Here comes Halloween…Halloween!

So much going on in the world and we still need the happiness and wicked glee we all enjoy of this spooky time of year. One night to break free and mentally dress as your inner monster, Rockstar, superhero, French maid, etc.  For businesses experiencing this Pandemic it also offers relief to parents with children who have nowhere to go or nothing to do.

Of course, due to social distancing and the every scary COVID-19 lurking everywhere and anywhere there must be a silver lining as that is what I am all about; one of my huge splurges is decoration that is Pinterest worthy.

An approachable haunted porch or stoop to creep up on and Trick or Treat or Not.

Spooky but Pinterest worthy!

Will you be handing out candy or something else?  This year we placed an apothecary jar filled with masks in our treat bowl shaped like a cat of the night.  Only to increase safety for our children.

Halloween entry foyer, with instead of treats masks.

Halloween is a huge business driver for many industries.  Candy in 2017 sold in the billions one of the highest peaks and last year still maintaining that level.  Undeniably, this year this we will need to wait and see what the trends are, but we know we will be in the low range. 

Many stores pre purchased from their wholesalers this inventory so they may be at a huge loss, towards the end.  A lot of sales November 1, this year on many Halloween items.  The savvy shopper will pick up those deal to add to their collections for 2021.

According to Forbes, we se in the past 10 years, the first peak in 2012 at 8 billion then pretty steady until the next peak in 2017 at 9.1 billion, which was the highest point and then slowly dropped but maintained by 2019 with 8.8 billion in the Halloween expenditures.  

RetailMeNot data 2019 study on Halloween Sales

M&M’s and Reese’s are still the top sellers. Although we love Candy Corns and Jolly Ranchers any thing wrapped is truly the safest always especially during this pandemic.

So far online and discount stores are the highest level where transactions are truly turning those sales and units per transaction (UPT).  The biggest decline was felt in catalogs, unless it was catalog to online and this is because of pandemic.

For my little spices and that is out doggies they are also in the mood being fashionable as always. Coco who was just groomed, is sporting is Candy Corn Ascot and Ginger always ready to play with his Skull chew toy all can be found at PetSmart.

Halloween spice with GingerSnap and his skull chew and CocoLoco with his candy corn Ascot

What ever you decide to do make sure it is festive the best way YOU know how, that’s all for now as I have many other wicked things to do on this journey of Fannytasticlife!