She HYPES us up!!!


Driving in my car and feeling so grateful. I remember not having a license and taking the train everywhere, or bus, or just walking everywhere. Previously afraid to drive.

In my previous blog, Am I nervous… I briefly mentioned taking my permit and the sequel Licensed I was so happy that I finally got my license to drive; gratefully just appreciating the happiness and freedom I feel. Prior to cruising all over the place I felt afraid and because my husband drove me when we needed to go somewhere I really did not have the courage to drive. In hindsight I believe, I should have drove years earlier.

In 2017, for my birthday I came home and my husband surprised me with my dream car. I could not believe it but of course he got it right, red Liberty Jeep.

Birthday Present Surprise!

I was embarrassed to tell him that my permit expired and that I had no credentials to drive. So, I was truly inspired to run and get that license.

So many things in life we pull inspiration from.

Speaking of inspiration, I recently when deciding to podcast wasn’t sure how I would be received. I had been blogging for a while and was able to write how I feel and capture moments in story. When I started podcasting first I was nervous and insecure about my accent but once I started talking the feedback I got was amazing. This has become true therapy and life changing for me. Finding inspiration, ideas, themes has really driven me to want to inspire others.

The other day I was at the supermarket and I hear some one call me in the parking lot but not by my name but my brand. They actually said, “hey, Fannytasticlife!” I felt so amazing hearing that in an outside element. This beautiful person went on and told me how inspirational my stories were to her. What I loved was that she is not my family or someone on the payroll … but a true neighbor and friend to the family; in our town. I felt so proud of this moment and so did my sweet children who witnessed this act of inspiration and kindness.

From this experience we created an new theme for our apparel in our Inspiration album. In particular, we created three pieces that speak to her specifically and they are: She HYPES us up!, We are listening! and, Get Hype!

I truly love doing what I do and for those who continue to encourage me on this Journey of Fannytasticlife, I thank you all!

Fannytasticlife, Wealth of Health (WOH) the movement! Fannytasticlife

Do it, do it, do it…. now – yes move that body!  I am on it ready to make this happen a new goal to hit some targets with no regret with some jumping jacks and squats and a whole bunch of other things.  My goal is that I will be working out 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week, for the next three months, and reassessing the next steps and wanting to tell you all about it on this journey of Fannytasticlife!  I am also starting the movement of WOH (Wealth of Health) group on Linkedin, join my group and give me feedback, support or let me know if you are up to something with your fitness.  Always check out the blog to match! Stealth… oh no she did not… yes, I did. Remember we do not sweat, we glisten; and, when we are walking to the bank we sparkle! On this journey of Fannytasticlife! Hashtag Parade ## #WealthOfHealth #WOH #Fannytasticlife #BusinessLeaders — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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