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We are doing it! If you are interested in our Projects, Fan Merch, etc. You will really like this page 😉

This journey only leads to new journeys. The question is do you want to be part of it? Why not, take a look at what we are up to!

21 Questions?

We are in pursuit of 100 people to interview live on Twitch.

The Idea is to show the common denominators of what real people have in common.

If you are interested in being interviewed fill out the form and we will reach out to you.


You want it I got it! Now, how do you get it. FanMerch! It is very simple as we do it by Fan Level.

Level 1. Subscribe to blog; Favorite Podcast;

Level 2. Follow on Instagram, Like us on Facebook; and, Level 1.

Level 3. Follow on Twitch, Follow on YouTube and Level 2.

Level 4. Follow on TikTok and Level 3.

Level 5. Ready to be a Brand Ambassador and Level 4.

Her Team it is Official!

“Empowering Women Everywhere”

They are and check them out! I am an official Brand Ambassador for them and proud of it! Please check out their website and their amazing apparel, if you like what you see take an addition 30% with my code FHBMGC.

Babes Empower Babes T-Shirt

Their mission is to spread empowerment to fellow woman through their Her Team. Check them out as they are incredible www.OfficialHerTeam.com

Her Team Home Page