Truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I affirm.


Have you ever met somebody that everything out of their mouth was lie.  Most sinister, in my opinion because I believe in telling the truth no matter the consequence.  I actually feel some things I say may hurt but my reality must be real.

I can understand of categorizing social group into: friends, family, colleagues, school chums etc and giving them samples of truths but not completely sharing every last ounce of yourself.

Often times I am an open book kind of gal, ask and she will tell you.  However, I share a story with one I may not share with another and that is when my social groups change.   I am a very public person.  You can google my whole life, but I still have my private moments that I keep sacred.  I do have this blog and facebook that are rather public. However other social media platforms it is by invitation only.

It means something to me when some one can look me in the eye when talking to them.  I know I am very intimidating, my whole persona, and trust me when I say I will look deep into your eyes during conversation.  I am showing you that I care and more importantly pushing you to be honest.

As a child, I told wild amazing stories to my mom and grandparents, they would say to me Fanny tell us one of your crazy stories, and I would so proud.  One day my Uncle shot this way of happiness down with his “that is impossible and unrealistic speech”  so I decided, that day I would continue to tell my stories as a creative output, like my comedy and baby story telling, but other than that I would report on the soul.  Relatable topics and just be honest on every turn.  Unless I was entertaining, and being commissioned to do so.

Someone recently very close to me, that I let in t my inner circle (credit to the Fockers) broke my circle of trust.  However, I won’t scold them or let them go, not just yet.  This person does mean a lot to me.  I will let time heal this.

Remember lying is a mortal sin, one that won’t let you enter into those pearly gates, so do what you want with you life but here while being a #Fannytasticlife you get the real truth and nothing but the truth, you heard it first!

New baby, rusty?

Brought home a brand new baby boy, three weeks ago today. And I’m so happy so proud, so blessed and so exhausted. The last time I had a baby was five years ago and two years before that for a total of seven years ago, so maybe I’m a little rusty.

He is just so sweet, so cute, so loving, so little so lovable. He is also a nocturnal sleeping baby who refuses to sleep at night and this ol’ gal is spoiled when it comes to sleep.

Like every new mother I read all the books of what to expect when expecting and did all the research I could and went to the library and referenced all the possibilities of having a newborn. Seven years later, who does that? Everything now, is Google this and Google that.  I mean really who has time to go to the library, look in the Dewey Decimal System which, I honestly love. Then, Figure out reference guides and books; it just doesn’t happen like that anymore. So, what I have become a big fan of his Pinterest and of course Google. 

Pinterest really opened my eyes to blogging.  This is because I simply put a search topic in and boom thousands of articles pop up! How simple, pretty easy and accessible.  So many hits on how to do just about anything. I have referenced everything I can possibly think of on Pinterest starting from: what to pack in my bag for the hospital; what to expect when I get to the delivery ward; how to manage nursing; top name brands for strollers and cribs; etc. You name it, it was easy and accessible. 

I am going off on a tangent, so now back to my brand new baby boy. The day came I brought home my baby introduced him to his older brothers.  First week done, I was flowing with milk, and glowing. 

Week two, creeped in, hubby went back to work and circles appeared under my eyes.  A cold came over me on Thanksgiving day and the sensation to nap has become more important than anything,  including self maintenance.

Now, week three settles in and a feeling of relief has come in.  And balance is back, just a smidge.   We have had a plethora of guests which, kept my sanity. Today, my husband and I went to the mall for some Christmas shopping with baby after we dropped off the boys to school. Just spending time with them has also helped the sanity.

The first two weeks I almost thought I was neglecting my older sons by holding back on the attention I give them.  However,  my children (who are very outspoken) told me that they felt a lack in attention but they understand the baby needs me.  Although, I felt guilty I also felt relief that we discussed it and it is normal.

Today, when they came home our schedule was back on track and homeostasis was at base line. Ofcourse not perfect, babyboy, is fighting sleep as I am writing this but it is ok.

Because, he is a newborn.
He only knows his mommy and her scent.
He doesn’t understand his new world yet, which is outside the womb. 
He is just wanting, to be comforted, fed and changed.  He will sleep when he is ready.  My rusty stage has now transitioned to titanium mommy courage.

The oldest golden rule that was told to me when I was a new mommy seven years ago was,  “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” To add to that, like with my other children, I need to pay attention to his clues.  Learn his schedule and then figure out the balance (possibly set up an alarm on the fancy phones we all seem to have as an aide) that way I am healthy, sleeping and energized for the new born.


Have a Fannytastic Life!