I read.

    This article $30,000 Swarovski crystal ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ for sale by Daniel Uria that made me ponder in thought because they truly captured a level of holiday, crystals and sweaters more than I had in mind. Still, worth the mention, in the sound of $30,000.00; wow!

    Below I posted the comparison offered by Tipsy Elves hmmm… did I miss this opportunity?

    To the left modeling my “Ugly” sweater of Santa riding a Unicorn and to the right is the same sweater that Tipsy Elves is offering for $30,000.00

    Well, we decided the package will include a fun care package with a gorgeous Swarovski crystal sweater but in the tune of $50 donated by James and designed in collaboration with Chicoboyz.

    We will post the picture here, once the winner is announced.

    What are the rules for the bonus? Here they are:

    1. Listen to this podcast Fannytasticlife, Whimsy, hope and the kindness of our hearts 💕
    2. Take notes as the Bonus question will relate to this particular journey.
    3. Tune in for Fannytasticlife LIVE on Twitch Holiday Edition – Monday, December 21, 2020 at 7pm for event details here is the schedule information.

    Hindsight, is 20/20 and this year … 2020, I dont want to look back. It is time to just continue to look forward on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

    Winner to be announced.


    To Be Announced!

    Fannytasticlife – Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest.

    December 11 @ 10:00 am 6:00 pm

    It is that time of year and no office parties to show off those ugly holiday sweaters.Well, please join in on the fun and this Friday show off the ugliest, sparkly, festive, creative Holiday sweater and win a prize!!!!Yes, a Swag Bag!!!! Filled with fun stuff for the winner.

    My panel and I will select a winner LIVE and Fannytasticlife will mail it out to lucky ugly sweater wearing winner!Here are the rules.

    To enter, there is no purchase necessary.

    1a*. Go to and follow, message with your picture and email.

    1b*. Post your picture on your social media with the hashtag #Fannytasticlife #UglyHolidaySweaterFanChallenge2020

    *Both – 1a and 1b must be completed by this Friday 5pm to be entered.

    2. Your entry will be submitted and you will receive a confirmation email.

    3. The panel will review all entries and the winner will be announced on Monday, December 21, 2020 Live on Twitch.

    4. The event details will be posted so you can watch the winner be announced and if it is you, you will get the shout out!


    1st Prize

    1st place winner, will receive Fannytasticlife Swag bag of goodies.

    Prize includes tote stuffed with fun spa, treat customized for this holiday journey!

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    Prize includes stickers, stationary and work from home treats!

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    Information on panel event posted here.

    Free Free


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    Enter Ugly Holiday Sweater contest here


    Wowowowowow! This was so amazing to see on spotify yesterday! It rocked my world!


    Yes, 499 Minutes of content released. Just wrapping season three. This has brought me so much joy and happiness.

    In 2015, I had just given birth to my third son and I had time to myself to think and enjoy these moments. I found my journals and my stories of my life that I had written. When I went to load an old blog I had, to my surprise it was shutdown and I had lost all my content.

    I decided to start a new blog about my life but also and most importantly bringing inspiration to those who came across it.

    When blogging I found a therapy, a passion that reignited who I am. My whole young life my mother made me do dancing, acting, singing and all types of performance. When I became a young adult I tried comedy, which I loved but also failed in. As an adult, I was able to review the hindsight of my life, reflect from it and truly learn from those clear lessons and teach these full circle moments to people in my life.

    The gift of providing testimony, during the first five years provided a new expansion to my creativity. I loved the sweet reward that WordPress sent me (below).

    During the pandemic, I came across blogging, and this was a brand new channel of energetic vibes that reflected positiviity and hope.

    So many people have come to me, in messages, emails, comments with love and happiness that truly keeps me going.

    When I saw the Fannytasticlife 2020 Podcaster Wrapped on Spotify i was in total shock. I was about to record the last episode for season three; I was truly blown away. Then I saw it on TikTok and decided to do a Tik Tok for it. Yes, I am into Tik Tok pre pandemic … hahaha.

    I started recording for Season four, and it truly brings me so much happiness. A lot of new experiences are happening so please stay tuned.

    Also, some of the new features of Fannytasticlife is the Newsletter, the Shop, scheduled appearances on the show and seeking brand amabassadors, I guess you can say the sky is the limit.

    Fannytasticlife has truly fed the hunger that I had and the passion in my heart is growing to help, inspire and love more than ever on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

    Thank you to all the supporters and new followers and FanTribe! Love you all!!!!!!

    Fannytasticlife,  never say die!

    Yes, I loved the Goonies “Chunnnk” I can literally watch this movie over and over. As a mom of the #Chicoboyz Gee Whiz, I have my own Goonies.  Something about the teen movies of the 1980’s made the era amazing.  Yes, there have been incredible movies before 1980 and after 1980 but for me the teen movies spoke to my childhood.

    I recently was reviewing IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and their top 100 teen 80’s movies, going over the top picks for this decade.  Now that the summer is coming to a close I felt it was the perfect time to go over this list but with a Fannytasticlife twist.  I am going to go over my top 25 pick out of their 100.

    “This is no longer a vacation. It’s a quest. It’s a quest for fun.” –Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983) played by Chevy Chase

    Before we get started I just wanted to mention a recent movie that I came across Cobra Kai, on Netflix that originally was on YouTube and got purchased by Netflix.  At first glance I was not for it, because I thought it was another redo.  However, I gave in and I saw it and I… loved it! Brought me right back to Karate Kid when I was a kid and how I remember it. I adored Mr Miyagi, adorbs, right this redo made me nostalgic.

    Karate Kid, is IMDb forty-eighth pick, but my number 11.  What I loved about Cobra Kai, is that they gave a different perspective on the bad guy character Johnny, played by William Zabka.  It still gives us the corny vibe and loving romantic and funny antics but a kick a$$ performance that as a Karate Kid fan, you will love you reminisce about from the original story. Of course Ralph Macchio is back as Daniel and a bunch of new faces and surprising old faces.  A loving tribute to Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi). 

    Top 25

    Jumping right into my Fannytasticlife countdown, we start at 25:

    Revenge of the Nerds, is my number 25 pick. This was a classic revenge movie and as a kid I enjoyed that it was filled with gross, stinky, smelly and hilarious antics although now I need to be in the mood;

    Flashdance, is my number 24 pick.  I loved this movie but I preferred the movie Footloose to it.  I was inspired by the triumph of the lead who was sexy and confident with a strong attitude that made the 80’s movies great;

    Back to The Future, is my number 23 pick. I have seen this movie more time than I want to admit. This Michael J. Fox movie is a cult classic, for sure.  And, now there is a cartoon loosely based on this movie that has me cringing and laughing called, Rick and Morty, on Adult Swim, which is pretty cool;

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High, is my number 22 pick.  This particular movie got me where I had to cover my eyes many times until I was finally “old enough” to watch.  This movie touched on real issues but as a kid it went right over my head.  As an adult I re watched this movie and enjoyed the silliness of the eighties;

    Can’t Buy Me Love, is my number 21 pick.  This movie was remade and the remake was also good.  The valuable lesson we learned here, repeats itself in other movie themes and that is to be yourself.  As encouraging as this movie was the truth is had the main character not changed he would have never and a chance with the girl;

    Heather’s, is my number 20 pick.  Wow, very sinister that you just got to love.  the sly Christian Slater and quirky Wynonna Rider and the out of touch parents made this movie a satire of teen events that did speak a think line of truth in adolescents with, guns, suicides and violence.

    The Lost Boys, is my number 19 pick.  Oh boy, I did not want to add horror but hey why not.  There are other movies that I did not add but wish I could that were just as frightening.  This movie was about two kids who move to a new area and find out there is something fish with the local “cool” kids.  As a young person all eighties horror movies were absolutely frightening.  However, my husband taught me a lesson and made me re watch scary movies from when I was younger and saw that maybe they were more corny than scary;

    Beetlejuice, is my number 18 pick. Beetlejuice, B… dont say it three times.  I adore Michael Keaton in so many movies that he was in and one of my favorites was Johnny Dangerously, however I cant mention that officially on this list, as this is teen movies.  But if you want zany, dark, Tim Burton flare than this is the perfect one for you.  It was so ahead of its time when it was released.  I watch this movie every year, right after apple picking season to kick off October and Halloween season;

    Teen Wolf, is my number 17 pick. This movie is so outrageous you got to laugh.  Michael J. Fox is awesome in this as he a huge basketball athlete and jock.  With the silly eighties actors and antics that have him going through all the crazy adolescent puberty stages but as wolf, certainly earning an LOL;

    The Gremlins, is my number 16 pick. I remember my sweet neighbor who I always adored, Daisy invited us to her apartment to watch this movie.  I was so scared I ran out of the apartment, I might have been five years old.  But later on watching this movie it wasn’t scary and now offers so many signs of the times that enjoy; awww getting nostalgic;

    Mannequin, is my number 15 pick. I put this on the list for my sister, this was hands down her favorite movie and I was forced to watch it and I must say I enjoyed it. Loved Sex in the City’s, Kim Cattrall and of course “Blane” from the Pretty in Pink’s, Andy McCarthy. This movie was super fun and hilarious. Later when I had a job as a merchandiser, I searched all over Block Buster to finds this movie, so that I can speak to it. For example when we worked overnight shifts to quote Mr. Richards, “You people that work at night scare me. Just watch him.” and when the stock crew helped on merchandising projects I would quote Hollywood Montrose, played by Meshach Taylor and say, “Imagine pretending you’re a regular stock boy when you’re an A-number one arteest!” funny right;

    Ferris Bueller’s Days Off, is my number 14 pick. Love this movie, the car, ” The 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. Less than a hundred were made…” the characters, Ferris, Sloane and Cameron and the day of hooky in Chicago. And the ride the parking attendants go on, and then the run home, just in time. Love it;

    Stand By Me, is my number 13 pick. Can I squeeze out another tear, I love this movie with such heart. River Phoenix (awwww), and ofcourse my doll face Corey Feldman who I love and who could forget Jerry O’Connell and Will Wheaton and a bunch of famous faces we now know and love today;

    Weird Science, is my number 12 pick. I mean I wish I was that smart. This movie had me taking my mothers eyeshadow, music keyboard and vinegar trying to create a science project. That did not pan out but what did was the entertainment in this movie. Just Silly fun

    The Karate Kid, is my number 11 pick, as I mentioned. I loved watching this movie as a young person and believing that I could create my own destiny and be the person I needed to be. Daniel in the story is bullied by teens in his grade, which stems from a girl he is attracted to. He end up overcoming the bullies, the story is an inspirational one;

    The Breakfast Club, is my number 10 pick. Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, and Anthony Michael Hall. My crush was of course Judd and all his under layering issues. This was mayhem that you may have thought about while trapped in the walls of school and a great laugh;

    Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, is my number 9 pick. Excellent! First of all Keanu Reeves, who can do know wrong (… loved him in John Wick) But everything he touched turned to gold. Alex Winter is rejoining his ol’ pal and they are coming out with an all new Bill & Ted, Face the Music that is available now. I am going to watch this movie this weekend. I will update the blog with the review here **** Honestly, my expectations are high and cant wait;

    Adventures in Babysitting, is my number 8 pick. This starred the Karate Kids and Back to the Future lovely Elisabeth Shue and eighties queens of cinema. This movie was fun, truly outrageous, I mean “ could a righteous babe like you be lonely?” you wont because you will be filled with laughter watching this movie;

    Lean On Me, is my number 7 pick. Morgan Freeman played the Principal in this movie based on a school in Paterson, NJ that reminded me of the Junior High School I attended in the Lower East Side of New York. This movie resonated with my childhood and as my friends and peers in our neighborhood was struggling with similar issues. Morgan has always been an incredible actor and human this movie was stellar excellence I mean I literally saw him walk on water, yes it was a movie but, and, he did it;

    The Neverending Story is my number 6 pick. Waaaah Artax… so sad, but he survived right. Well, this movie was so touching when the nothing faced their world and young Bastian needs to name the princess… but what does he say…? come again, I had to re watch over and over for years until I read an article that stated he screamed “Moon Child” after his mother on Google. In the 80’s, I walked around pretending to know;

    Below represent the eighties prerequisites into the decade, from my perspective.

    Pretty in Pink, is my number 5 pick. Yes, we all love and secretly love this movie. Favorite scene is when Otis Redding, try a little tenderness plays on the record and then Ducky starts dancing in the record store, before Blane comes and sweeps … need to cut myself off, I was watching the James Corden show and he had Jon Cryer on, they redid this scene wowowo classic!!!! Just Classic;

    Footloose, is my number 4 pick. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon who is strikingly handsome he comes from Chicago to a small town with so many rules even against dancing but you can’t stop those swanky feet. Love this movie and soundtrack;

    Dirty Dancing, is my number 3 pick. Patrick Swayze, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” after seeing that scene until recently I always sit in the corner waiting to be yelled out to dance, hand to god. All jokes aside this movie is romantic, tough, gritty, fun, sexy and absolutely amazing!!! “How do you call your lover boy…’;

    Teen Witch, is my number 2 pick. “Supersonic, idiotic, disconnected, not respected, Who would ever really wanna go and top that? Such a waste, a pretty face, But hanging in your nowhere space…” yes, ultimate movie that is so hard to find but I love, love, love and can watch so many time. The lead played by Robyn Lively, who is Louise Miller is a geeky, mousey character that dreams to one day be popular. She finds a sweet Babushka who helps make her dreams come true. She quickly realizes that she was perfect from the start and she wants her life back to normal. The lesson in this movie is to love yourself!!!! True that! Fun fact Robyn is also sister with the actress Blake Lively, whoop whoop; and,

    Now it is that moment I announce the Number 1, pick…are you ready?

    The Goonies, is my number 1 pick. Like a-duh, for sure. First, when Chunk is captured and says, “But the worst thing I ever done – I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and then I went to this movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony and then, t-t-then, I made a noise like this: hua-hua-hua-huaaaaaaa – and then I dumped it over the side, all over the people in the audience. And then, this was horrible, all the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life.:” I mean this was from just one scene, wow. I loved this movie. I use this movie as parenting reference on how my kids needs to live and enjoy life. I will say for example when Stef said, “Bran, God put that rock their for a reason…and I don’t think you should move it” I will say um God… yadda yadda for a reason and I dont think yadda yadda… lol. This movie reminded me of my childhood although I was in the city the summers were in the country of North Carolina. Please if you have never seen this movie, my apologies for your missed childhood but please I urge you to watch it you can get pop culture references and be officially and 80’s teen movie fan!

    Now, there are about 75 movies left on the IMDb top 100 list but these are my picks with a twist. I have enjoyed these movies and bringing this for your viewing pleasure. I would recommend watching them all if you are up to the challenge. That is if you haven’t seen them… side glare. When I watch them I can almost say them verbatim, which annoys all my friends and family but of course that is the way of my Fannytasticlife!

    Fannytasticlife, Coping with feeling left out! Fannytasticlife

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    Accents de jour

    Where are you from? Are you Italian? No. Are you Puerto Rican? No. Oh so you are Mexican? Nope. Oh, So you are Columbian? Nope. So, where are your from? What are you?

    My heart goes out to all the folks out there trying to figure out the quantum physics of my origin. Really, I am very serious about this because my own culture has plagued me.

    Self discovery has always been in the back of my mind. What confuses people is the way I look and my accent. I mean Fuhgeddaboudit, what accent, right…right?

    I grew up in the Lower East Side (LES) of New York City. I refer to it lovingly as the “Lowa.” Some may call it Alphabet City. My prime space to dwell was on the corner of 11th Street and Avenue A. My confusion erupted from the culture, let me explain.

    When I was in the 4th Grade, we had culture day. All the little boys and girls were assigned to draw the flag of their own specific culture. So of course I grabbed the red, white and blue and started drawing the most gorgeous Puerto Rican flag. My teacher came over and said, “Fanny you are not Puerto Rican” we argued and she than said, “Your mother is Jewish!”

    I went home with my flag and went to my mother, who had already been called by the teacher. She said, “Fanny we are Russian, Polish and Bolivian” but I knew this. I was more confused. Because I explained we have a Puerto Rican flag in the kitchen, living room, fire escape, bedroom… we eat arroz gandules, pasteles, pernil…? We went to the Puerto Rican parade every beginning of summer. When my mom would clean she would have old school salsa and occasionally whip out the chancleta when I misbehaved, which was rare cause I was a saint. What was going on here?

    My mother explained that we go to Temple on Saturday and Church on Sunday. My mother explained that as we know she is Jewish and my father is Catholic. He is from Bolivia, South America and identifies himself as Aymara of the Andean culture of the Andes mountains. She discussed how she was slightly unsure of exactly where but her parents came from Poland, which was controlled by Russia. My father also explained that he was part Wales and German with Jewish descent from his fathers side. After I digested this, which I was aware of why do we represent Puerto Rico?

    My mother explained when she met my father he did not know english and she did not know spanish. There were no other Bolivians in the area. When they moved to our neighborhood there were only Puerto Ricans who were her friends. So, in order to understand the latin culture she immersed herself and so did my dad as they both felt it was a median between them and then assimilated to the culture.

    The other issue was that my mother was very sick, so she did not have custody of me during the weekend. So, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday I lived with my grandparents in Brooklyn. Here I learned only about Jewish home cooking and Italian neighbors home cooking. Also, every summer I would go to North Carolina with my grandparents, where I was submersed in down south culture. So, I would go from Yo’ to Yall’ in a New York minute. I would toss all the food from up North out for Hush Puppies and Sweet Tea.

    Proudly if someone asked I would often say to help them feel better, is that, I am 100% fake Boricua as my friends would loving tell me.

    I identified as a Jewish Latin woman my whole life. However, many people would say to me that I sounded like these two woman, who I have always adored Fran Drescher and Rosie Perez; I can see that. In some instances when I moved to New Jersey I would get, what country are your from? Um, last time I checked…America.

    This would often make me laugh explaining that I was from America of the US of A because I was literally born in Bellevue hospital one floor from the psychiatric ward. Although I come from a melting pot where if you dare questioned someones authenticity it was a punch to the mouth. Outside of the mean streets of New York City fashion, elsewhere in the United States, I had to learn that people dont travel everywhere to uproot and the folks from these towns always lived there. What I mean is that their mom lived there, their grandaddy live there, their great grand daddy and so on. So anything slightly different was not from the America they new, their norm.

    Instead of being offended I had to get passed that and learn the new normal, which was easier top understand their point of view. I did and since I had always been quite a chameleon; although I have thick accent, thicker than my mustache this wasn’t difficult for me again, and, I had to put my feelings away.

    Recently, I was able to do DNA search and family tree on one of the popular heritage sites. At first I was sceptic, like, really? I always wanted to see if I had other family maybe have insight on my brother who passed away or the cousin my mother always spoke about that was kind of a secret.

    At first, I built my tree and made so many branches that I loved this process. I gave in an sent in my DNA and what I found out, I felt gave me closer. Closer, because the majority of my family was deceased. I was able to get answers that made me truly sob over.

    My results came back that I was not Puerto Rican, which made me honestly laugh and felt sad about it. However, what my parents had mentioned in the past I was able to get so much insight. I am officially 60% European Jewish (50 from my mom and 10 from my dad); Indigenous America – Andes (Bolivian Aymara and Andes mountains); 11% Spain (this would be when spain came to Bolivia before they sought out independence); 3% Portugal; and 2% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe, which matched my fathers stories.

    At first, I felt empowered with this knowledge. As you can probably imagine I was always told I was not 100% anything. I was also told I was not Jewish enough or Spanish enough, yadda yadda so this often plagued me. I remember, one of my previous directors, mentioned to me that I was not Jewish because she did not see me in her temple this honestly made me sad for her and her lack of education. I also did not even know where she went to temple. I do have a temple and church I go to, by the way… you know… just saying.

    Anywho, I can now yell from the top of a mountains, truly what my DNA was. I also found the missing first cousin who my mother told me about and his dynamic but we will need to revisit that at a later time maybe a part two.

    So now my accent, I really dont know what to say when I am speaking but I know I truly own it. Remarkably, it is what draws the crowds in on this Fannytasticlife!

    Hear it for yourself on my podcast Fannytasticlife, thank you.

    Fannytasticlife, Coping with feeling left out! Fannytasticlife

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    Highest Percentile, one day at a time.

    From my first sons doctors appointment, to my third childs recent physical going to the doctor has always been very interesting. This is because the doctor would always say that they are big; and, much bigger than other children.

    One time the doctor said what are you feeding him, chicken!” I replied no one breast milk, serious he was less than three months old.

    When they were very little I got so annoyed I had changed doctors.

    They were taller, their feet were bigger and they were heavier than other little boys their age but they are my little baby boys.

    My new doctor, at that time for them was amazing he listened to my concerns and let me know this was because of hereditary and where our family was from.  We have this expectation of norms but people from all over the world are different. 

    We moved and unfortunately I had to find a new doctor.  We found a new practice in my new town. My youngest son needed a physical recently, I warned him that the doctor is going to bring up his weight.  I actually had to have a conversation with a four year going over his feelings, reactions and what to expect from the doctor.  We went and as I predicted the doctor mentioned it. My son told him that he understood and let him no that he loved himself.  I had to laugh at that.

    My sons are active and eat healthy I don’t foresee them ever reasonably being the same size as “their normal” as they would need to physically shrink.

    The interesting part is when we came home my sons were very mature about this situation and assured me that the doctor was just doing his job.  Proud mom moment.

    My other son said atleast he got an A because the record showed he was the highest percentile.  He also added that I should be proud that he passed both test hearing and vision.  I was, very proud!

    Always proud of my #Chicoboyz

    They inspire me to stay healthy in this Fannytasticlife.

    Listen to my Podcast trust you won’t be disappointed ♡

    Fannytasticlife, Coping with feeling left out! Fannytasticlife

    Missed memo, no RSVP… it happens. You will never be left out of Fannytasticlife join me on this journey, no invitation necessary! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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    COVID-19 and The Life Reset

    What a whirlwind and still so much of 2020 we have left, certainly have been through enough. Now what?

    I had just turned forty this past March and had not posted a blog in a long time. I decided this year would be my new chapter. However, as we all know the unexpected happened to our world. As a society we faced Corona Virus or COVID 19 and now we had to do the impossible and cut out civilization in our modern time.

    For myself, my family lost two family members, my husband lost his job and then I lost my job and we had to redesign our brain, goals, dreams, hopes and prayers.

    At first glance, this was not only horrible but devastating. The loss of the family was utterly shocking. This could not be happening to us and not being able to be there for the family and mourn these amazing people that we loved so much. The matriarch and patriarch of our family was taken from us so swiftly. We could not hug and embrace anyone who needed the love. As time moved on we had to push on without consideration or emotional healing.

    When my husband was fired in April at first I felt life would just swallow us whole, and we could not survive with my job alone. I started to save and contacted all our utilities and bills to warn them them of our situation and right when I thought we had it under control I was then terminated and now I had only our savings. I felt sadness finally overcome us, and then my husband said we got this.

    This whole time since “quarantine” I never felt embarrassed or the need to explain anything to anyone as I could clearly see my neighbors and family were facing the same issues. We were not alone but forced into hypochondria, hermit dwellings and of course solitude.

    We faced our children and decided to tell them our truths and what is going on in our world. They were ages four, nine and eleven. I was not surprised on the level of information they already had and my sons biggest concerns was our health and well being. They are normally very mature and articulate and the care is very reliable, they let us know we can count on them.

    Getting desperate was not a choice I had to search my soul for a stronger mother, wife and neighbor. With my savings I started momming up our budget, my time, our life experiences, walking with my kids, my dogs and never without masks, gloves and shields. Taking my children by hugs only and constantly letting them know how proud we are of them. Playing with them and relearning who they are. I had missed so much of them due to work and life and the daily hustle.

    My husband did not let us down as he started to become the best baker in town, builder, inventor, dog trainer, crafter, artist, pianist and even an ordained minister. It was amazing to see him blossom into his passions he always wanted to do. He became more involved with the Rotary Club of our town and started to smile like I had almost forgotten he could and had’nt seen for all these years.

    I felt lost in the beginning and I became introverted but my husband inspired me to just thank GOD and feel blessed and remember who I was. And, one day I did, we all did.

    I searched the internet and found maybe the last one but a pool that will do the job and I got it a 12ft. kiddie pool for my children. With our own two hands built my family a kid oasis in the backyard. We spent every day there even in the early cold spring. When we heard the lake would open we decided to go and see. Looking back on the past three months I can honestly say that we spent every day from Monday to Friday at 11 am to 12:30 at the lake and then in our yard in the afternoon just living, for our children.

    Finally, living a way that focused as a family with our children and not a penny to spend, spare or lend. We had to rethink our budget: food, bills, lifestyle but we did not save on was praying and staying mindful and hopeful still.

    My husband was able to find a new job in July and we are grateful with a very tight purse. I still need to be with my babies as I have no camp to send them to and no job to run off to, all they have is me and I have is to be with my family as this is what we need now in this reset of life.

    What will fall bring? What will happen when the boys go back to school? I start to feel the anxiousness come over me but I turn to my husband and he grounds me and says that we will worry about that when it happens live for today.

    Thank you for reading my blog I am back with vengeance for life my #Fannyasticlife !

    #COVID19 #CoronaVirus #2020 #LifeReset