Chipped Mug

No Chip on these shoulders

It all started when I was in search for a new coffee cup.  I literally have a difficult time finding mugs that have that vibe. Do you know what I mean?

My last mug broke and I was devastated as that is one of my favorite things to have as it delivers me my amazing cafe. I like my coffee a special way. Hot, with 2%milk, two sweetn’low packets and most importantly with a shot of Cafe’ Bustelo, that bodega love. Oh yes, so good and robust. Well, it needs to be in the right type of cup. Not just any cup will do.

Now I am doing my part to help save the world; I am a girl who loves a good straw, so I to stay smart and reduce my green footprint and of course to save the turtles (tsk tsk) I use metal straws. Also the cup needs to be microwavable and dishwasher safe, which is an absolute must! I enjoy drinking my coffee with a straw but it needs to be the complete package for enjoyment.

So now after a long agonizing search I finally went to one of my favorite stores and I found it, I should say it found me (tee hee)… at Home Goods. So, happy and just joyful! Well I love my mug that I found, dont you…?

I Love Coffee, by Spectrum Purchased at HomeGoods

This morning, I was so excited for my morning ritual and coffee ambiance experience I was preparing my cafe and right there I dropped my mug in the sink.

The mug was chipped. It almost felt like slow motion, complete devastation, sadness, regret… so do I just throw it away. Do I throw my mug away? No way, just because it has a chip the coffee is still delicious, right? Of course it is!

Now, we all have been chipped and we can take this as a metaphor of life. We have been through so many things that it put a subconscious disclaimer on what we do before we do it.

This weekend we visited my cousins house, and of course we had a long drive but it was totally worth the trip. When we arrived they were cooking on the grill… it smelled amazing. It wasn’t like any BBQ I have ever been to food was so dang delicious.

So, I kept hearing the same disclaimers, which I happen to do also when I have visitors. The “please excuse the mess” the “house is a work in progress” yadda yadda. Honestly the house was out of a magazine gorg!!! It really was gorgeous. The food was delicious, the people were delicious overall it was delicous.

At that point it hit me, we all have these little chips at us that make us feel we need to disclaim what we are doing. Chip, Chip, Chip and Chipped away.

Disclaimers – are terrible but we do this all the time, the need to justify why the laundry isn’t folded or why you may have dog hair or why there is one dish in the sink….oh mighty. Let us stop apologizing for life. Life happens and we cannot continue to chip it away.

Subconscious chips are even worse it is when we doubt ourselves. I have this issue, I will tell myself I cant do that… and in reality I can do that, in a snap, and with amazing finesses… yes! We need to own our abilities to just be and not worry what people may think.

For example when we were there visiting, someone said, “dont judge” and I said outright, I will judge to your face you r back and your mama, just kidding I will hold my judgement for the ride home.” Of course I was just kidding, I dont judge nor to I pass judgement. I learned late in life to practice mindfulness, and I have learned to provide support, empowerment and unconditional love. The ride home we felt elated filled with love and full of jubilee as we not only had an amazing time and blessed all around.

My sweet chipped mug <3

The coffee by the way, was delicious and I love my mug!

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