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No one loves networking better than me, no one! Of course I am being silly but truthfully connections in all parts of interactions virtuality and in reality are extremely important to our mental health. One of my new mindsets is self-innovation. As it is important especially during this time because of our new, updated virtual personas. We need our connections and we also need to be able to flex with the times.

Prior to the pandemic, we physically were available even if we worked remote or at a specific location. During the pandemic, the change of visibility went from 98% to 0% in a forced quarantine. To move forward and pick up the pieces we need to embrace the new self-innovation discovery and remarket ourselves as well as our brands. The reason for remarketing must deal with being empathetic but how do we show that virtually. As we all know, there are no repeats of first impressions. First impressions via virtual would be our profile pictures.

At first glance.

Some profiles are missing images but we need to take into account that who we are posting messages to may be visual learners. This is why profile pictures really make the connection with potential people of interest.

If you work for a corporate environment and wear professional attire chances are in person you make a great impression and prior to the pandemic your branding was on point.

Currently, your image may need to adjust for a more casual profile picture if you are home working and if you are hybrid at may be a professional casual look; why would we do this? We make this slight change to stay relevant. If you decided to leave your picture on your profile without an update the feedback from many sources state that you are coming off stagnant and not in touch.

However, if you want to keep it crisp and professional, I would suggest updating to a current polished look. For example if you have the same picture from twenty years ago chances are when you do finally zoom meet out in person the connection wont feel genuine.

Let us dissect this slightly: If you change your profile picture very often this can come across as insecure however, if you change it periodically to stay relevant with the current events as they happen this comes across as approachable.

Branding pictures are treated differently: If your brand is one image no matter when it was taken but used for all media, I would suggest keep it consistent unless your brand changes. Being recognizable as part of the brand is not something you want to constantly change. For example if you use specific colors or patterns when people see this they will connect it to you. So it is important for your brand to reflect who you are and maintain consistency.

Our virtual persona is more than just our profile pictures although if you are marketing, even if the content is valuable data without an image, the post tends to be swiped, overlooked, or simply ignored.


Your persona is something to invest in. Recently, I wanted to review platforms by usage and the format is called MAU, which stands for “Monthly Active Users, and MUVs stands for Monthly Unique Visitors.” (Lua, 2020) Utilizing the data from Buffers top 21 list I compiled this graph below to show the most popular by the billions of active users monthly.

Based on information from Buffer.

As we can see by this chart Facebook is the number one social media platform on the earth with over 2.3 billion monthly users. What does this mean, at first glance we can assume that the feeling of facebook and family connections is the purpose but for marketing you can reach 1/3 of the earth’s population for your business. Why not take that opportunity showcase yourself virtually here.

TikTok with 500 million MAU, has the most interesting pattern that grasp the full attention span and it reaches so many demographics who are willing to join and participate. Virtually brand new on the spot singers are turned into superstars. I personally felt that when my last post got 1160 that I was Tik Tok Famous.

With this platform you are limited to a specific window of time. The impression is so impactful that is truly keeps you watching and becoming addicted to it. This is great if you are the content magnet pulling in that attention. How does it work? It only gives you a glimpse that continues to loop. Therefore, capturing the intrigue and then swiping to the next content.

Many have wondered can 30 seconds be so appealing, and the answer is yes. We are attracted within the first second of a meme and most songs are not longer than 4 minutes unless it is a song by the singer Meatloaf. This is truly a winning strategy like the psychology behind casino design that allows for one user to see so much content in a fleeting period and lose track of time.

Linkedin has about 294 million MAU, which is about 13% of Facebooks grasp but still worthy enough for the connections. I utilize LinkedIn daily, I post and reach out and make sure to constantly update all my information to stay current. My profile is different depending on what media it is on for example my LinkedIn as seen below is simple, approachable and current.

Will I change this picture? Yes, but timing is key. For Instagram with 1 billion MAU, it is exceedingly popular. When you post for marketing you really need to know and understand your concept. This can be described as a storyboard remembering branding and consistency and when posting the message needs to come across is less than 1 sec, so this needs to be meme like and have a value of an icon. For example, when you see a swoosh, you know it is Nike or if you see that famous green mermaid you start craving Starbucks. These are the 1 sec recognitions of those brands and even if it is holiday or a distinctive design that fluidity flows with their brand. That is how you need to design your brand and how it lands.

Mutual Benefits

Value of maintenance regarding networks is so important because staying connected creates a simple partnership of benefits. With two-way communication highways the value of information can be worth more than a monetary interest.

When engaging I know what my message is; what I want to say; but I do not know what I am about to hear. Therefore, understanding the links value is where opportunity can be for both parties. Consequently, I always like to learn the information and hear what the other person wants to convey. It is then I can adjust my message in the conversation. The other part is that sometimes, I make a connection and on face value we cannot offer the other one a direct benefit.

What we can offer is value outside of the connection like a compensation or return of value through interconnected contacts; a third party. Having this contact creates an advantage to the dynamic and making the bridge is the mutual benefit that we all can potentially share, which would be the common interest. Through connections, we can create fresh ideas, advances on projects and goals, opportunities, advice and strategy, support and new perspectives.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) predicts client’s likelihood to engage with your business and unite them with your strategy and potential profits. Effective strategy with social media can build a brand and the ability to read the data and project possibilities can potentially foresee the next move based on the tracked insight. Tools used by AI are hashtags, patterns, clicks and overall user behavior and tendencies.

Most social media platforms utilizes this data and if you turn your personal account into a business account you can review this type of data.

Analytics and Insights

Analytics and Insights, are the data tools that review the large pools of data collected by the AI. This creates tools for you to view specifics based on the analytical data and decide next moves and strategy. The steps of analytics are usually: collection, process, feed, review and compare.

Data can include demographic information such as: age, gender, marital status, income, education, geographic location and employment. If you are trying to reach these group you can adjust where and how you post or advertise on these social media platforms.

This data when viewed on either a timeline or over fiscal timelines can reveal crucial data. When compared to businesses similar to yours, creates the insight and hidden potentials.

Insights are very rewarding as they offer an opportunity for change, learning and competition.


There is always a fundamental opportunity to connect with a person and to respect that connection and offer mutual benefits. The social platforms will help connections prosper and relate while the technology will help to create a strategy to for next steps.

Thank you for connecting on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

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Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Being Proactive

Monica’s Story

Monica a vibrant career professional in New York City, who recently had just moved from Florida, but was originally a New Yorker. Making herself acquainted in Queens. Settling in with her family and matriculating her children into school. Terribly busy and always initiative-taking with her and her family’s health.

She previously worked for a hospital in Florida who made it part of their standard operating procedure and general office protocol to have the employees in her department receive yearly mammograms, which in her case were always negative.

In the process of her moving, she missed the examination for that year and while changing careers her appointment lapsed when she was due for her mammogram. In a self-discovery, she came across something that would change her life forever.

With Monica Patino

At 37 years old Monica discovered, that she had a lump in her breast. Immediately she had her self-checked out and it was determined that she had Breast Cancer Stage 2B; had she not let the examinations lapse she may have caught it before it had gotten so serious.

Stage 2B, describes “breast cancer in which: the tumor is larger than 2 cm but no larger than 5 cm” (Breast Cancer, 2020)

Monica underwent many procedures that changed her life forever. These procedures included and were not limited to: chemotherapy to shrink the two large cancer cells, full mastectomy, and followed by the radiation. She has now been cancer free for the past four years, thank GOD! Now, Monica is a self check activist,”learn your body and feel it.”

The cancer hit Monica and her family fast, and hard. Her life was immediately impacted by this and thankfully she found a lot of support with her family, friends and job who sponsored her during the annual Breast Cancer Walk, walking with Monica’s Soldiers.

Currently, her good friend is walking in her honor and you can provide sponsorship in the name of Monica Patino, a survivor of Breast Cancer, who is still fighting every day and staying strong and finding peace.


Stay Healthy (Breast Cancer, 2020)

Screening Information

#AskHer – Atlantic Health System’s #AskHer campaign encourages you to ask the women you care about to schedule their annual screening mammogram, or take the initiative and do it for yourself. Early detection saves lives. (Atlantic Health Systems, 2020)

WebMD – You can get a free mammogram every 1 to 2 years if you’re over age 40. (WebMD, 2020) and

CDC – Find a Screening Program Near You (CDC, 2020)

Important Dates

Importance of October 23 – wear PINK and show support all over the world!

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Sometimes our navigation has been disrupted and now we need to improvise; think on our feet, which is what I do. Let's talk about it on this journey of Fannytasticlife! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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Check out Monica here on Fannytasticlife LIVE on Twitch – 21 Questions w/Monica Patino

Or check out the Stream page where we post all our Twitch content.

Monica Patino – Wearing Pink – Continuing to fight

Atlantic Health System. (2020). Mammography & Breast Imaging. Retrieved from Atlantic Health System:

Breast Cancer. (2020, October 13). Stage IIA & IIB Treatment Options. Retrieved from Breast Cancer: breast cancer in which: the tumor is larger than 2 cm but no larger than 5 cm

CDC. (2020). Find a Screening Program Near You. Retrieved from Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

WebMD. (2020). Free Breast Cancer Screening & Prevention. Retrieved from WebMD:

Nova Cat Swatch

Fall Fashion

I love this time of year, especially with Fall fashion. Yummy delicious weather for leather, a cozy sweater, fur, reptile, cheetah, leopard, animal, zebra, jewel tone give it to me now!!!! Meow!

For the beginning of the season I love to bring out looks that I feel showcase the inspiration from the scenery like fuzzy, pumpkin with hues of oranges and of course sleek patents leathers that take inspiration from September and transition into the October, November style.

I have three looks to sample, these are looks I have worn and own. Some may be available online and some are classic and not available but utilize the pallet to create your own look. These look all have a casual foundation and branch into Cozy, Classy and Crisp.

Check out these looks: Cozy Casual , Crisp Casual, Classy Casual;

For the first look I have my yummy Cozy Casual look. As a Brand Ambassador for the Official Her Team, of course I am wearing my “Babes Empower Babes” shirt and you can of course utilize my FHBMGC discount to get your 30% off on any item on their website. I have paired the Tee with my favorite high tops from Vans and hoodie that I always tie into a bow, and tapered sweet french terry sweats. You can match any of your items to make the look work for you. Of course I am a big fan of so many sneakers and brands that can certainly be mixed and matched here.

I have two other looks that I love and they are my Classy and Crisp casual looks.

For my classy casual look, I always love black jeans with a 2% give and a lovely fun headband. Sometimes you need to throw it together casually and a sparkly band to hold the hair back with really complete the look. Now, to dress up the look we can wear a sassy sweater and soft sueded bootie as this will always dress it up. The look will is simple enough to keep it casual but fun enough to be sophisticated for a quick zoom call.

For a sharp crisp casual look I love to pair a denim either light fade or dark rinse. In the picture here I have a two tone jean from Shein, which is very flattering. Either a white poplin or in this look a puffy sleeve print like the one above with a fun pattern keeps the casual look playful however, what ties it all in to make it crisp are the sharp patent leather booties. Theses boots are versatile and perfect for this weather.

Don’t forget your stylish masks to match.

Of course, individuality is what I love to see however some items are timeless. I was asked the other day about a particular color, with patterns, styles and for each season. I do believe that you can do what you like… and I do have a chart that does focus fashion by season. If you know me, you know I love data and analytics as much as I love being a fashionista. This chart below organizes the particular season whether it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall into quarters divided by three month intervals. Monthly colors are identified followed by textures, Tones possible Nail or Makeup coordinates and Footwear. Obviously this does not need to be followed I use this as an organization tool when organizing my clothing racks.

Although I always say these colors (Black, White, Nude, Red and Grey) are timeless and work anytime of the year I do have y own color wheel. THis wheel in parallel to the data chart above and moves like a clock. Each number representing a month of the year.

Fannytasticlife Color Wheel

A big part of the Fannytasticlife journey is fashion and what ever you decide to wear make sure you work!

Fannytasticlife, Improvising Fannytasticlife

Sometimes our navigation has been disrupted and now we need to improvise; think on our feet, which is what I do. Let's talk about it on this journey of Fannytasticlife! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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Pumpkins are from Pottery Barn.

Caviar Dreams with Peanut Butter Pockets.

Caviar Dreams with Peanut Butter Pockets.

Often times we tend to dream big but not realistic. Then we are truly let down by our inflated expectations. No matter what you dream, I say dream big and set realistic goals that way it is not a letdown and when you make your goal, reward yourself; right! Manage those expectations even in regards to finance.

Well, I recently had to do some adult stuff and roll over a 401K plan. I reached out to my bank and requested to open a Traditional IRA.

I had to first call the financial administrator of my 401K plan and that was such a tedious long call that went everywhere but nowhere as they had an issue finding my account. Finally, at the end of the call I had to contact my bank and schedule a visit. I felt overwhelmed but I spoke to such a lovely lady at the bank, who scheduled an in person visit with me the following day.

By the way, what I learned is that all you need to provide the administrator is the name of the bank and type of account you are rolling over to and they can send out your funds straight away without further delay.

Sometimes, a review of finances can be intimidating like my fabulous style. So, I wanted to make my appointment visit with a professional attire. Our subconscious can sometimes do more harm that our conscious, anywho. I arrived for my appointment and I was treated like a queen. My, roll over was not a lot of money per say and I was also there to discuss my husband’s finances that I wanted to assist rolling over and that was significantly higher than mine. Either way, the representative at the bank treated me like gold, matter of fact platinum. While we were there she went over my account in addition to the services I needed on this visit and she went out of her way to explain changes I can make with my account to eliminate unnecessary fees, certain charges, and overall a healthier account that would work better for me. She then credited me back for an overcharge and two fees. I must say I felt like I was overjoyed with the treatment and amount of care she gave my account and business.

Somethings we went over regarding my accounts I would like to share with you, that way, my amazing Fannytasticlife readers can enrich their own accounts and take away while possibly applying these practices to your finances; healthier wealth of knowledge.

10 Tips to having healthier financial accounts (please check with your bank institution as this may not apply to every bank):

  1. At the end of every fiscal year, contact your bank and ask to be credited back for fees, normally you can be credited back for up to three. If you were charged $35 on an overdraft, or something like that as a mere customer courtesy they can apply $100 – $115 back to your account.
  2. How many accounts do you really need? Well if you are married you may want a joint, a private checking, and, a savings. In one bank institution as having multiple accounts may charge you maintenance fees that you cannot get credited back. Some banks offer no fees if you keep a specific minimum in these accounts and/or apply a direct deposit to the account of $500 or more monthly. Now if you make more than $500 a month you can split the direct deposit so that the checking accounts can get founded avoiding fees if you cannot make the minimum.
  3. If you have a savings, some bank will ask you to set up an automatic transfer monthly and that will eliminate any fees applies there.
  4. If you find that you have accounts a numerous bank (my issue, I spread the wealth) you will be getting charge maintenance fees all over. Now, Maintenance fees can range from $12 and up a month. That is about $144 – $250 a year, per account, per bank.
  5. If you have about $500 or more sitting around and you already have a 401K set up at your job but want to do a little investing on your own for a steady growth of funds you can open up your own Traditional IRA account and when it is a small amount $5000 or less, you can manage it yourself depending on the bank and invest these funds. You can also use the banks particular apps or feature to set a goal of what you are looking to make and then invest either risky or modest to build that investment.
  6. If you have $5000 or more most banks will offer an investing person to help you manage that wealth for you.
  7. Also, you can always at any time roll over your 401k to your own individual IRA without penalty. You may not want to this as some companies offer matched, however if your company does not offer a great package you can just open an IRA on your own and start investing for your future resting.
  8. Most banks offer great alerting tips, that let you know if your balance is low, if a transaction posted that was high and you can create some of them on your own when visiting the apps. This is a great feature if you have automatic payments that you may have forgotten about or just to set up reminders as we do get busy.
  9. Some accounts offer a benefit for savings, like if you open up a new account you get $250, if you have children you can set up new accounts for each of them and that can be the starting point for their account.
  10. Cashback, cashback, cashback… who does not love getting cash back. Well, this was not a tip that was mentioned, but we did discuss cashback and I have a tip that I utilize that may work for you. When you have a credit card (CC) that offers this here is a tip for you. Figure out what your overall balance is, and then instead of using it to make purchases apply it to a bill for example. Let us say your phone bill that you pay monthly is hypothetically speaking $100. Now, let us say you get a cashback of 5%, that is $5.00 if you project that for the year you can possibly earn $60. So, in lieu of paying the phone bill direct, think about it as a triangle. Use CC, to pay the Bill, use the cash to pay CC or set up an automatic recurring payment to pay the card; establish the amount or budget first. What will happen is your bill(s) will be paid and then when you pay CC, your best gal, she will reward you with cash back. This may need it is on blog…. I usually get a ton of questions on this. Let me know 🙂 would love to hear your feedback.
  • BONUS 1: Lastly, I have mentioned this in a previous blog and it is worth the mention here Protection for your best gal, CC I wrote about having insurance for all possible financial valuables including your credit. This can truly make the difference when you have an issue. For example, a lot of people recently became unemployed if you have an Account Assure or Credit Card Protection even an Aflac or policy of that nature, you can contact them and submit a claim that your life circumstances changed and now you are unemployed. Check out that article to learn how you can help yourself get financial help on those payments, possible hardships and sometimes they will pick up the complete tab.
  • BONUS 2: This comes from Nadia Pettignano who is a great long time friend, who recently mentioned in one of the comments on a post that they, “would also explore splitting mortgage payments 2x per month, it will save you tons of interest on your loan if you are a homeowner.” I am going to look into that! Thanks Nadia.

Overall, I was super pleased with the level of service at the bank and all the the tender, loving, care (TLC) I was given.

Thank you for taking this financial journey with me on this Fannytasticlife!

Fannytasticlife, Improvising Fannytasticlife

Sometimes our navigation has been disrupted and now we need to improvise; think on our feet, which is what I do. Let's talk about it on this journey of Fannytasticlife! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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Because of my amazing experience, please check out this offer from Chase

Caviar Dreams with Peanut Butter Pockets

New baby, rusty?

Brought home a brand new baby boy, three weeks ago today. And I’m so happy so proud, so blessed and so exhausted. The last time I had a baby was five years ago and two years before that for a total of seven years ago, so maybe I’m a little rusty.

He is just so sweet, so cute, so loving, so little so lovable. He is also a nocturnal sleeping baby who refuses to sleep at night and this ol’ gal is spoiled when it comes to sleep.

Like every new mother I read all the books of what to expect when expecting and did all the research I could and went to the library and referenced all the possibilities of having a newborn. Seven years later, who does that? Everything now, is Google this and Google that.  I mean really who has time to go to the library, look in the Dewey Decimal System which, I honestly love. Then, Figure out reference guides and books; it just doesn’t happen like that anymore. So, what I have become a big fan of his Pinterest and of course Google. 

Pinterest really opened my eyes to blogging.  This is because I simply put a search topic in and boom thousands of articles pop up! How simple, pretty easy and accessible.  So many hits on how to do just about anything. I have referenced everything I can possibly think of on Pinterest starting from: what to pack in my bag for the hospital; what to expect when I get to the delivery ward; how to manage nursing; top name brands for strollers and cribs; etc. You name it, it was easy and accessible. 

I am going off on a tangent, so now back to my brand new baby boy. The day came I brought home my baby introduced him to his older brothers.  First week done, I was flowing with milk, and glowing. 

Week two, creeped in, hubby went back to work and circles appeared under my eyes.  A cold came over me on Thanksgiving day and the sensation to nap has become more important than anything,  including self maintenance.

Now, week three settles in and a feeling of relief has come in.  And balance is back, just a smidge.   We have had a plethora of guests which, kept my sanity. Today, my husband and I went to the mall for some Christmas shopping with baby after we dropped off the boys to school. Just spending time with them has also helped the sanity.

The first two weeks I almost thought I was neglecting my older sons by holding back on the attention I give them.  However,  my children (who are very outspoken) told me that they felt a lack in attention but they understand the baby needs me.  Although, I felt guilty I also felt relief that we discussed it and it is normal.

Today, when they came home our schedule was back on track and homeostasis was at base line. Ofcourse not perfect, babyboy, is fighting sleep as I am writing this but it is ok.

Because, he is a newborn.
He only knows his mommy and her scent.
He doesn’t understand his new world yet, which is outside the womb. 
He is just wanting, to be comforted, fed and changed.  He will sleep when he is ready.  My rusty stage has now transitioned to titanium mommy courage.

The oldest golden rule that was told to me when I was a new mommy seven years ago was,  “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” To add to that, like with my other children, I need to pay attention to his clues.  Learn his schedule and then figure out the balance (possibly set up an alarm on the fancy phones we all seem to have as an aide) that way I am healthy, sleeping and energized for the new born.


Have a Fannytastic Life!