Stealth… oh no she didnt… yes I did.

There is nothing in this world that keeps you honest more than telling people what you are doing.

For a while, I have been blaming the pandemic for the additional pounds that I have accumulated. Well, I have some goals I recently set and it wont be right unless I create a wealth of health (WOH) goal. The movement of WOH!!!

I always say that IT starts with YOU, in this perspective, it is ME. My goal overall is to have better health. For measurement purposes I hope to lose some weight and to put my money where my mouth is I will set up a Goal with my Aspiration Plan and my Back up Plan (Plan A/Plan B)

To gain support of course I started a group on linkedin called Wealth Of Health (WOH), I mean why not!

While I am trying to complete my goals and maintain for my future why not find support and talk about shared success. Here is my plan:

  • Exercise daily 30 minutes, every morning. (7 days a week)

  • Plan A: For the next three months – and reset goal for new timeline. Reward if goal is achieved.

    Plan B: For the next six months – no reward just self love, if goal is not achieved.

  • Aiming for 2lbs a week and a healthy heart for about 30lbs.

  • Maintain a healthy diet, which I already do.

  • Stay happy, positive and focused.

  • Reward: Brand new suit, oh yes!

If you are interested in doing this with me or giving feedback, support or telling me about your journey. I will post and share your story if you like!

I will definitely want to set up virtual group meetings and possibly events around this movement of #WOH. Your wealth of knowledge is important to me.