Bernanda Chico, de Elf on our Shelf.

Have you ever heard of Elf on a Shelf?

Our Elf is very interesting… Let me tell you the story.

Twas the night before last and all through the past. Something was lacking but the family had a strong foundation, support and backing. Knowledge was power, love was abundant… and a new member was about to make triumphant. She came on the North winds and ready to deliver the messages from a jolly big guy with cheeks of cherry and a laugh of merry… and then… our story begins.

It is very new to me; I mean I have celebrated Holidays in the winter, but I am new to some of these traditions.

By now through all my story telling I have given testimony about my three growing boys and that I love them so much. I also, need to keep up with what is going on, with their friends, or town, our community, my friend’s social media regarding holiday traditions. This is to make sure that my kids feel a part of the overall group and although some of our traditions are ours, they also compliment with others.

Growing up my mother always included many Jewish customs and cultural events like Hanukkah and the festival of lights and the actual candle lighting. Many different things she taught us that we needed to do, including prayers, the dreidel, gelt. My grandfather “Grampy” reinforced it with the stories of the shtetls of Eastern Europe, which was really more of a gratuity to the workers and their families. Grampy, would give my sister and I, forty dollars each, which was five dollars for each day. This probably was more than what was paid in the shtetls and it was a fortune to us. I Kept this tradition with my children and in their gelt bundle, which I always include the chocolate.

“I have given testimony about my three growing boys and that I love them so much. I also, need to keep up with what is going on, with their friends, or town, our community, my friend’s social media regarding holiday traditions.”


My father who is Catholic, celebrated Three Kings Day. He often didn’t celebrate Christmas as he mentioned it was a Christian holiday not necessarily Catholic in his opinion and what he learned from his country and church in Bolivia, South America. Kings day is also known as the Epiphany, it is the feast that celebrates the revelation of God incarnation as Jesus Christ. This is in the beginning of January. It is also known as the Baptism of Jesus, Three Kings Day, Denha, Little Christmas, Theophany, Timkat, Reyes; just in case you have heard of it.

Around the time, I was a little girl, we would have a Christmas tree sometimes, but we really did not understand the purpose. I guess you can say that it was not until I had turned twelve years old that we really did partake in having a tree. That was because my mother became a born-again Christian and she started to incorporate the tree into our home annually.

My mom was very sick and being ill for the majority of my life, oftentimes it would break my heart because she always needed my help and I felt I couldn’t help her enough. It was in this part of her life that she also started going to Buddha prayers in Central Park, regularly attending Baptist ceremonies and attending as a guest at the Baptist Church, she also increased her visits to The Church of the Immaculate Conception, which my father loved on 14th Street in Manhattan. She continued to go to the Town & Village Synagogue, which we called temple. She did this, because she was extremely sick and she wanted comfort, comfort to know that she was going to be alright.

My husband’s family celebrates Christmas at midnight by placing baby Jesus in the manger. The first time I saw this I thought it was so beautiful. Then they give presents to each other. I am a person who loves to learn and when I saw this in their home, I wanted to understand the tradition, Mama (my husband’s mother) explained that this was a religious day and how her family celebrated with her Church.

The way they had so much emotional joy on this day and in this hour, gave me such insight and a new perspective.

When I became pregnant and had my first son, I decided to take catechism classes. Catechism is a religious education; it outlines the principal tenets of the faith. I made a decision that I wanted to baptize my son, but I was never baptized or bat mitzvah. I needed to fulfill the sacrament to move forward; and I did. The sacraments are religious ceremonies that are as imparting divine grace, such as baptism, the Eucharist (confirmation), reconciliation known as confession or penance, anointing of the sick, marriage and the holy orders.

Started to study the first book or the five testaments and then I read the Torah and Koran, to compare as my mother was fluid in this biblical language. although, you will not hear me recite and quote from these books they are parallel and have taught me a great deal of compassion. I bet you are wondering how this relates to the holiday… it does because the essence here are the miracles; I got that point but I was missing something and it wasn’t my faith.

Our traditions were a combination of so many things. I was not too savvy with the holiday commercial fashions of our times in regard to Christmas celebration. Although I tried to decorate and figure things out, I knew I had joy, happiness, faith, appreciation, and miracles but what could it be. I just could not figure that out.

One holiday my oldest son came home upset. He told me that he did not have Christmas spirit. I asked him what he meant, and he mentioned that his teacher told him that. Needed serious clarification. He told me that all the children in his class could hear the bell. he could not hear it and he was the boy in the story. That the little boy could not hear the jingle bells because he still did not believe in Santa… I in my deepest, thickest voice was like “what story, what boy??” In class they were discussing The Polar Express, I never had the chance to watch this movie, read the original tale or knew anything about it. My middle son he laughed and said he could not hear it either but did not tell anyone.

Realized my children’s foundation and core is solid and the element of fitting in was needed for their social interaction. Wondered is this really important and is there anything else that has gone over my head… Made a plan and I decided to start watch all the holiday movies from my childhood and any I missed from my adulthood. Because although I kept everything pretty generalized, I’d never really dived in deep as I don’t want to leave anyone out however, I left out that dynamic.

Started with Home Alone, Christmas Carol, Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th street, Elf, Diehard, the Gremlins… pretty much anything that was holiday focused and then I moved on to the Hallmark Channel for days hoping to learn something new. Realized I’m missing a lot and then I stumbled across something … Had to admit I was a little skeptic this.

To me it was a little freaky as I am not to found of toys coming to life and running around my house on their own free will reporting back to anyone. Coincidentally, that afternoon when they came home from school they talked about The Elf on the Shelf. Started to realize and notice my family kept posting about their elves on their shelves. This cracked me up because this Elf does hilarious things and goes everywhere. The kids believed in it and that is when I realized it; I saw it right there, in front of me, what I was missing…it was the magic! The magic of believing and how could I have missed that. I believe, it is because I have been stuck in reality. I knew the religion, I understood miracles, I knew the giving, I had the knack for the decoration… I thought I had all the staples, but I didn’t have the magic!

The elf on the shelf is the magic that is needed like the bell on the Polar Express and that is what I had to incorporate. When we had our third baby, this is when we learned about all the Elf and I decided to add it to our traditions. I got to right these wrongs and correct these rights, kind of thinking. Decided, we need an elf on the shelf.

This was a tough decision as you can see through all my pre analyzation before I even got to this point, we need it because it enables the magic. Some may argue that Santa is the magic however we know he lives in the North Pole and this little Elf creates something tangible to the children in the house. I started looking at the Elf on the shelf origin and found out it was written in 2004 and is the, “brainchild of stay-at-home mom Carol Aebersold and her grown twin daughters, Chanda Bell and Christa Pitts”. Their story is a sweet one and it had gotten very popular and tells the tale of Elves lives with Santa and during this time of year they come to your home watching over you during Christmas and all the naughty and the nice acts are reported back to the big jolly guy!

According to Pitts, “We had an elf growing up for as long as we can remember. Our elf was named Fisbee, and Fisbee of course would report to Santa Claus at night and be back in a different position in our house the next day…” and “…We loved it. It was a chance for us to tell Santa directly what maybe we might want for Christmas, or to do good deeds so that Santa would know about them.” (Bologna, 2017)

–Christa Pitts, HuffPost Caroline Bologna, December 2017

HuffPost Caroline Bologna, December 2017

So, I went Elf window shopping, and they all looked the same. As I mentioned before I am multicultural, and I need that representation. I am also outnumbered I am in a see of men. Husband, sons, pets… I desperately wanted my Elf to be a female and brown. To me we are brown, and I want that for my family to relate. I found her, she was beautiful and stunning!

What do we name her? The Santa Claus movie with Tim Allen had this amazing character name Bernard the elf. The movie came out in 1994 and it brought me so much happiness. I watched it again and the Elf who was played by David Krumholtz was hilarious. I love this guy and the way he portrayed Bernard. I decided to name our Elf after Bernard and she is Bernanda, Bernanda Chico de Elf.

Bernanda is very sassy and frisky like me she goes all over the whole house. She even made a tick tock about what she is doing. It will be posted on the bottom of his blog. I think she’s an incredible representation and pure magic especially for my children.

Thank you so much for listening about Bernanda Chico de Elf on our shelf, I hope your holiday is filled with magic and joining me on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

Bernanda Chico de Elf on the Shelf


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Opportunity – is hindsight.

The other day we were had an Ugly Sweater contest. For the fun I modeled my sweater; of course! I truly felt we needed this. I can see many people saying, “need?” Well, yes, because those days of office fun are on pause. The ugliest holiday sweater contests and cultivating a culture of joy, celebration and team spirit are just not present.

We received great entries and I was happy for a first contest for Fannytasticlife brand turnout. This was pretty cool. We also got surprised with a donation for an additional prize by the generous and dapper James Chiu, 21QAlumni. He offered a donation towards a fan prize in the value of $50.

Immediately, I knew this had to be an item we offer but highend for it, is a bonus prize after all. My favorite designer who I adore is #Chicoboyz who is also my my talented and humble husband. I requested his services for a designer craftsmanship care package. He knew I mean Swarovski crystals! I mean we need to give the people what they want, sparkle, shine gaud and a level of elegance for the new year, fashion baby 2021. I also was inspired but an article I read.

This article $30,000 Swarovski crystal ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ for sale by Daniel Uria that made me ponder in thought because they truly captured a level of holiday, crystals and sweaters more than I had in mind. Still, worth the mention, in the sound of $30,000.00; wow!

Below I posted the comparison offered by Tipsy Elves hmmm… did I miss this opportunity?

To the left modeling my “Ugly” sweater of Santa riding a Unicorn and to the right is the same sweater that Tipsy Elves is offering for $30,000.00

Well, we decided the package will include a fun care package with a gorgeous Swarovski crystal sweater but in the tune of $50 donated by James and designed in collaboration with Chicoboyz.

We will post the picture here, once the winner is announced.

What are the rules for the bonus? Here they are:

  1. Listen to this podcast Fannytasticlife, Whimsy, hope and the kindness of our hearts 💕
  2. Take notes as the Bonus question will relate to this particular journey.
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Hindsight, is 20/20 and this year … 2020, I dont want to look back. It is time to just continue to look forward on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

Winner to be announced.


To Be Announced!