Business Me

Everyday is an adventure; keep your wits about you. On these journeys we need to realize who we are. Understanding the depth of your character can truly impact your day and how you interact with others.

We have many sides of who we are: Home me; Friends me; School me; Alone me; and, Business me.

Business me is savvy, energetic, motivated, confrontational, problem-solver, secure, a team player, wears a suit, always polished, a leader, a listener, shows empathy, rallies the group, gives condolences, corresponds, requisitions, makes no demands, offers praise, gives rewards, builds networks, lends a hand, puntional, reliable, and always shows respect.

Keep in mind that although this is characterized under the category “Business me”, over all, this is still me.

Having this position of realization changes the ball game because knowing who I am puts the ball in my court.

Identifying myself helps me identify other and their own needs. The saying goes, “You know what you are going to say but you don’t know what someone else will say.” Mastering your identity helps you to engage on a level that allows anyone participating in a conversation with you to leave with feeling of mutual respect and no matter the topic a sense of enjoyment.

Whether work or play I tend to have a #Fannytasticlife

Reading for fun

My son’s love reading. And find books that would peak their interests wasn’t to hard. I found a list online and I wanted to share it:

The 39 Clues
Across Five Aprils
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Adventure of Tintin
Aesop’s Fables
Artemis Fowl
Babe the Gallant Pig
Billy Budd
Black Like Me
The Book Thief
Brian’s Winter
Bridge to Terabithia
Bud, Not Buddy
The Butter Battle Book
The Call of the Wild
The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlotte’s Web
The Chosen
A Christmas Carol
The Chronicles of Narnia (series)
Crossing the Wire
David Copperfield
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (series)
Defeat of the Ghost Riders
Discworld (series)
Doctor Dolittle (series)
Encyclopedia Brown (series)
Everybody’s Revolution
Falling Up
Far North
Football Genius
The Friendship
The Giving Tree
The Graveyard Book
Great Expectations
The Great Quarterback Switch
Grimm’s Fairy Tales
The Hardy Boys (series)
Harry Potter (series)
The Hobbit
Honus & Me
Horton Hears a Who!
The Hunger Games
James and the Giant Peach
Joey Pigza (series)
Johnny Tremain
A Light in the Attic
Lord of the Flies
The Lord of the Rings (series)
Magic Treehouse (series)
Maniac Magee
Maximum Ride (series)
The Maze Runner
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM
My Father’s Dragon (series)
My Side of the Mountain
Of Mice and Men
The Old Man and the Sea
Old Yeller
On My Honor
The Outsiders
Percy Jackson & the Olympians (series)
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The Phantom Tollbooth
The Red Badge of Courage
The River
Robinson Crusoe
The Sea Wolf
A Separate Peace
A Series of Unfortunate Events (series)
The Shadow Children (series)
The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairy Stupid Tales
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Stuart Little
Sunrise Over Fallujah
The Tale of Despereaux
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
The Time Machine
To Build a Fire
To Kill a Mockingbird
Travel Team
Treasure Island
Tuck Everlasting
Tuesdays with Morrie
The War of the Worlds
Watership Down
Wayside School (series)
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Where the Red Fern Grows
Where the Wild Things Are
White Fang
The Wind in the Willows
A Wrinkle in Time

We have fun with reading. My kids get “Our Home” ( chore points for each book they read. I give them 10 pts for 30 min. They need to read at least 3 hours a week. For the books on this list they get 250 pts.

More than the points they really enjoy having task and being part of a moving element in the house.

Our family time is so important. We always take this time seriously.

It is part of being #Fannytasticlife

It’s Nerf or nothing…

My goodness with my three sons, getting shot by stray foam bullets and bullets with my name on it, just from their Nerf crossfire; this a regular everyday thing with the #Chicoboyz

I am one that almost always allows it and doesn’t pick of a weapon to defend my self…just the lazer mommy stare.

Recently, at work, someone incorporated some Nerf guns to eliminate stress and to blow off the steam. I thought in the beginning…”what the heck”… but it truly is entertaining to watch.

I decided to get some Nerf guns for work and join in. I have never felt so much joy, I even put special messages on the bullets.

I honestly feel young, again. About 15 years or so have been shaved off my work age. I honestly suggest every business, company, corporation to give this out to the employees. Because “it Nerf or nothing” in this #Fannytasticlife

Life Goals 2017

I am posting this because when you manifest positively you make it happen. 

Every year since I was 21 on the Sunday of this week I try to publicly.  I encourage you to establish yours.

Life Goals: Status is tentative.

1. Have a family with hubby – √

2. Be a home owner -√

3. Sell and buy a home with land -√

4. Get a car – √

5. Get a license to drive – √

5. Get a Master’s Degree

6. Get a helicopter license

7.Become a Lyft drive (why not)

8. Ride a horse -√

9. Ride a camel -√

10 Travel (partially)

A. Bolivia 

B. Ecuador

C. Colombia

D. Peru

E. Mexico

F. Canada

G. Europe

H. Latvia

I. Poland

J. China

K. Dubai

L. Dominican Republic

M. Italy

N. Sweden

O. Vegas

P. Every state (20% completed)

11. Go to Disney √

12. Swim in the Gulf  √

13. Win the lottery

14. Nobel Peace Price

15. Get my PhD.

16.  Fluent in Languages

A. Russian

B. Cantonese

C. Hebrew

D. Quechua

E. Spanish

F. Polish

G. French

H. Arabic

I. German

17.  Enjoy my grandkids with my husband.

18. Be driven around by my son’s.

19. Be mayor of my town

20. Have a fantastic blog

21. Grow my hair super long.

22. Become a better Baker.

23. Have a fannytasticlife and enjoy living!   (Working on it)


Being a work mom, wanting to be a stay at home mom… perks, sacrifices, need and wants. I am so confused.  

I thought I had my mind set and I was ready to go to law school with my two children out of the day care phase.  However, then I had baby three and here we are spending on daycare and another little sweet face needing his mommy.

My husband works very hard and can financially support us.  Then again, the benefits package I have he doesn’t have, which is probably why my salary is significantly less.

Currently, we are moving and now wouldn’t  be the best time to make this decision.  I will make this decision late this year.  I just feel we can save so much and have more quality time if I was home.  

My husband could finally rest.  He just works so hard.  My heart breaks for him.  Yes, he loves his job and he has passion for what he does but working seven days 12 hours a day, he is so strong.

I’m not sure how he would feel about me staying home.  Because I am so annoying already, one of my quirks. 
Men don’t really have these decisions to make, but as a mother I really need to gather these thoughts, weigh them out and figure it out while maintaining my #fannytasticlife.

Can’t feel lonely in a zoo.

At first we found two snails at the lake.  My son, brought them home.  They survived in a metal bowl.  Until we went to the lake again and it seems that we had now a need for a fish tank.

We then had snails, fish, water frog, aquarium crab, eel, catfish and two neons. Survival of the strong we now have snails, catfish and one neon.  Later we got a Blue Parrot and Bearded Dragon.  This was incredible, still easy to maintain and happy my children were.

As a gift for graduating my husband got me  a Bichon Frise in the summer of 2014.  With all my animals and two children and other events my husband and I were at that point that we thought we were complete.  

Most people who knew us, felt like it was okay to say, “you are good with two boys”, or “you have enough on your plate.”  Although, I can see their perspective I wanted one more baby… 

One day I found out we were having baby three. It truly was a surprise because we didn’t calculate this new blessing into our minds, but a blessing was to be had.

We decided that we were ever expanding and it was time to plant deeper roots and buy a bigger home in a more rural/suburban environment and on that note we got a puppy.

It’s not that we bit off more than we can chew. We chew just find, thanks.  It is that at this point with all this, it feels right.  Not allot, or much, or crowded but comfy.

All the gaps and emptiness and loneliness just don’t exist, neither does peace and quiet… but I have my commute for that.

Who know we may even one day adopt a baby Llama…why not. 

I truly feel these gifts are blessings.  I have lost a lot and have been very lonely and now I feel so much love, support, family.

My zoo is really a love farm.  You can’t be alone as long as you have a mirror but with a family member whether it be a spouse, child, room mate, pet even a beta fish that little life needs your love, which in return gives love and a reason to not feel lonely.  I do this with my #fannytasticlife of a family!

House buying jitters…

Wow, we have come along way.  We are so close to getting what we earned from all the sweat equity. 

We were suppose to move in this week, to our new home but this got pushed back.  Now we are sitting on boxes.  

What went wrong, we did everything we were supposed to do, right?

I have learned that real estate is something you just can’t control.  Well, here are some tips to help those of you who want to buy a home. #Newbies

What kind of mortgage do you want?  This may be the first and only most important question.  Straight from the government information about shopping for a mortgage.

Do you know what you qualify for? Of course not.  Don’t assume, find out. You will need to be more adult like for this because this can be stressful.  But, we can do it kid!

If you are a first time home buyer you may qualify for an FHA.  Now, do you have savings, about 15% to 20% of the mortgage you hope and intend to get approved for?  If no, FHA requires a minimum of 3.5% but your credit needs to be great (580 and higher), not good (570 and below) check our HUD Portal on this government website.

Other loans you may qualify for are rural loans. These require a zero down and your income will need to be low. Once you qualify onto hat end if you work in the city this may be a long commute.  To each is own, on that here is more information on the USDA Rural loans.

The dream is achievable.  Once you do your research on loans.  How is your financial health.  You know your credit score right, maybe not.  That is ok, go find out, stop dragging your feet.  

Do you have student loans?  Well whether they are $1.00 or $100,000 what you will need to make sure is that you are making your payments.  They can be the lowest payment possible as long as you don’t skip a beat.  

Other infractions, delinquency,  roll-offs, etc fix these issues.  Nobody will approve you if you have issues with this.  But don’t be overwhelmed the light shines at the end of this tunnel.   Map it out.  Give yourself a time goal. Figure how much you can afford to pay back and set the clock.  This will not only increase your score but paying off debt will probably most likely increase your line which changes your credit to cash ration and makes you more desirable to lenders.

Once your goal time, that you set is up on your calendar arrives rexheck the dusty list of to dos and probably the majority of your balances are paid.  Now, contact a lender, start with the bank you do business with.  They know you best.  If you are a active Union member try one recommend by them. Lastly, get a realtor or if you have one, they maybe able to refer you to a reputable mortgage company they know and have done business with.  

A realtor once gave me great advice, and what TJ told me (shout out to him). He basically said when you go shopping for shoes you always make sure to bring your money, so don’t go looking for houses if you don’t have money to buy it.  What he meant was don’t set your self up for disappoint, first see what you can afford. Yes, go to open houses if you want but you are really wasting your time and geting your heart hurt if you find something that you can’t afford. He also told me “don’t fall in love with house, fall in love with people” real estate isn’t an easy ride folks.  Doing your home work smooths out the bumps.  By the way TJ is our current realator and honestly he is great.  If you want his contact information let me know.  I would recommend him to anyone.  Hey TJ, don’t forget finders fee, just kidding. 

Seriously, now I’m sitting and waiting because we are completely packed and ready to move in. 

I  will follow up on when we actually move.  I hope my insight helped some of you nervous nellies.  

Just remember dreams come true.  You have the power, first you must manifest it.  Then you will see these dream become realities in real time.  

Don’t forget to have #fannytasticlife 

Protection for you best gal, CC.

Do you protect your best friend? CC? Yes, I am very serious…CC.  Your Credit Card…well you should.

As a mom, a wife, a modern chic; life happens.  For a while I had this cash only policy but let’s be realistic that is tough.  It is easy to fall into a “charge” and pay later life style. Wouldn’t you agree?

I came across something that I normally ignored, which is Credit Protection.  Seriously, insurance for the credit cards you use.  Who cares, right?

So, I have three beautiful sons and had to take maternity leave. For my first son, I had three jobs and my husband worked furiously but we were just making it.  Then I went on leave and took sixteen weeks.  Because the daycare I needed would not take a baby less than four months, so push came to shove and I had to stay home. The financial ripple became a title wave when the bills started coming in.

One morning I was looking over one of my credit charges and it said “$0.89 protection fee”.  I inhaled this and got so angry thinking it was a complete scam.  Finances were so tight already.  For that $0.89 bogus charge, I called them.  

We went over the bill and as I was about to request an extension.   “Jenny” the rep started explaining the charge. She then goes to say, “well like, if you ever have a baby or a surgery things like that you can put a claim in and we will cover your monthly installment or if you a customer that pays their credit lender on time we may even cover your balance” I questioned her for about 30 minutes not understanding that all this time I have been paying for insurance for my credit cards that I was actually and finally entitled to enjoy that benefit.  So, I told her I just had a baby.   What came next was gold.. “well, I see here that you have two cards with our insurance (from different credit lenders) and how long will you be out of work?” She asked. I explained 16 weeks.  She said “I will send you the paper work, complete it from your physician and employment and they will let you know what you are approved for.” Honestly, not believing anything would happen.  I said simply sure. 

One week the paperwork came.  I asked my immediate supervisor/employer to fill out a portion and my doctor to full out the portion that applied to my situation. I sent the paperwork in immediately.  I received a response about two weeks later that said I was entitled to full balance.  When my charge statements came in I had a zero balance and almost fainted.  They cover $1500 for one charge and $2300 for another.  Complete. 

I looked at the pile of bills and said wait what all about this.  It turns out I had insurance on all my charges, my vehicle, my home, my pets etc.  I called anything that I realized I was paying insurance  (boy, I felt like an idiot)  put all the claims in.  
In the next, couple of months I received letter back: some covered balances, some just the monthly installment, some just froze until I came back, which didn’t add interest, and some gave me a new rate, a low rate in lieu of the normal rate, only one was denied but that was because it had a time limit.  

We were about 90% paid for the next four months.  

Baby two, did the same thing but this time I was 100% covered. 

Baby three, same thing.  Why? Why not! This is the policy I signed up for AND I have the opportunity to utilize the resources that I have paid for.  I am now constantly making sure we have insurance on any and everything.  I pay about $1.00 a month to be covered for credit. About $39.00 for pet insurance. My children have their own policies,  which will become liquid for college.  

And, most of my  protections don’t just cover maternity leave, they cover all leaves, changes, certain deaths, life changes – like moves…etc.

This was definitely the smartest financial application I ever filled out.  

We need to not always be sucked in but be researchers, identifiers, and yogis of our financial health.  If your sick you try to help your self to get better.  Do the same for your finances.  

And have a #fannytastic life!

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