Needs vs. Wants (The in between of Indulgences)

We all need to respect the necessities that life requires but what about the wants we constantly reach for and try to glimpse at and dare hope to touch. An in between does exist and this is called the desires, the whims, treats, pampers, sweet satisfaction of momentary bliss, especially on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

Through life, just living we need food, water, shelter… right… right we can all relate. Abraham Maslow, in 1943 wrote a paper, ” A theory of motivation,” although scientifically there was much conflict with the measurement of this theory: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the bottom line resonated with most individuals.

  • Five tiers include:
    • The physiological needs of air, water, food shelter, sleep clothing and reproduction.
    • The need for safety, personal security, employment, resources, health, and property.
    • Loving and belonging the midpoint of the hierarchy where friendship, intimacy, family and the sense of connection.
    • Esteem, is the level of need where respect, self-esteem, status, recognition, strength and freedom are found; and,
    • Finally, the top tier of self-actualization where the desire to be the best one can be is here.

In life we also want for so many things money, fortune, health, designer shoes, bags, a lifestyle of sorts, the finer things. That at times seem too far to touch but then when in our grasps at one costs….?


What about the in between? We seem to overlook this… Some call these whims, desires how about pampering… telling me this my indulgence…? So what if it is. We have seen that life will not spare us the obstacle so why not enjoy the journey.


Like all my indulgences I love to have the rewards. Yes, rewards as these are not needs nor wants but the trophy that I have earned when accomplishing my goals. I have many goals all the time that I set and every goal I set has a reward. It is important because without the reward you will not be able to find the motivation you make think you will keep it up but a little reward will help you stay focused.

About ten years ago I said to myself, if I get my Notary license as a reward I will buy a Tiffany & Co. pen. Achieved, purchase, crossed off list! I have some new goals that I have set for my next graduation that is coming up, for my new health journey, and recently I said I am going to become an entrepreneur, which is not easy and constantly work on my hustle for my blog, podcast, and licenses along with my credentials. I told myself the first offer I get I am going to get a mani/pedi. It happened this Friday… so what did i do, put a check box on my goal and went to retrieve my reward. This was not a need or a want but a part of my quality of life and recognition for my continued motivation.

I went to this beautiful spa in my town, that I always pass but I did not know they had the services I wanted. Oh My Jesus Christmas (OMJ) … absolutely stunning inside, extraordinary clean and so peaceful. It was amazing from the first moment of entrance. I was handled beautifully by the sophisticated luxury Attaché. I met with my specialist who kept up with the ambiance and provided a superior pedicure and detailed manicure that I was hoping for. This reward of pamper was opulent and yet in my reach. (I provided the link below)

Looma Spa

How do we go about these goals one my wonder. I usually set my goals to two branches of plans in the course of my achieving goals. The first one is my Plan of Aspiration ©  and one in my Back up plan; I refer to these as my Plan A, and Plan B. Both plans move in the same direction and on the same track with the same time line however the Plan B is at half the amount of value. The reason why I do this is because naturally people tend to quit the goal they set, so if I atleast make it halfway I achieved in essence the goal.

My rules are the following for Goals Reward or Reassess (GRoR*):

  1. Set the goal with a Plan A and Plan B.
  2. Establish what the Reward will be, this is important because it needs to be something that is valuable and you really desire.
  3. Both branches of the goal must have a timeline that it is the same process.
  4. Plan B must be worth half of Plan A in order to help you in your back up plan.
  5. If Plan A is achieved the reward is granted and enjoy!
  6. If the Plan B, is used in lieu of Plan A, no reward is achieved and the Reassess comes in to play:
    • Reassess is when the goal doesn’t work out and Plan B is reached and must be reviewed to either make the timeline longer, review the measurable accounts of what was achieved and finally create a new Plan A and Plan B.
    • If Plan a or Plan B, is not achieved it is also suggested to Reassess the realistic process of the goal it may not be achievable at that timeline and the timeline may need to be longer.

Now, if the goal is achieved by all means reward yourself. I sure did, I will always reward my goals as it keeps me focused on attaining my next level of success. Just because a goal is reached this doesn’t mean to stop creating goals. In the beginning you may want to set multiple layers of goals with different timelines.


Create a Goal Tracker and Progress checklist to keep a record of your work that way it is measurable.  You can design and use whatever you like. I have added my example that I use below, which I perform on excel and utilize the data on my journey of Fannytasticlife!

Goal Tracker

Now if my tracker is toooo complicated no worries. I also have this adorable book I purchased from Staples. The book is called, this girl has goals by Dayna Lee Collection

*Gror means Cool or Awesome, Urban Dictionary.