Life’s a movie, let the camera roll

Fast life moving, ain’t no going slow

That’s right, baby, you already know

You already know, hope you’re ready

Ready, steady, steady, rocking


You already know!

Driving to my appointment this song comes on You already Know by Fergie ft. Nicki Minaj and I replayed it so many times I was in the hype level of Vibe.

We all go through life stress and on this journey, I was heading to a doctor’s appointment nervous, anxious but this doctor had a mazing bedside manner and empathy that I needed. When I left his office, I called my husband to check in before leaving the parking lot. I refreshed my playlist, and this song came on again “You already know” I replayed it over and over until I came home. I don’t know where I have been that I have not heard it, but I am in love with it.

I get home, and I had a package delivered on my porch. This was the cherry to my amazing day – I received a Caricatures by Akbar.

Caricatures by Akbar

This made my day! I ordered a frame, done deal! Wow.

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Professional ViBES

I say all this because these gestures of happiness create an abundance of Vibes. Positive Vibes.

According to the Oxford dictionary the definition of VIBE is a person’s emotional state, or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

This word is defined by many acronyms, for my cause it is ViBE (Vitality in Business Edification)

  • Vitality – an active state of strength within ourselves.
  • in – inclusion
  • Business – production of an individual, commercial or industrial who sells a service or trade for a profit or engaged in professional activities.
  • Edification – improvement through instruction or journey of a person morally or intellectually

The classifications I speak about are Business, lifestyle, energy, and family. These drivers help me stay focused and speak to motivate and coach to finding the full circle in life. Demonstrating how to be strong and survive in many areas of business and life.

How do we utilize these concepts?

Utilizing ViBE is the moment and direction you take from A to B. On our journey in life, we are delivered and eventually pass away and in between is the life we live. Although this may sound cliché it is truly the essence of us understanding this and taking control of the vibes, we allow to a go with us on our journey. In the image below this is illustrated by both positive and negative vibes, at birth that are parallel in our life until death through the unknown factors and known factors of our journey. The known factors are what we plan, our goals, the direction we want to take or not take. The unknown is static and the unexpected which can also be positive or negative.

ViBE experience

Your Perception. How do you visualize yourself.

Recently, I was about to change my hairstyle. I was feeling a little loathing. However, when I looked at that caricature, I felt refreshed and recognized myself, for who I am. That image above is how I perceive myself. This may not be how others view me. But this is my visual idea: professional, happy, goal looking for, goal reaching, and successful reflection of self.

Understanding what my ideal feeling is, leads to the next step. Maintenance of who I am is the next step. We all do this with diets, exercise, reading, attend church, shopping, go to school, or none of the above. It is how we choose to live and navigate through our journey of life. To stay in a positive vibe, requires self-assessment and periodic check-ins of who you are. For example, do you want to change or remain the same. These evaluations that we subconsciously internalize, are more than self-esteem, as this deeply involves being honest with who you are. Setting goals, which some are attainable, some that are a challenge and reaching them or not, intentions on reaching goals are also valuable. However, recognizing when these goals are out of reach or reality can affect your self-assessment.

Reflections of self can help you in the next steps of your journey. Knowing what you like and what you don’t like and owning it by not being persuaded to change. Keeping who you want in your journey is also part of your individual growth. Knowing when to cut ties, who you keep in your circle will help you gather control over the direction of your life and benefit the people who are also on their own journeys mingling with your circle. You rejuvenation of self-help, helps you, help others, help you, reflect, as it is a cycle of reciprocation.

Self-transformation can be quite simple or extremely difficult. You may want to change your entire persona, name, location, features, or simplify and weed out the unnecessary, or control rations of what you use and consume. This is complex, the first step is to understand your goals where you want to be in the next 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of your life. Your extension should be no longer than two decades, where you can figure out your journey. Although, there will be many unknown factors you can decide how to deal with engaging at those intersections of your journey.

Many people choose not to plan at all and live day-to-day, which is also acceptable for their journey. Everyone is different and no one is giving a rule book to decipher. I chose the purposeful path in my journey as I like to stay focused. In my life I have experienced so much unknown static of obstacles that having a plan helps me stay in my homeostasis state of steady and calm energy and positive vibes. This works for me. This may not work for you. I should also mention this has taken me a lifetime to understand, develop and continuously work on.

Space – Rules of Engagement

Do you play by rules of engagement. Here is an exercise, to help you evaluate your “space”. Stand up and face a mirror, practice extending your arm out in front of you, imagine a line at the tip of your fingers going horizontally and vertically. Approximate how much of a distance this is, this is your comfort zone and personal space. Now imagine this all around you all the time. Now put your arm down and imagine this idea when speaking to people. Anyone outside this zone is the unknown zone, not the planned zone. So you have a choice to engage or not to engage. You are either interested or not interested. Simple concept. Application involves you owning and claiming your space.

Think about when you are shopping, and a salesperson says, “would you like to…” and you respond with, “I am not interested, thank you!” or “No, thank you!” this is how you would respond if you were not interested, because you are not interested. Now, if you are in person and the speaker does not get it. Completely, turn your body around or disengage in eye contact. You always have the right to not engage. When someone wants to speak to you, and you don’t want to take part. You have control over this engagement. If a person was to enter your “space” simply tell them, “I am not interested, thank you.” Just like with the salesperson in the example above. In one tone you state your needs (not to engage/not interested) then walk away, hang up the phone, respond in the text, or, in any form of communication. Be precise and concise, short and to the point, in your own way. Your message is clear. On that same point if you are interested, engage, interact, and share the vibe.

Below is an illustration of the “space” in rules of engagement with the journey cycle. Here the arm of space guides the idea of your personal comfort zone. Amongst the unknown, the chosen choice that is a mix of the unknown and known (journey) and the cycle that continuously moves forward in your lifetime. This diagram shows your choices and control over your actions and engagements.

ViBE Journey Cycle

Professional Maintenance

Now that we understand what our space involves. Think about when you are at work or your place of business and someone approaches you. Let us use a manager or a supervisor as the example. Utilizing the rules of engagement, which also apply here. In this environment we won’t say “I’m not interested” because in this type of communication, you don’t want to be labeled or considered insubordinate. However, when the person is speaking with you, you can go ahead and re direct the level of constructive feedback.

If your manager states: “hey, I like that you’ve been handing in your reports on time, but I don’t like how you do your analysis.” Your engagement may be a response like this: “Thank you for that positive feedback on my time management of projects. Specifically, what about my analysis doesn’t meet your needs so that I can go back and re-evaluate my work.” What you did there is a self-assessment and an assessment of your manager.

In the response, you addressed their accolade and issue by reiterating what they said, labeling the skill “Time management,” and level of responsibility “Projects.” You also addressed what you liked and enjoyed in the conversation. Then addressed the unclear message of what they said they didn’t like, and you asked for a detailed interpretation of what they specifically needed, which set up your rules of engagement. Next time, they will appreciate you accepting criticism professionally even if they are not.

What if you are the one that is getting the roadblock on your approach. Stop. When someone is not interested in your message, don’t push it. Redirect your plan and what is your goal when you deliver the message? Rethink your approach or find a new audience that would be interested. Is this a common interest, is this the right time to discuss this matter? Did I think my thoughts thoroughly before I engaged? Also, actively listening, before speaking will answer most of your questions, this may help you in preparing a natural response or not at all.

How you are perceived by the world. Their Perception

After reflection, self-assessment, rules of engagement and the established “YOU” factor the only item left in ViBE is how you are perceived by others. This may not be one of your concerns or this may be a plague on how you continue with your life. Everyone as I mentioned is different. People come from different family back grounds, lifestyles, adhere to rigid conservative behavior or are very liberal and all may have biases that they don’t even know they have. This is all acceptable and the key here is they belong to them and not you.

For example, I have tattoos, however when I am engaging in a professional atmosphere that includes: the doctors office, dental, nail salon, hair stylist, business partner, client, child’s teachers, etc., I will always dress professionally. Professional attire including suits, long sleeve, etc., because although I am proud of my tattoos; I don’t want a bias that they own, get in the way of a service they are supplying or receiving from my consultation be the takeaway. Any decision must be made in a level, which I am respected first. Just like I will respect them by their credentials also.
Consider the first impression rule be the application here. Down the road you can express this interest and share the vibes.

Ownership and Control

Ownership is simpler than you can imagine because in our daily lives we constantly react and play by natural rules of engagement. This can include waiting online to buy tickets for the movies. Paying for our groceries at the supermarket. Knowing to be quiet and adjust our voice in the library. Screaming, yelling, and celebrating at a sports arena. We understand that these rules already exist. The ownership is key in how we set up success in our lives this equates to the vitality and the inclusion of business with constant learnings through edification.

Lastly, when we are reaching success professionally in our environment, we will constantly need to collaborate work with teams and receive new information as well as supply feedback in assessments. To be proficient and strategic, as the subject matter expert in these relationships, it is important that they respect and trust your opinion. Demonstrating a streamlined credence in feeling for your belief, to be accepted into their community of thought, while supplying value for their own journey.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of Fannytasticlife discussing the professional ViBE; as, you already know!

Here are two fun TikTok that showcase You already know and my ViBE!

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