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We are absolutely doing it and with stream we have another journey another lesson of life.

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We are looking for 100 people, why not you?

21 Questions – S1E14 – AquaLove
21 Questions – S1E13 – Anthony
21 Questions – S1E12 – Jessica
21 Questions – S1E11 – Marla
21 Questions – S1E10 – Willamina
S1E9 – Are you ready?
21 Questions – S1E8 – Cynthia
21 Questions – S1E7 – with Monica
21 Questions -S1E6 – with James
21 Questions -S1E5 – with Jeff
S1E4 – Good day!
21 Questions – S1E3 – with Suhad
21 Questions – S1E2 – with Cesar
21 Questions – S1E1 – with Sergio

This journey only leads to new journeys. The question is do you want to be part of it? Why not, take a look at what we are up to!

21 Questions?

We are in pursuit of 100 people to interview live on Twitch.

The Idea is to show the common denominators of what real people have in common.

If you are interested in being interviewed fill out the form and we will reach out to you.

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