Crime Shows… I love them!


You ever look at someone and think… hmmm “he fits the profile…” or that they the are a psychopath… maybe you find yourself describing a situation and you start by saying “allegedly…” or maybe you use the Columbo method where you determine, the break or lie in someone’s alibi… I mean story. If any of these sound like you, you must love crime shows.

“I’m not merely a paid gladiator fighting for those who have the funds with which to employ me. I’m a fighter, yes, and I like to feel that I fight for those who aren’t able to fight for themselves, but I don’t offer my services indiscriminately.” Perry Mason

The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937)

The love for crime shows started when I was about four… or so. While I was home, these shows were always on. I remember my Night Court be on and my mother laughing. But something about these shows always intrigued me. Here are some of my favorite in date order. I might be missing some (just in case).

  • Perry Mason, 1937
  • Columbo, 1968
  • Kojak, 1973
  • Magnum PI 1980
  • Cagney and Lacey, 1982
  • Murder She Wrote, 1986
  • Matlock, 1986
  • LA Law, 1986
  • 21 Jump Street, 1987
  • Law and Order, 1990
  • Law and Order, SVU, 1999
  • Criminal Minds, 2005
  • The Closer, 2005
  • Major Crimes, 2013
  • How to Get Away with Murder, 2014

Some of my favorite things about these shows is the mystery and the dark humor; satire. Other reasons I enjoy these shows, could be the dark and scary things that fulfills the adrenaline needs that we all have. So much information and knowledge to a world we only want to enjoy vicariously…or do we?

From crime shows I branched into science and crime shows. For example Forensic Files and then real life like snapped. The one tone voice of the narrator draws you in that you become numb to the actual crime.

Forensic Files, 1996

If you like a little paranormal and crime you can watch the Dead Files. This show is amazing and has a mix of both. Crime and Paranormal with the stars Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi, who work to find the point of pivot in the investigation of the real harden facts of evidence and the supernatural discovery of energies.

At the reveal table.

I love this show because they are able to review the facts of the location and Steve will research the town, interview the family and other main points while Amy will do a walk through of the location and pull together what she is able to sense. They meet with the family and go over their findings, which is usually mind blowing.

It’s time for the reveal!

“My name is Amy Allan. I see dead people.”…”I’m Steve DiSchiavi. I’m a retired New York City homicide detective.”

Intro from the show.

Now, one of my favorite must see shows that I watch when I fold the laundry has to be Snapped…. oh boy another wife has taken all that she can and is ready to let the husband, boyfriend who ever feel her wrath.

Happy home, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, feeding the pets, living the pets life and SNAP!!!!

The intrigue of this show is that they explain the strange cases of women who have been accused of crimes that involve murder.

In all, whatever crime show peaks your interest or who ever you may suspect fits the profile always remember to have a solid alibi especially on this journey of Fannytasticlife!
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