ZUMBA for business? YES!

I am always amazing, that is my homeostasis! as most of you know by now. I am bringing this energy to you with a sense of euphoric, adrenaline, and endorphins because of Zumba. I really want to dive in and explain why this is key (movement) not only to your wellness and your overall health but for your business health!

Recently, I went to my doctor’s appointment and as I was leaving, I met Jaidira she was outside the office area and handing out information about her classes. I looked her up and checked out her Instagram and wanted to give it a whirl for my continuous #Fannytasticlife journey!

I decided to recruit my sons, and my middle guy stepped up. That’s right Mr_Bulbs himself! He was very excited and truly inspired to make it happen, and keep it going.

ZUMBA mania!


Mr. Bulbs was down for the Zumba challenge. We had so much fun! We have committed to the monday classes. Exciting and so much fun!

Yasss, we posted this on the gram folks! Fannytasticlife

Mr_Bulbs, himself joined me in ZUMBA!

I explained the origin of Zumba, which is a collaboration of music that was generated by Alberto “Beto” Perez who initiated the Latin dance class, which is now known as Zumba in his aerobics. According to Murphy, 2018 the “class in Cali, Colombia in 1986. Perez arrived to teach class one day without his traditional aerobics music, so he substituted Latin music he had with him at the time. The improvised class was a hit with his students. Perez, along with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion, trademarked the Zumba name in 2001, two years after Perez introduced his Latin-inspired fitness class in the United States.”

Although the fitness program of Zumba started in the late 1980s, Zumba has roots in Latin dances such as the merengue, salsa, cumbia and samba that date back in some cases to the 17th and 18th centuries. Flamenco, for example, originated in Spain in the 18th century. Cumbia, which originated in Colombia as an infusion of Latin and African influence, established a presence in the early 19th century. The interplay of these Latin rhythm and dance styles come together to define Zumba.

Pam Murphy

Now with all the fun we had, there was so much more that we took away! We felt great afterwards, full of happiness and realization of our muscles.

I always direct this towards business and here is my take.

Zumba for Business.

Zumba is healthy, fun and energizing activity any time, What about during work, yes! Any healthy movement is a great option at work.

The Warm-Up!

When I used to work at my earlier company, we had yoga/aerobic classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   I also had a Planet Fitness nearby, so usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings before work started, I would go to Planet Fitness and work out there for about 30 minutes.  I would do different level intervals to tone my body and shape my body.  In addition, when I worked for another company, I collaborated with a yoga instructor who owns her own business, we worked out a contract with my company and she held a class every Wednesday at our offices.

During the Covid pandemic quarantine, a lot of people were home and isolated.  Walking began to be the new activity to move around.  Some companies-initiated challenges virtually (for example step contests by counting how many steps teams made or hitting step goals).

In the meantime, I have been meeting with people seeking out coaching for motivation as they may have not found work or feel lonely needing inspiration.  I offer ideas and challenge them to seize the day.  Some of my consultations I did not charge service fees, because they are out of work, and I see a need.  I often tell people to start the day with a minimum of ten jumping jacks.  This simple activity rushes the blood and helps to get the system going to start the day.  You can always do more but it is just a start. 

In the workforce, many companies offer different compensation plans, health and wellness should be included as it is a benefit to the employee and the company.  There are many options: tracking, walking, company-initiated challenges, gym on site, exercise that come to the office and others. 

The Technique.

Currently, I have committed to the Zumba workout until the end of the program, I feel encourage to express why.  The overall health benefit is obvious.  The instructor, Jaidira is excellent! She has developed a method in her motivation skills that has a synergy, from the moment she walked into the room.  Her technique, in her warmup, to her drill, and dance was fantastic.  She included hip-hop, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, and all over body conditioning.  In the end, she instructed a cool down that was organized and efficient.

I recommend her for anything, even a party.  If you are having a get together or you’re having some type of office event, and you want to do something different try having it, ZUMBA themed.  For more information about her program and what she offers you can see her contact information below.

Instagram @jaidireareal

I came across this post below and I knew it was a done deal!

I loved it!!!!

For your Business.

What about your business, here I mentioned two different businesses that incorporated exercise, fitness, or Wellness; the word wellness is overall better health.  Having a wellness program will significantly reduce healthcare costs in companies each year.  According to Rucker, (2017) workplace wellness has been reducing organization’s costs for more than one hundred years; It is in the best interest of your business to incorporate some type of Wellness program for your employees and bottom line. 


Here are some reasons that can inspire you.

  • Healthier Employees – Employees who engage in their health take ownership. Stress-related conditions have risen year over year.  Some caused by injuries or sickness.  Some wellness programs can offer preventive measures for employees to stay healthy or work on becoming healthy, which will increase their overall happiness and wellbeing.
  • Happier Employees – Employees who engage in activities tend to be excited in coming to work and taking part in work related activities driven by leadership.
  • Reduction in Healthcare cost – according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2021) worksite health programs that are implemented soundly and supply workplace health programs “can lead to 25% savings each on absenteeism, health care costs, and workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs.” Worth the investment.


Please note that wellness programs are taxable meaning although it can be listed in a Cafeteria 125 taxable plan. Such as a cash reward or nonmedical benefit these are taxed items that are in your gross annual payment at work taking part in a wellness program. They are not excludable from taxation as a medical benefit. But can still be added as an incentive for an overall compensation benefit.


There are many ways to implement a program at your company if one is not provided. Sometimes, a company may be brand new, up and coming, or have small startup cash and not have capital to invest in a gym or program. However, there are cost effective methods in health, wellness, and business. Such as, keeping track of steps, having a step challenge or if a business is virtual then they can have lunch hour aerobics through zoom. Not every program will have steep cost or require deep pockets. In today’s market, being savvy and considering your overall employees wellbeing as well as your advantage of having happier employees, healthier employees, or both, may be just what your company needs.

For You.

As an individual you can start any program in your own life including joining a gym or doing a simple video at home or even looking up one on YouTube.


I can totally understand that finding the motivation is a tough starting point and there are so many ways to figure out how to identify ways to motivate yourself.  Find a partner in a friend, loved one or join a group.  You can always reach out to me, and I will be available to help and coach you in the right direction. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey of Fannytasticlife!  I am looking forward to hearing about your stories for your wealth of health and motivation as well as encouragement!

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Control Health Care Costs | Model | Workplace Health Promotion | CDC. (2021). https://www.cdc.gov/workplacehealthpromotion/model/control-costs/index.html

Rucker, M.R. (2017), “Workplace wellness strategies for small businesses”, International Journal of Workplace Health Management, Vol. 10 No. 1, pp. 55-68. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJWHM-07-2016-0054

Financial Literacy – Kid’s edition – Part One

On today’s journey I want us to discuss something especially important in my own home and that is the topic of finances.  It is important to understand how money works and describing to children how we operate with money.

Table of Contents

    What does this mean?

    Financial literacy is the ownership of skills and knowledge particularly that equips you with making educated and valuable choices regarding finances. Well, as an adult we learned the hard way as we had to get a job first and then understand how to balance our budget, pay taxes, bills and all these different aspects, which can feel like it is falling on top of our heads. Then we learn how to deal with these new responsibilities and manage it. However, imagine if you were given the gift of understanding finances ahead of the game even understanding how to manage, coordinate and move your money around so that by the time you are in adult you have some equity earned interest an increased in your dollar just by investing in yourself.


    First wallet, always starts the excitement.

    We bought this wallet at Oldtown in Orlando,FL. He loves it!

    In my household with our own children, when they turned five years old and they were able to write out their own names, I started individual bank accounts for them each. You can do a savings acct for them in the meantime but if you want them to understand the process starting at five is an excellent beginning point. If they had a deposit from their grandma, uncle, birthday, tooth fairy they would walk into their bank (with me as an escort) and do a deposit at the teller; I would stand by to assist but they would understand the jargon that was being spoken to them in that transaction and be able to answer questions and begin to understand the process. This is the important piece as they are physically part of these transactions. We typically would open a savings and checking account.

    Big Picture and Expenses

    We as parents concentrate on the big picture expenses for example: shelter, food, clothing, even entertainment. We also maintain anything they may need, which can include technological items such as computers, phones and gadgets for school and fun. Sometimes my kids want the latest game or a fashionable sneaker or trend and something of this nature I ask them about what they have in their allowance or what other items they want to do in the house to help work for these. So, how does this work?
    There are a couple of methods, but I will give the example of low end and high end. This just indicates the parent contribution not including gifts that you may receive. Other rules of financing and banking you should consider are the following.

    TypeBank RulesRate/AmountDetails
    Interest RatesCan range and payout annually or be accrued and offset monthly with your statement. 0.001% – 0.06%Some banks offer reward programs for a higher balance that can increase this. 
    Check with your financial Institution.
    ResponsibilityThe manager of the account is the parent.  However, when the child turns 13, they can usually download app and maintain account.  If it is a checking account since an adult is listed on the account a debit is usually issued.This rule can vary bank to bank this why financial education is important at an early age to prepare them for when they are a teenager. 
    Check with your financial Institution.
    FeesFees (Maintenance, overdraft, check bounce) can apply but for a child or student savings/checking account they can be waived$12 – $60To avoid Fees, you may need to keep a daily balance of $500 to $1500 after the age of 24. 
    Check with your financial Institution.
    TaxesIf the yearly balance does not go over 15000, taxes will not apply on the account.  Normally these deposits are post tax your individual income.  For the child, they are not required to report as you are listed on the account.  Until they are a legally recognized as an adult by the government standard and no longer a minor.$260 and up.For a single person, with no dependents at the age of 18.  They may owe $260 of a $2,500 taxable income.  Based on the IRS tax table, please speak with your accountant or taxing professional for your individual advice.
    FDICEach individual account at any bank is covered for up to $250,000.00 at any time.  If you accrue more than this amounts you may need to open a different account, trust, or fund.Not covered 250,000.01Individual accounts $250,000.000
    Joint accounts $500,000.00
    Check with your financial Institution.
    Life InsuranceExcellent way to plan, thinking positively.  Because this money usually has a fixed rate, that you can borrow from for braces, college, first car, down payment on a home)$35 -$100 MTHEvery provider is different.  Best to choose from are the Mutual of Omaha, Gerber, State Farm – reach out to find out more details.

    Now that we have an idea of the rules. How do we figure out the payments of allowance or money for our children? First you will need to set up three accounts Checking, Savings and Insurance. Of course, these are suggestions, but you may want to take advantage early.

    TypeAvailabilitySocial Security NumberPaymentsFrequencyDown PaymentFace ValueGuardian
    CheckingOnce Social Security is issued.Yes$1 – $26Bi-Weekly$25 – $1500Annual AmountParent only, at 13, a child can manage with parent, transitions at 18.
    SavingsOnce Social Security is issued.YesVariesVaries$125 – $500Annual AmountParent only, at 13, a child can manage with parent, transitions at 18.
    Insurance14 days old to 17 years of age.No$35 – $100Monthly or annually$5,000 – $500,000Parent until 18

    Plan Capital for Equity

    Now, have your children walk through the process with you. Understanding the game plan, in my mind is the first step. I have two options that can work for any income. They are called Low End and High End. Again, this does not include gifts or birthdays but just the payments on the parents’ end.

    Low End – AllowanceBased on age$125 at beginning (year 0)
    $500 at age 18.
    $35 a month (Based on policy ages 0-17 then transfer to whole life policy for adults)NA
    High End – AllowanceBased on age$125 at beginning (year 0)
    $576.9 bi-weekly from (0 – 16)
    $14999.40 a year total (under the $15,000 taxation mark)
    $250,000.00 lifetime (for this period 0-16 years)
    $100 a month (Based on policy ages 0-17 then transfer to whole life policy for adults)NA
    Bonus – Tooth FairyNANANABased on age per tooth. 
    Ex. 5 years old = $5.00.  20 teeth by rate = $100. 
    Have the child take the cash and make the deposits.

    Allowance Types

    What it looks like. Be warned there are many graphs here, these are estimated.
    For both Allowance types: Low End and High End, the checking stays the same.

    YearType RatePaymentsYearly Amount
    0Checking $   1,500.0011500 (Continued threshold)
    1Checking $           1.002626
    2Checking $           2.002652
    3Checking $           3.002678
    4Checking $           4.0026104
    5Checking $           5.0026130
    6Checking $           6.0026156
    7Checking $           7.0026182
    8Checking $           8.0026208
    9Checking $           9.0026234
    10Checking $         10.0026260
    11Checking $         11.0026286
    12Checking $         12.0026312
    13Checking $         13.0026338
    14Checking $         14.0026364
    15Checking $         15.0026390
    16Checking $         16.0026416
    17Checking $         17.0026442
    18Checking $         18.0026468
    19Checking $         19.0026494
    20Checking $         20.0026520
    21Checking $         21.0026546
    22Checking $         22.0026572
    23Checking $         23.0026598
    24Checking $         24.0026624
    25Checking $         25.0026650
    26Checking $         26.0026676

    The Low End and High End types really apply to the savings account. The idea in this plan is to make at least the low amount or any up until the high amount. You do not want to exceed on this account more than $15,000 per year but you want to have at least $125 until they turn 18 then $500 to prevent fees. Of course, if you are a millionaire, you can do whatever you want but for the average person this can meet multitudes of income ranges and teach your children how to save.

    YearType High EndPaymentsYearly AmountYearType Low EndPaymentsYearly Amount
    0Savings $ 500.0015000Savings $ 125.001 $ 125.00
    0Savings $ 576.902614999.418Savings $ 375.001 $ 375.00
    1Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    2Savings $ 576.902614999.4Total500
    3Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    4Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    5Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    6Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    7Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    8Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    9Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    10Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    11Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    12Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    13Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    14Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    15Savings $ 576.902614999.4
    16Savings $ 576.902614999.4

    For the life insurance, this works by specific policy. As a child’s medical is usually not put into question and the application process is simplified. Anyone can open a policy as the social security number is truly not needed. As low as $35 a month to $100 a month or annually from $420 to $1200 you can buy coverage. Typically, this covers death as it is a life insurance policy. What is not told to you is that the face value, which can be $5,000 to $500,000.00 is based on an index amount. And when the policy matures you can use it, which is typically at the age of 100. When the child is turning 17, you can begin to transfer the plan to whole term for an adult and they can take over the payment. For example, if they need braces, or want to buy a car, or later a down payment on a house, depending on where you are in your policy you can borrow that cash from the policy. Whether paying it back or not, which will deduct from the face value. Other benefits, include not needing to be reported on taxes and the money is all post taxable dollars. This is how the wealthy maintain their financial health within their portfolios.

    Piggy Banks

    All my children have one that is completely full of money from when they were born. We have never touched it and when they graduate high school it is theirs. One of the banks if from Tiffany’s so I ask that they manage with care. They also have individual banks like superheroes that they fill and often forget about.

    I still recommend a good old fashion Piggy Bank. Once they get full, take them and deposit into their checking and savings accounts. We consider this for them as income and explain the 2/3 policy.

    The 2/3 Policy is a strategy

    When you are an adult, you need to pay bills that are deducted from your wages that include taxes, utility, living expenses, gift, entertainment, miscellaneous, etc.  This concept teaches the child that no matter how much money they receive they will be responsible for a “bill” payment in the amount of 2/3 of the income.  You will truly only enjoy about 1/3 of it.  To plan for this mindset, in the example below I have $100 as the hypothetical gross amount in the piggy bank.  Here 1/3 of that money goes into checking as net and 2/3 into savings where it is saved for a future bill as the deduction. Although this really isn’t going anywhere it is stashed away. 

    Gross = Amount of Piggy BankNet = CheckingBill (Deductions) = Savings

    The best part is when they get their first paycheck/statement they will understand why they are “missing” the gross amount.

    Please leave comments below.

    Let me know, if you do something like this with your children, or if you try this method how did it work for you?


    Check out this complimentary, Podcast about Financial Literacy for Kids and thank you for joining me on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

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    Use the hashtag #Fannytasticlife on Twitter or send a message from the contact form.

    Crime Shows… I love them!

    You ever look at someone and think… hmmm “he fits the profile…” or that they the are a psychopath… maybe you find yourself describing a situation and you start by saying “allegedly…” or maybe you use the Columbo method where you determine, the break or lie in someone’s alibi… I mean story. If any of these sound like you, you must love crime shows.

    “I’m not merely a paid gladiator fighting for those who have the funds with which to employ me. I’m a fighter, yes, and I like to feel that I fight for those who aren’t able to fight for themselves, but I don’t offer my services indiscriminately.” Perry Mason

    The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937)

    The love for crime shows started when I was about four… or so. While I was home, these shows were always on. I remember my Night Court be on and my mother laughing. But something about these shows always intrigued me. Here are some of my favorite in date order. I might be missing some (just in case).

    • Perry Mason, 1937
    • Columbo, 1968
    • Kojak, 1973
    • Magnum PI 1980
    • Cagney and Lacey, 1982
    • Murder She Wrote, 1986
    • Matlock, 1986
    • LA Law, 1986
    • 21 Jump Street, 1987
    • Law and Order, 1990
    • Law and Order, SVU, 1999
    • Criminal Minds, 2005
    • The Closer, 2005
    • Major Crimes, 2013
    • How to Get Away with Murder, 2014

    Some of my favorite things about these shows is the mystery and the dark humor; satire. Other reasons I enjoy these shows, could be the dark and scary things that fulfills the adrenaline needs that we all have. So much information and knowledge to a world we only want to enjoy vicariously…or do we?

    From crime shows I branched into science and crime shows. For example Forensic Files and then real life like snapped. The one tone voice of the narrator draws you in that you become numb to the actual crime.

    Forensic Files, 1996

    If you like a little paranormal and crime you can watch the Dead Files. This show is amazing and has a mix of both. Crime and Paranormal with the stars Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi, who work to find the point of pivot in the investigation of the real harden facts of evidence and the supernatural discovery of energies.

    At the reveal table.

    I love this show because they are able to review the facts of the location and Steve will research the town, interview the family and other main points while Amy will do a walk through of the location and pull together what she is able to sense. They meet with the family and go over their findings, which is usually mind blowing.

    It’s time for the reveal!

    “My name is Amy Allan. I see dead people.”…”I’m Steve DiSchiavi. I’m a retired New York City homicide detective.”

    Intro from the show.

    Now, one of my favorite must see shows that I watch when I fold the laundry has to be Snapped…. oh boy another wife has taken all that she can and is ready to let the husband, boyfriend who ever feel her wrath.

    Happy home, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, feeding the pets, living the pets life and SNAP!!!!

    The intrigue of this show is that they explain the strange cases of women who have been accused of crimes that involve murder.

    In all, whatever crime show peaks your interest or who ever you may suspect fits the profile always remember to have a solid alibi especially on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

    Every Tuesday fresh content!


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    Whimsy, hope and idioms…

    When Black Friday the largest shopping opportunity before Holiday gift giving happened, we decided to not partake. It doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg to enjoy this day! We actually decided to take a turn and explore some old fashion family fun activities. So, we headed North West to Augusta, NJ with Skyland Stadium in sights; a particular special North Pole; Jerseys own. We were not left out in the cold, in fact the light show is an amazing drive through event.

    Skyland Stadium

    “The Skylands Region has long been a destination for families to get out and play.”

    Skyland Stadium

    Tis the season to be jolly and driving, while social distancing. As you pull up to the entryway you will begin to see some of the lights displayed. If it is your first time, when you drive through the line of cars … reviewing the landscape ahead of you, you may have a bah humbug, kind of skeptical attitude or chip on your shoulder. Maybe even pondering that this won’t be as spectacular as it has been advertised. However, once you drive in the feeling of candy canes, lights, reindeer, sleighs, snow, jingle bells, North Pole, I mean the proof is in the pudding! Because they truly decked the halls with bounds of holly, covered in lights that is. Even a North Poll Police Car “NPPD”. An amazing experience to witness.

    They also have an amazing Christmas Village that offers so much and for free to all guests. After you have completed the light course, you can park and go right in; truly take it all in. You won’t be disappointed and they socially distance with no lag. Eat, drink and be merry.

      Ride the Ferris Wheel, Merry Go Round & Classic Carnival Rides. Enjoy Tasty Treats.
      Hot Cocoa Bar, Ice Cream Shop, S’mores Pit, NJ Lottery Craft Beer Garden & More.
      Get in the Spirit with a Live Nativity Scene, 8ft Polar Bears & Walk-Thru Light Displays.
      Skate your Heart Out this Holiday on our Rink. Sponsored by Pompon Sport Center.

    On the first day of Christmas my true love came to me and told me that although this year was rough it wasn’t meant to be, be loving and open to new experiences that are to come, and hope will show itself, just wait and see, as it has already begun.

    Being open to new moments of joy allows for new appreciation of the simple pastimes we may have ignored in yester years. Just the other day driving through Randolph we came across some sparkling lights. The lights took over the whole neighborhood. We had to run errands and get home but we were more than delighted, we were filled with childlike whimsy, Fa La La La La, La La, La, La, so we drove up!

    Just the other day driving through Randolph we came across…


    We lit up like a Christmas tree and although we did not want to impose but we saw a crowd around this house and we knew this was a beacon of holiday fantasy. This is the home of Debbie DaSilva. I asked her how much does it cost, do you accept donations and she replied that, “We do not because we do this from our heart!” Truly, inspiring!

    These magical places will fill you with hope and inspiration while lighting your path. Don’t forget to stop and take a look around you as magic is all around us remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Thank you for joining me on this whimsical journey of Fannytasticlife!

    Complimentary podcast.

    Daily Errands

    Running around doing everything I can to make my family happy and feed them yummy things.

    I picked up the weekly grocery’s and I decided to make some items that will bring delight to my children’s bellies.

    On the menu is Shredded Chicken Potato Tacos 🌮 with Salsa🌶🧄🧅🍅, Chicken Panko Bites , and Dessert Squares (three different types: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry). Here are the recipes I spoke about on the podcast 🎙listed below. Please if you do try out these recipes, let me know how it turned out. 🥰


    • Ingredients: Romano Tomato (x4), Poblano Pepper (x1), Garlic (x3 cloves), Red Onion (x1), Oregano (dried 2 tbls), and Salt (1 tsp)
    • First, in a small pot, fill with 2 cups of water.
    • Clean pepper by cutting off bottom and removing seeds.
    • Place pepper and tomato in pot and boil.
    • When boiled, set side to cool off. Save liquid.
    • When cool, pour half of liquid in blender with vegetables add raw, onion garlic oregano and teaspoon of salt (or to taste).
    • Blend… done.

    Place in container refrigerate and save for later. You will want this cold and refreshing.

    Mixture for Tacos

    • Ingredients: Red Potatoes (x4), Chicken Breast (x2), Knorr Cube Chicken Bouillon (x1 cube), the liquid from the remainder of the liquid from the boil of the salsa, salt (1tsp). Pre-shredded cheese (Asadero or your favorite) and Oaxaca ( to crumble) Yellow small corn tortilla, Shredded Cabbage (1/2 cup), Oil (to fry in pan).
    • Have a metal grid ready to place tacos for oil to drain.
    • Boil Potatoes in a separate pot with skin.
    • Boil chicken in the water from salsa with Knorr Cube Chicken Bouillon. Do not add any other water.
    • Once both are boiled, check that potatoes are fork tender and chicken is cooked.
    • Drain liquid from potatoes, then blend potatoes and add salt.
    • Shred the chicken and add to bowl with potatoes. Add Asadero cheese or your favorite shredded cheese.
    • Cover with plastic and place in refrigerator until you are ready to assemble and fy.
    • Get large pan and add oil, test the oil to make sure it is hot.
    • Get Taco fill with a little of the cold chicken potato cheese mixture. Pinch closed with tongs and lay in pan on side to fry. Flip on other side for even golden deliciousness.
    • Plate, add cabbage, salsa, and crumble a little of the cheese.

    Trust me you will have made a new friend!

    Chicken Panko

    • Ingredients: Chicken Breast (x4), Panko Bread Crumbs (1 cup), Flour (2 cups), Eggs (2 eggs), Teaspoon of the following spices and herbs: Dried Parsley, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Salt and Pepper. Old bay seasoning (1 Tablespoon) and Milk (1 cup).
    • Cut Chicken into tender sized pieces. In a ziplock bag (or baggie of your preference) and chicken to bag with milk, spices and herbs, and Old Bay. Close bag and store overnight in fridge.
    • You will need three bowls.
    • Mix half of the flour with Panko in a bowl.
    • The other part of flour in other bowl.
    • Mix eggs in third bowl.
    • Dip the each chicken piece into flour. Place on side. (Pro tip: clean up as you go.)
    • Once all is covered in flour.
    • Heat oil in pan (same pan like tacos… use the same oil if it is in the same moment of cooking).
    • Once oil is hot, place floured chicken into eggs and then place in panko flour, then right into pan. Do this is small batches.
    • Once chicken floats and turns golden, take out. They should be cooked all the way through.
    • Check first batch and make adjustments.
    • Adjust heat of oil and/or level of oil.
    • Complete all chicken in small batches.
    • Have a metal grid ready to place chicken for oil to drain.

    You can serve with the same salsa it is amazing!!!!

    Dessert Squares

    • Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Vanilla, Hershey’s Natural Unsweetened Cocoa, Oil, Eggs, Butter Unsalted, Salt, Peanut butter, Nesquik Strawberry Powder, baking powder and Powdered sugar. Have these ingredients ready.
    • Icing: Mix 1 cup of powdered sugar and milk (2 tablespoons) and vanilla teaspoon to create a base. Divide base by three batches:
      • First batch leave as is for Vanilla Squares;
      • In second batch, add 1 tsp of Strawberry Nesquick; and,
      • In third batch add 1 tsp of peanut butter. Place all in to refrigerator for later.
    • Batter: we are creating two types of squares Chocolate and Blondie. We are doing the Blondie twice as only the icing changes here.
    • The squares will all be for 9×9 pan. I would spray the pan before placing batter or grease pan.
    • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    • Blondie Batter: 2 Large Eggs, 2 tsp Vanilla, 1 Cup of unsalted melted butter, 2 cups sugar, 1 3/4 cup flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt.
      • Mix eggs and Vanilla in bowl, in seperate bowl mix sugar and melted butter, combine in to egg and vanilla mixture.
      • Add all dry ingredients in seperate bowl mix together and then incorporate into wet mixture.
      • Place in pan, bake for 30 minutes. Edges should be golden.
      • This should make 9 squares and you will repeat this for our trio dessert squares.
    • Chocolate Brownie: 2 Large Eggs, 1 tsp Vanilla, 1/2 cup of unsalted melted butter, 1 cups sugar, 1 3/4 cup flour, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 cup of Hershey’s Natural Unsweetened Cocoa.
      • Mix eggs and Vanilla in bowl, in seperate bowl mix sugar and melted butter, combine in to egg and vanilla mixture. Add all dry ingredients in seperate bowl mix together and then incorporate into wet mixture. Place in pan, bake for 30 minutes. Edges should be golden. This should make 9 squares.
    • After all is baked you will have 27 squares. One set chocolate and two set blondie. Take icing out of refrigerator and vigorously whip and then drizzle the following:
      • Peanut butter on chocolate,
      • Strawberry on blondie
      • Vanilla on blondie.

    These will go fast, which is what happened with my boys.

    Buen provecho to all of you and you know we enjoyed these delights this week on this journey on Fannytasticlife.

    New baby, rusty?

    Brought home a brand new baby boy, three weeks ago today. And I’m so happy so proud, so blessed and so exhausted. The last time I had a baby was five years ago and two years before that for a total of seven years ago, so maybe I’m a little rusty.

    He is just so sweet, so cute, so loving, so little so lovable. He is also a nocturnal sleeping baby who refuses to sleep at night and this ol’ gal is spoiled when it comes to sleep.

    Like every new mother I read all the books of what to expect when expecting and did all the research I could and went to the library and referenced all the possibilities of having a newborn. Seven years later, who does that? Everything now, is Google this and Google that.  I mean really who has time to go to the library, look in the Dewey Decimal System which, I honestly love. Then, Figure out reference guides and books; it just doesn’t happen like that anymore. So, what I have become a big fan of his Pinterest and of course Google. 

    Pinterest really opened my eyes to blogging.  This is because I simply put a search topic in and boom thousands of articles pop up! How simple, pretty easy and accessible.  So many hits on how to do just about anything. I have referenced everything I can possibly think of on Pinterest starting from: what to pack in my bag for the hospital; what to expect when I get to the delivery ward; how to manage nursing; top name brands for strollers and cribs; etc. You name it, it was easy and accessible. 

    I am going off on a tangent, so now back to my brand new baby boy. The day came I brought home my baby introduced him to his older brothers.  First week done, I was flowing with milk, and glowing. 

    Week two, creeped in, hubby went back to work and circles appeared under my eyes.  A cold came over me on Thanksgiving day and the sensation to nap has become more important than anything,  including self maintenance.

    Now, week three settles in and a feeling of relief has come in.  And balance is back, just a smidge.   We have had a plethora of guests which, kept my sanity. Today, my husband and I went to the mall for some Christmas shopping with baby after we dropped off the boys to school. Just spending time with them has also helped the sanity.

    The first two weeks I almost thought I was neglecting my older sons by holding back on the attention I give them.  However,  my children (who are very outspoken) told me that they felt a lack in attention but they understand the baby needs me.  Although, I felt guilty I also felt relief that we discussed it and it is normal.

    Today, when they came home our schedule was back on track and homeostasis was at base line. Ofcourse not perfect, babyboy, is fighting sleep as I am writing this but it is ok.

    Because, he is a newborn.
    He only knows his mommy and her scent.
    He doesn’t understand his new world yet, which is outside the womb. 
    He is just wanting, to be comforted, fed and changed.  He will sleep when he is ready.  My rusty stage has now transitioned to titanium mommy courage.

    FANNYTASTIC Lesson # 1.
    The oldest golden rule that was told to me when I was a new mommy seven years ago was,  “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” To add to that, like with my other children, I need to pay attention to his clues.  Learn his schedule and then figure out the balance (possibly set up an alarm on the fancy phones we all seem to have as an aide) that way I am healthy, sleeping and energized for the new born.


    Have a Fannytastic Life!