Wowowowowow! This was so amazing to see on spotify yesterday! It rocked my world!


Yes, 499 Minutes of content released. Just wrapping season three. This has brought me so much joy and happiness.

In 2015, I had just given birth to my third son and I had time to myself to think and enjoy these moments. I found my journals and my stories of my life that I had written. When I went to load an old blog I had, to my surprise it was shutdown and I had lost all my content.

I decided to start a new blog about my life but also and most importantly bringing inspiration to those who came across it.

When blogging I found a therapy, a passion that reignited who I am. My whole young life my mother made me do dancing, acting, singing and all types of performance. When I became a young adult I tried comedy, which I loved but also failed in. As an adult, I was able to review the hindsight of my life, reflect from it and truly learn from those clear lessons and teach these full circle moments to people in my life.

The gift of providing testimony, during the first five years provided a new expansion to my creativity. I loved the sweet reward that WordPress sent me (below).

During the pandemic, I came across blogging, and this was a brand new channel of energetic vibes that reflected positiviity and hope.

So many people have come to me, in messages, emails, comments with love and happiness that truly keeps me going.

When I saw the Fannytasticlife 2020 Podcaster Wrapped on Spotify i was in total shock. I was about to record the last episode for season three; I was truly blown away. Then I saw it on TikTok and decided to do a Tik Tok for it. Yes, I am into Tik Tok pre pandemic … hahaha.

I started recording for Season four, and it truly brings me so much happiness. A lot of new experiences are happening so please stay tuned.

Also, some of the new features of Fannytasticlife is the Newsletter, the Shop, scheduled appearances on the show and seeking brand amabassadors, I guess you can say the sky is the limit.

Fannytasticlife has truly fed the hunger that I had and the passion in my heart is growing to help, inspire and love more than ever on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

Thank you to all the supporters and new followers and FanTribe! Love you all!!!!!!