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Fall Fashion

I love this time of year, especially with Fall fashion. Yummy delicious weather for leather, a cozy sweater, fur, reptile, cheetah, leopard, animal, zebra, jewel tone give it to me now!!!! Meow!

For the beginning of the season I love to bring out looks that I feel showcase the inspiration from the scenery like fuzzy, pumpkin with hues of oranges and of course sleek patents leathers that take inspiration from September and transition into the October, November style.

I have three looks to sample, these are looks I have worn and own. Some may be available online and some are classic and not available but utilize the pallet to create your own look. These look all have a casual foundation and branch into Cozy, Classy and Crisp.

Check out these looks: Cozy Casual , Crisp Casual, Classy Casual;

For the first look I have my yummy Cozy Casual look. As a Brand Ambassador for the Official Her Team, of course I am wearing my “Babes Empower Babes” shirt and you can of course utilize my FHBMGC discount to get your 30% off on any item on their website. I have paired the Tee with my favorite high tops from Vans and hoodie that I always tie into a bow, and tapered sweet french terry sweats. You can match any of your items to make the look work for you. Of course I am a big fan of so many sneakers and brands that can certainly be mixed and matched here.

I have two other looks that I love and they are my Classy and Crisp casual looks.

For my classy casual look, I always love black jeans with a 2% give and a lovely fun headband. Sometimes you need to throw it together casually and a sparkly band to hold the hair back with really complete the look. Now, to dress up the look we can wear a sassy sweater and soft sueded bootie as this will always dress it up. The look will is simple enough to keep it casual but fun enough to be sophisticated for a quick zoom call.

For a sharp crisp casual look I love to pair a denim either light fade or dark rinse. In the picture here I have a two tone jean from Shein, which is very flattering. Either a white poplin or in this look a puffy sleeve print like the one above with a fun pattern keeps the casual look playful however, what ties it all in to make it crisp are the sharp patent leather booties. Theses boots are versatile and perfect for this weather.

Don’t forget your stylish masks to match.

Of course, individuality is what I love to see however some items are timeless. I was asked the other day about a particular color, with patterns, styles and for each season. I do believe that you can do what you like… and I do have a chart that does focus fashion by season. If you know me, you know I love data and analytics as much as I love being a fashionista. This chart below organizes the particular season whether it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall into quarters divided by three month intervals. Monthly colors are identified followed by textures, Tones possible Nail or Makeup coordinates and Footwear. Obviously this does not need to be followed I use this as an organization tool when organizing my clothing racks.

Although I always say these colors (Black, White, Nude, Red and Grey) are timeless and work anytime of the year I do have y own color wheel. THis wheel in parallel to the data chart above and moves like a clock. Each number representing a month of the year.

Fannytasticlife Color Wheel

A big part of the Fannytasticlife journey is fashion and what ever you decide to wear make sure you work!

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Pumpkins are from Pottery Barn.