ZUMBA for business? YES!

I am always amazing, that is my homeostasis! as most of you know by now. I am bringing this energy to you with a sense of euphoric, adrenaline, and endorphins because of Zumba. I really want to dive in and explain why this is key (movement) not only to your wellness and your overall health but for your business health!

Recently, I went to my doctor’s appointment and as I was leaving, I met Jaidira she was outside the office area and handing out information about her classes. I looked her up and checked out her Instagram and wanted to give it a whirl for my continuous #Fannytasticlife journey!

I decided to recruit my sons, and my middle guy stepped up. That’s right Mr_Bulbs himself! He was very excited and truly inspired to make it happen, and keep it going.

ZUMBA mania!


Mr. Bulbs was down for the Zumba challenge. We had so much fun! We have committed to the monday classes. Exciting and so much fun!

Yasss, we posted this on the gram folks! Fannytasticlife

Mr_Bulbs, himself joined me in ZUMBA!

I explained the origin of Zumba, which is a collaboration of music that was generated by Alberto “Beto” Perez who initiated the Latin dance class, which is now known as Zumba in his aerobics. According to Murphy, 2018 the “class in Cali, Colombia in 1986. Perez arrived to teach class one day without his traditional aerobics music, so he substituted Latin music he had with him at the time. The improvised class was a hit with his students. Perez, along with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion, trademarked the Zumba name in 2001, two years after Perez introduced his Latin-inspired fitness class in the United States.”

Although the fitness program of Zumba started in the late 1980s, Zumba has roots in Latin dances such as the merengue, salsa, cumbia and samba that date back in some cases to the 17th and 18th centuries. Flamenco, for example, originated in Spain in the 18th century. Cumbia, which originated in Colombia as an infusion of Latin and African influence, established a presence in the early 19th century. The interplay of these Latin rhythm and dance styles come together to define Zumba.

Pam Murphy

Now with all the fun we had, there was so much more that we took away! We felt great afterwards, full of happiness and realization of our muscles.

I always direct this towards business and here is my take.

Zumba for Business.

Zumba is healthy, fun and energizing activity any time, What about during work, yes! Any healthy movement is a great option at work.

The Warm-Up!

When I used to work at my earlier company, we had yoga/aerobic classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   I also had a Planet Fitness nearby, so usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings before work started, I would go to Planet Fitness and work out there for about 30 minutes.  I would do different level intervals to tone my body and shape my body.  In addition, when I worked for another company, I collaborated with a yoga instructor who owns her own business, we worked out a contract with my company and she held a class every Wednesday at our offices.

During the Covid pandemic quarantine, a lot of people were home and isolated.  Walking began to be the new activity to move around.  Some companies-initiated challenges virtually (for example step contests by counting how many steps teams made or hitting step goals).

In the meantime, I have been meeting with people seeking out coaching for motivation as they may have not found work or feel lonely needing inspiration.  I offer ideas and challenge them to seize the day.  Some of my consultations I did not charge service fees, because they are out of work, and I see a need.  I often tell people to start the day with a minimum of ten jumping jacks.  This simple activity rushes the blood and helps to get the system going to start the day.  You can always do more but it is just a start. 

In the workforce, many companies offer different compensation plans, health and wellness should be included as it is a benefit to the employee and the company.  There are many options: tracking, walking, company-initiated challenges, gym on site, exercise that come to the office and others. 

The Technique.

Currently, I have committed to the Zumba workout until the end of the program, I feel encourage to express why.  The overall health benefit is obvious.  The instructor, Jaidira is excellent! She has developed a method in her motivation skills that has a synergy, from the moment she walked into the room.  Her technique, in her warmup, to her drill, and dance was fantastic.  She included hip-hop, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, and all over body conditioning.  In the end, she instructed a cool down that was organized and efficient.

I recommend her for anything, even a party.  If you are having a get together or you’re having some type of office event, and you want to do something different try having it, ZUMBA themed.  For more information about her program and what she offers you can see her contact information below.

Instagram @jaidireareal

I came across this post below and I knew it was a done deal!

I loved it!!!!

For your Business.

What about your business, here I mentioned two different businesses that incorporated exercise, fitness, or Wellness; the word wellness is overall better health.  Having a wellness program will significantly reduce healthcare costs in companies each year.  According to Rucker, (2017) workplace wellness has been reducing organization’s costs for more than one hundred years; It is in the best interest of your business to incorporate some type of Wellness program for your employees and bottom line. 


Here are some reasons that can inspire you.

  • Healthier Employees – Employees who engage in their health take ownership. Stress-related conditions have risen year over year.  Some caused by injuries or sickness.  Some wellness programs can offer preventive measures for employees to stay healthy or work on becoming healthy, which will increase their overall happiness and wellbeing.
  • Happier Employees – Employees who engage in activities tend to be excited in coming to work and taking part in work related activities driven by leadership.
  • Reduction in Healthcare cost – according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2021) worksite health programs that are implemented soundly and supply workplace health programs “can lead to 25% savings each on absenteeism, health care costs, and workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs.” Worth the investment.


Please note that wellness programs are taxable meaning although it can be listed in a Cafeteria 125 taxable plan. Such as a cash reward or nonmedical benefit these are taxed items that are in your gross annual payment at work taking part in a wellness program. They are not excludable from taxation as a medical benefit. But can still be added as an incentive for an overall compensation benefit.


There are many ways to implement a program at your company if one is not provided. Sometimes, a company may be brand new, up and coming, or have small startup cash and not have capital to invest in a gym or program. However, there are cost effective methods in health, wellness, and business. Such as, keeping track of steps, having a step challenge or if a business is virtual then they can have lunch hour aerobics through zoom. Not every program will have steep cost or require deep pockets. In today’s market, being savvy and considering your overall employees wellbeing as well as your advantage of having happier employees, healthier employees, or both, may be just what your company needs.

For You.

As an individual you can start any program in your own life including joining a gym or doing a simple video at home or even looking up one on YouTube.


I can totally understand that finding the motivation is a tough starting point and there are so many ways to figure out how to identify ways to motivate yourself.  Find a partner in a friend, loved one or join a group.  You can always reach out to me, and I will be available to help and coach you in the right direction. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey of Fannytasticlife!  I am looking forward to hearing about your stories for your wealth of health and motivation as well as encouragement!

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