Chipped Mug

No Chip on these shoulders

It all started when I was in search for a new coffee cup.  I literally have a difficult time finding mugs that have that vibe. Do you know what I mean?

My last mug broke and I was devastated as that is one of my favorite things to have as it delivers me my amazing cafe. I like my coffee a special way. Hot, with 2%milk, two sweetn’low packets and most importantly with a shot of Cafe’ Bustelo, that bodega love. Oh yes, so good and robust. Well, it needs to be in the right type of cup. Not just any cup will do.

Now I am doing my part to help save the world; I am a girl who loves a good straw, so I to stay smart and reduce my green footprint and of course to save the turtles (tsk tsk) I use metal straws. Also the cup needs to be microwavable and dishwasher safe, which is an absolute must! I enjoy drinking my coffee with a straw but it needs to be the complete package for enjoyment.

So now after a long agonizing search I finally went to one of my favorite stores and I found it, I should say it found me (tee hee)… at Home Goods. So, happy and just joyful! Well I love my mug that I found, dont you…?

I Love Coffee, by Spectrum Purchased at HomeGoods

This morning, I was so excited for my morning ritual and coffee ambiance experience I was preparing my cafe and right there I dropped my mug in the sink.

The mug was chipped. It almost felt like slow motion, complete devastation, sadness, regret… so do I just throw it away. Do I throw my mug away? No way, just because it has a chip the coffee is still delicious, right? Of course it is!

Now, we all have been chipped and we can take this as a metaphor of life. We have been through so many things that it put a subconscious disclaimer on what we do before we do it.

This weekend we visited my cousins house, and of course we had a long drive but it was totally worth the trip. When we arrived they were cooking on the grill… it smelled amazing. It wasn’t like any BBQ I have ever been to food was so dang delicious.

So, I kept hearing the same disclaimers, which I happen to do also when I have visitors. The “please excuse the mess” the “house is a work in progress” yadda yadda. Honestly the house was out of a magazine gorg!!! It really was gorgeous. The food was delicious, the people were delicious overall it was delicous.

At that point it hit me, we all have these little chips at us that make us feel we need to disclaim what we are doing. Chip, Chip, Chip and Chipped away.

Disclaimers – are terrible but we do this all the time, the need to justify why the laundry isn’t folded or why you may have dog hair or why there is one dish in the sink….oh mighty. Let us stop apologizing for life. Life happens and we cannot continue to chip it away.

Subconscious chips are even worse it is when we doubt ourselves. I have this issue, I will tell myself I cant do that… and in reality I can do that, in a snap, and with amazing finesses… yes! We need to own our abilities to just be and not worry what people may think.

For example when we were there visiting, someone said, “dont judge” and I said outright, I will judge to your face you r back and your mama, just kidding I will hold my judgement for the ride home.” Of course I was just kidding, I dont judge nor to I pass judgement. I learned late in life to practice mindfulness, and I have learned to provide support, empowerment and unconditional love. The ride home we felt elated filled with love and full of jubilee as we not only had an amazing time and blessed all around.

My sweet chipped mug <3

The coffee by the way, was delicious and I love my mug!

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Caviar Dreams with Peanut Butter Pockets.

Caviar Dreams with Peanut Butter Pockets.

Often times we tend to dream big but not realistic. Then we are truly let down by our inflated expectations. No matter what you dream, I say dream big and set realistic goals that way it is not a letdown and when you make your goal, reward yourself; right! Manage those expectations even in regards to finance.

Well, I recently had to do some adult stuff and roll over a 401K plan. I reached out to my bank and requested to open a Traditional IRA.

I had to first call the financial administrator of my 401K plan and that was such a tedious long call that went everywhere but nowhere as they had an issue finding my account. Finally, at the end of the call I had to contact my bank and schedule a visit. I felt overwhelmed but I spoke to such a lovely lady at the bank, who scheduled an in person visit with me the following day.

By the way, what I learned is that all you need to provide the administrator is the name of the bank and type of account you are rolling over to and they can send out your funds straight away without further delay.

Sometimes, a review of finances can be intimidating like my fabulous style. So, I wanted to make my appointment visit with a professional attire. Our subconscious can sometimes do more harm that our conscious, anywho. I arrived for my appointment and I was treated like a queen. My, roll over was not a lot of money per say and I was also there to discuss my husband’s finances that I wanted to assist rolling over and that was significantly higher than mine. Either way, the representative at the bank treated me like gold, matter of fact platinum. While we were there she went over my account in addition to the services I needed on this visit and she went out of her way to explain changes I can make with my account to eliminate unnecessary fees, certain charges, and overall a healthier account that would work better for me. She then credited me back for an overcharge and two fees. I must say I felt like I was overjoyed with the treatment and amount of care she gave my account and business.

Somethings we went over regarding my accounts I would like to share with you, that way, my amazing Fannytasticlife readers can enrich their own accounts and take away while possibly applying these practices to your finances; healthier wealth of knowledge.

10 Tips to having healthier financial accounts (please check with your bank institution as this may not apply to every bank):

  1. At the end of every fiscal year, contact your bank and ask to be credited back for fees, normally you can be credited back for up to three. If you were charged $35 on an overdraft, or something like that as a mere customer courtesy they can apply $100 – $115 back to your account.
  2. How many accounts do you really need? Well if you are married you may want a joint, a private checking, and, a savings. In one bank institution as having multiple accounts may charge you maintenance fees that you cannot get credited back. Some banks offer no fees if you keep a specific minimum in these accounts and/or apply a direct deposit to the account of $500 or more monthly. Now if you make more than $500 a month you can split the direct deposit so that the checking accounts can get founded avoiding fees if you cannot make the minimum.
  3. If you have a savings, some bank will ask you to set up an automatic transfer monthly and that will eliminate any fees applies there.
  4. If you find that you have accounts a numerous bank (my issue, I spread the wealth) you will be getting charge maintenance fees all over. Now, Maintenance fees can range from $12 and up a month. That is about $144 – $250 a year, per account, per bank.
  5. If you have about $500 or more sitting around and you already have a 401K set up at your job but want to do a little investing on your own for a steady growth of funds you can open up your own Traditional IRA account and when it is a small amount $5000 or less, you can manage it yourself depending on the bank and invest these funds. You can also use the banks particular apps or feature to set a goal of what you are looking to make and then invest either risky or modest to build that investment.
  6. If you have $5000 or more most banks will offer an investing person to help you manage that wealth for you.
  7. Also, you can always at any time roll over your 401k to your own individual IRA without penalty. You may not want to this as some companies offer matched, however if your company does not offer a great package you can just open an IRA on your own and start investing for your future resting.
  8. Most banks offer great alerting tips, that let you know if your balance is low, if a transaction posted that was high and you can create some of them on your own when visiting the apps. This is a great feature if you have automatic payments that you may have forgotten about or just to set up reminders as we do get busy.
  9. Some accounts offer a benefit for savings, like if you open up a new account you get $250, if you have children you can set up new accounts for each of them and that can be the starting point for their account.
  10. Cashback, cashback, cashback… who does not love getting cash back. Well, this was not a tip that was mentioned, but we did discuss cashback and I have a tip that I utilize that may work for you. When you have a credit card (CC) that offers this here is a tip for you. Figure out what your overall balance is, and then instead of using it to make purchases apply it to a bill for example. Let us say your phone bill that you pay monthly is hypothetically speaking $100. Now, let us say you get a cashback of 5%, that is $5.00 if you project that for the year you can possibly earn $60. So, in lieu of paying the phone bill direct, think about it as a triangle. Use CC, to pay the Bill, use the cash to pay CC or set up an automatic recurring payment to pay the card; establish the amount or budget first. What will happen is your bill(s) will be paid and then when you pay CC, your best gal, she will reward you with cash back. This may need it is on blog…. I usually get a ton of questions on this. Let me know 🙂 would love to hear your feedback.
  • BONUS 1: Lastly, I have mentioned this in a previous blog and it is worth the mention here Protection for your best gal, CC I wrote about having insurance for all possible financial valuables including your credit. This can truly make the difference when you have an issue. For example, a lot of people recently became unemployed if you have an Account Assure or Credit Card Protection even an Aflac or policy of that nature, you can contact them and submit a claim that your life circumstances changed and now you are unemployed. Check out that article to learn how you can help yourself get financial help on those payments, possible hardships and sometimes they will pick up the complete tab.
  • BONUS 2: This comes from Nadia Pettignano who is a great long time friend, who recently mentioned in one of the comments on a post that they, “would also explore splitting mortgage payments 2x per month, it will save you tons of interest on your loan if you are a homeowner.” I am going to look into that! Thanks Nadia.

Overall, I was super pleased with the level of service at the bank and all the the tender, loving, care (TLC) I was given.

Thank you for taking this financial journey with me on this Fannytasticlife!

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Because of my amazing experience, please check out this offer from Chase

Caviar Dreams with Peanut Butter Pockets

Epilepsy Seizure Awakening and Awareness!

In November we wear purple.

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month! 

This blog was shared with eJourney at the Epilepsy Foundation to continue my advocacy in helping others.

This truly has change the way I live my life. I was challenged with getting a diagnosis, pushback and finally help.

My… diagnosis

At 19, never had a symptom was working at WTC.  January 20, 2000, I was working, and I had a seizure in the stock room.  It was told to me that I had a mini stroke, it was not until I was 22 that I realized I was having ongoing seizures.  It was not until I was 35 that I was finally diagnosed.  It was not until I visited a doctor in LI, NY that I found out I had Catamenial epilepsy (CE). I still do not take medicine for this condition and I have learned to live with this issue but still seeking help.

The Epilepsy foundation states that “Catamenial epilepsy is a gender-specific type of epilepsy in which seizure frequency intensifies during certain phases of the menstrual cycle. An increase in seizures in parallel with the menstrual cycle in some women with epilepsy has been noticed since ancient times.” (Iyenga, 2016)

The Epilepsy Foundations stated that “Studies show that changes in seizures are most often in the middle of the cycle around ovulation and about a week before menstrual bleeding” (Steven C. Schachter, 2013) At the time when I had my first seizure it was during middle of my cycle. Also, when I started tracking my seizures, I was finally able to see the pattern fifteen years later. I would have different types of seizures and I couldn’t explain it, I have learned that “Many people with epilepsy have more than one type of seizure and may have other symptoms of neurological problems as well.” (MD & Patty Obsorne Shafer RN, 2014)

Plan of Action (POA)

Plan of Action (POA) is necessary.  I always say, you need create a plan so you can be provided help I suggest the following:

  1. Tell a trusted three at work, your manager, a solid co-worker and your HRB and set up an action plan at work;
    1. This will provide HIPPA protected knowledge of your situation,
    2. How to handle it,
    3. Who to contact (spouse, ambulance, no one, etc.)
    4. How to help you (first aide),
    5. What you may need in your own words for Resuscitation (the process of correcting physiological disorders in an acutely ill patient. It is an important part of intensive care medicine, trauma surgery and emergency medicine.)
  2. You need to let your neighbor know to set up an action plan at home outside your immediate family when you are alone;
    1. This will protect you when no one is there with you.
    2. You can create a text word like very simply “HELP” and they will no to come over and what steps they need to take. Because when warning signals are trigger we can lose capacity and wont be able to communicate after those signals pass.
  3. Let your children’s school nurse know just in case something occurs and they will be able to follow on any plans you have in place;
    1. Maybe you dont pick up your child, they can contact 911 to do a wellness visit on your behalf, or
    2. An emergency contact like spouse to let them no that you didn’t show up or there was an incident at the school, and,
    3. Next steps for them to do in your own words because it is your plan.
  4. Where and ID bracelet of who to call; and,
  5. Finally be vigilant and advocate for others; in return you are advocating for yourself.

First – Aide

The Epilepsy Foundation developed a first aid for seizures that I thought was great and can help so many, I have some examples listed below.

  1. Stay – with the person until they are awake and alert after the seizure; (Epilepsy Foundation, n.d.)
  2. Safe – Keep the person safe; (Epilepsy Foundation, n.d.)
  3. Side – Turn the person onto their side if they are not awake and aware; (Epilepsy Foundation, n.d.); and,
  4. Call 911 – if.
    1. The seizure is longer than 5 minutes,
    1. Person does not return to their usual state,
    1. Person is injured, pregnant, or sick,
    1. Repeated seizures,
    1. First time Seizure,
    1. Difficulty breathing,
    1. Seizure occurs in water.
  5. Do Not – do the following:
    1. Restrain,
    1. Put any objects in their mouth.

Would also add if they have a Plan of Action (POA) follow-it 😊

For those who help me know to lay me on my left side, for breathing, support my head if necessary, don’t put anything in my mouth, and I always ask to call my husband in lieu of ambulance as this is not something that ER can “fix” having an action plan will be more helpful. Although, if and something happened that requires an ambulance contact your 911 and follow up with your doctor.


I found so much love and help at Epilepsy Foundation, there mission is simple The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

I also suggest, having someone in your office/job who is certified if you have staff that do suffer from seizures.  We usually have the fire marshal, or first aide person adding this will provide a protection to your key people who you work with and show them appreciation.  You can register for classes on the Epilepsy Foundation page, “You can now be certified in Seizure First Aid!” here you can find your local office who can guide you on the next steps, of becoming certified.

Help Line

U.S. Toll-Free Helpline: 1-800-332-1000
en Español 1-866-748-8008

You can also ask a question online for the Epilepsy Foundation here.


Sometimes I am told I cannot do something because I have seizures BUT I have never let anything stop me in my life.  I constantly speak, work, and try to help others who are also suffering with conditions like mine.  Still looking to finalize my diagnose and get treatment.  This is ongoing!  Also, I finally got my driver’s license at 37 and I am living my best Fannytasticlife!


Epilepsy Foundation. (n.d.). Fist Aide. Retrieved from Epilepsy Foundation:

Iyengar, S. (2016, October 11). Basics about Catamenial Epilepsy. Retrieved from

MD, J. I., & Patty Obsorne Shafer RN, M. (2014, January 21). What is Epilepsy? Retrieved from Epilepsy Foundation:

Steven C. Schachter, M. (2013, 10). Menstruation. Retrieved from Epilepsy Foundation: Menstruation

Podcast from September 15, 2020 – Fannytasticlife, Seizure Awakening and Awareness!

Lower East Side Princess to Suburbia Reina.

Growing up I, always felt like a pauper, with a penny short, and a soleless shoe. However, my mother was an artist and chose to live in the East Village of New York. My parents were starving artist and although their parents lived a more affluent life, they wanted to live the Alphabet City life.

While growing up on East 11th Street and Avenue A, in the Lower East Side (LES) I had an amazing neighborhood. Yes, we had homeless, junkies, drug dealers and the occasional whino’ but more importantly we had great neighbors, loving store shop owners and everyone seemed to care about my family.

I often felt like everyone knew my dad. He was a super, that means he was the superintendent of the building. He worked for three different companies and had twenty-five buildings that he personally cleaned and took care of all over the city. He would ride his bike all around. He also played music that was incredible.

I remember when I was a little girl, he played in CBGB for the Beastie Boys, The Ramones, Blondie, and The New York Dolls. Daytime hard worker and nighttime hard rocker; he would say. My mom was my dad’s biggest groupie. She loved him more than I think anyone.

She loved when he sang and when he played instruments and called him her Superman. The way they gazed into each other’s eyes was deeper than the ocean. I also felt like a celebrity when I was with them because he knew everyone and everywhere. My mom would say that they wanted his autograph.

My father had so many jobs. As I mentioned a super, musician with paid gigs, a bouncer, handyman, exterminator, plumber, electrician…basically you name it, he did it. He would send money home to his mom and save all his money in our apartment wall. They had cut a hole in the drywall behind a fake outlet and all the money was there.

One day they took all their cash and purchased a house… but that is another story and future blog.

I recall, when I was a teenager blossoming into becoming a young lady, so many guys would tell my father, can I marry your daughter. He would say, “which one?” As it was just my sister and I, and just when they were about to speak, he would say, “sorry to cut you off but you need at least a minimum of a college degree and a pension.” I would laugh at this because he was so serious.

He sat me down one day and said that he worked hard and had no benefits, insurance, or a pension. He did not want me to ever worry about that when I became a woman or a wife. He was old fashion and ahead of his time. He said, “a person’s looks will fade but their pension will only continue to grow interest.” I thought that was the silliest thing.

My mother who was originally married at fifteen, she had escaped her first husband and then met my father in the village through a mutual friend. They were married when I was about eight years old. She was always afraid for my sister and I to get married. She told me to promise her that I would never marry anyone until I was at least 21 years old. She would say “dating is like trying on shoes, try them all on to you find the right fit.” I was always dating different boys and I would never commit to just one.

One day, I was eighteen and my sister, and a couple of great friends went on a boat cruise around New York City and we danced the whole night away. My sweet friend at the time told us that her cousin would drive us home, but we had to meet him at club Fantasia. When we got there, I saw him and I thought he was gorgeous to me he reminded me of A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell, dimples, and all. So handsome, I his and he had amazing eyes and a beautiful smile. He drove us home and my mother was smoking a cigarette outside and said, “who is the cutie”, I laughed and told her who he was. The next day I called all the guys that I was seeing and told them I can never talk to them again because I fell in love.

I would often ask my friend where he was; and, she would say, New Jersey, Ecuador…just not here. I felt so sad… but I did feel my heart longed for him. Years later, my mother had passed away and now I was living in an apartment with my friend who I lovingly referred to as my PIC (Partner in Crime) who to this day is one of my dearest friends. We always went bar hopping, clubbing, and just living a crazy life.

My dear friend invited us both over to her house and her mother told me that her nephew would be there. I felt nervous but we went. When we got there, I did not recognize him, and all of a sudden, we recognized each other. It was kismet I felt my heart go “zing!”

We went on our first date April 17, 2002 and at the end of the date he asked me, “what was I doing the next day?” I told him whatever I was doing that day and he said, “ok, I will pick you up” and he did and every day after until August 17. Every day for the next five months, it was shocking and romantic.

On August 17, he asked me again “What was I doing today?” and I laughed, he said, “What was I doing for the rest of my life?” I said, “What?” He asked if I had dropped something, when I turned to look, I found him kneeling on my right side with a ring. He then asked me to marry him and I said, “yes of course”. I was 22, so I kept my promise to my mother. We got our marriage license on September 17 and we eloped on September 20, 2002 and we have been together ever since.

I often look back and miss my neighborhood and he remind me I never left. I always compare everything to where I am from, the food, culture, fashion everything. I love where I live now but I do miss that time in my life.

Now, with my sons I am always worried about them. There was a time I would ride my skateboard and hold the back of New York City cabs to get from place to place or jump from the roof tops as we would enjoy the Tar Beach in the summer. I guess it was a different time and those moments helped create the person I am today. From skateboard and trains in the city streets with freestyle playing on the corners to my kid filled Jeep, snacks and bookbags and Kidz Bop playing on the radio.

My beautiful husband truly swept me off my feet. He took care of me and made sure I never went without. He provided anything I asked and would give everything I did not ask for. Very loving and everything I never knew I needed..

Honestly, when I am feeling nostalgic, which I often do I reminisce about my childhood and wish that my parents and grandparents were still alive. Besides for them and those losses, if I could go back in time I don’t think I would change a pebble or rock as it these experiences made me the woman I am today on this journey of Fannytasticlife!

Fannytasticlife, Coping with feeling left out! Fannytasticlife

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Back to school, challenges.

Summer is gone, bye bye bye. Fall is here. Oh boy, time to run around and get everything perfect, right…? Not quite, do your best is the best starting place.

Feelings are running high, with anxiety from Parents, Teachers ane lets not forget the Children. What do we do? Some parents are concerned with sending their kids to school, going virtual, or hybrid. Each school comes with their specific policy that families need to abide by with great difficulties. Some parents dont have the necessary equipment for technology to keep their children home, who will watch them, no services for special needs and what about food preparation. While some parents want to be only virtual others want to send their kids to school this is due to the different needs of the parents and their environment; their perspectives.

We cannot neglect to mention the perspectives of the Teachers and the Students who need to be in the school first hand dealing with the issues.

Some teachers have their own families to worry about outside their class room and if they have children what will happen with them. Their are both spectrums with teachers as well, some are wanting to be in the classroom, while others want to be virtual as they feel their school is not prepared.

For students, some may not understand what is really happening, and they miss their friends and the school dynamic in addition to learning. Some students were very sick with Covid and saw family sick and dont want to put themselves at risk. Then again some are ready to go back and join in.

Many emotions, and fundamental rights that need to be digested on all levels. We all understand the questions as we have been hearing all the uncertainty but we are awaiting the answers. I dont have the answers, what I want to offer is coping with the situation. We do this through management. Our individual management of mindfulness, self-awareness and comfort levels.

The first step for management is possibly dissecting each level and reviewing the ideas for each group:

Management for parents, require a lot of patience as we may be indirectly impacted as we are not going back to school but our children are; Management for teachers, would be understanding and flexibility, this is hard because as a teacher we need to deal with education regulation and safety that is being restricted while balancing learning; and, Management for children, deal with emotions, anxiety, and of course safety as they dont control this but need to be confident with navigating it safety.

Expectations we all have, the question I would ask is are they realistic? We often range in expectation from a level of high, which is fantasy; and, low, which is brutal reality. The majority of the time we tend to be hopeful but this optimism can result into a higher level of expectation that might not give the same results. To keep our emotions stabilized we should lower the expectation, talk about our concerns, in order to get ahead of them with our families, children, parents and amongst the professionals. This will keep us healthier in our mindset no matter what we are managing when our expectations are first managed.

Let’s also discuss other challenges other than nerves, and health risks. We are also concerned about supplies, our children’s gear, and technology.

Some of the anxiety comes from getting the supply list correct. We often put a lot of pressure here. Blaming the teachers list or your child for needing the supplies wont help. Also, remember no child on their first day will need every crayon, marker, pencil, scissor, glue stick etc. Do the best you can. On my children’s first day of school, which was today, I forgot to give the teacher the box of tissues in my hand. When I arrived home it was in the passenger seat. I am sure he and his teacher will be fine, I will hand it over at pick up. No need to go overboard in blame and anger. We often see this kind of rage. Also, dont be angry about having to get the items on the list. The majority of teachers are underfunded in this area and they are responsible with providing your child a full curriculum of understanding so they ask for these items to aide your child. Can it be exaggerated, possibly at times. I must say, all my children have always used all their supplies and when asked only they used them. In the end it was for them.

School gear, oh boy this is a big one for me because I love Fashion. My sons all three started the new year with a fresh haircut from their pops who played the role as barber. They also got fresh clothes, which for some was a hand me down that looked brand new. All started with a feeling of love for themselves and content with their life and their position in it. The gear started in the brain. Self acceptance, love, patience and of course happiness.

This year we also did something very different, which might seem to much but all my children went to school with bullet proof bookbags, yes that is correct bullet proof. With the stress level of outside environments at an all time high, I need to almost guarantee their safety when we, the parents, are not present. We also live in a very safe and close community. However, you can never be certain of anyone’s stress and what you may not be obvious to the naked the eye. The bags look like black bookbags and have fun design. The children also know how to use them to guard themselves or friends neatby and are not advertising to anyone what they are. They all understand it is for their safety as well as the environment. We have entered a new era and even that is intense for me.

Lastly, technology as my children are fortunate to have chromebooks for school. I understand many dont have this and are forced to be virtual. I have seen many celebrities and other sponsorships step forward to make sure that children are not left behind.

Our foundation is where we need to start to make sure how we move forward is organized and together with our communities, the next step is supporting one and other by listening and being available to help whether it be communication, safety with masks, supplies etc.

The first day of school will be challenging to all for different reasons some bigger than others but we need to work together as we are all working for the same mutual goal are social health and safety as a society.

Today, I also start my first day of school for this semester I have two classes both have already posted assignments so I will get to that on this Fannytasticlife!

My first day of school for this semester.

Take care and dont forget to share your first day school photos 🙂 You can check out my podcast below and hear all about it.

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Yes, I loved the Goonies “Chunnnk” I can literally watch this movie over and over. As a mom of the #Chicoboyz Gee Whiz, I have my own Goonies.  Something about the teen movies of the 1980’s made the era amazing.  Yes, there have been incredible movies before 1980 and after 1980 but for me the teen movies spoke to my childhood.

I recently was reviewing IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and their top 100 teen 80’s movies, going over the top picks for this decade.  Now that the summer is coming to a close I felt it was the perfect time to go over this list but with a Fannytasticlife twist.  I am going to go over my top 25 pick out of their 100.

“This is no longer a vacation. It’s a quest. It’s a quest for fun.” –Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983) played by Chevy Chase

Before we get started I just wanted to mention a recent movie that I came across Cobra Kai, on Netflix that originally was on YouTube and got purchased by Netflix.  At first glance I was not for it, because I thought it was another redo.  However, I gave in and I saw it and I… loved it! Brought me right back to Karate Kid when I was a kid and how I remember it. I adored Mr Miyagi, adorbs, right this redo made me nostalgic.

Karate Kid, is IMDb forty-eighth pick, but my number 11.  What I loved about Cobra Kai, is that they gave a different perspective on the bad guy character Johnny, played by William Zabka.  It still gives us the corny vibe and loving romantic and funny antics but a kick a$$ performance that as a Karate Kid fan, you will love you reminisce about from the original story. Of course Ralph Macchio is back as Daniel and a bunch of new faces and surprising old faces.  A loving tribute to Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi). 

Top 25

Jumping right into my Fannytasticlife countdown, we start at 25:

Revenge of the Nerds, is my number 25 pick. This was a classic revenge movie and as a kid I enjoyed that it was filled with gross, stinky, smelly and hilarious antics although now I need to be in the mood;

Flashdance, is my number 24 pick.  I loved this movie but I preferred the movie Footloose to it.  I was inspired by the triumph of the lead who was sexy and confident with a strong attitude that made the 80’s movies great;

Back to The Future, is my number 23 pick. I have seen this movie more time than I want to admit. This Michael J. Fox movie is a cult classic, for sure.  And, now there is a cartoon loosely based on this movie that has me cringing and laughing called, Rick and Morty, on Adult Swim, which is pretty cool;

Fast Times at Ridgemont High, is my number 22 pick.  This particular movie got me where I had to cover my eyes many times until I was finally “old enough” to watch.  This movie touched on real issues but as a kid it went right over my head.  As an adult I re watched this movie and enjoyed the silliness of the eighties;

Can’t Buy Me Love, is my number 21 pick.  This movie was remade and the remake was also good.  The valuable lesson we learned here, repeats itself in other movie themes and that is to be yourself.  As encouraging as this movie was the truth is had the main character not changed he would have never and a chance with the girl;

Heather’s, is my number 20 pick.  Wow, very sinister that you just got to love.  the sly Christian Slater and quirky Wynonna Rider and the out of touch parents made this movie a satire of teen events that did speak a think line of truth in adolescents with, guns, suicides and violence.

The Lost Boys, is my number 19 pick.  Oh boy, I did not want to add horror but hey why not.  There are other movies that I did not add but wish I could that were just as frightening.  This movie was about two kids who move to a new area and find out there is something fish with the local “cool” kids.  As a young person all eighties horror movies were absolutely frightening.  However, my husband taught me a lesson and made me re watch scary movies from when I was younger and saw that maybe they were more corny than scary;

Beetlejuice, is my number 18 pick. Beetlejuice, B… dont say it three times.  I adore Michael Keaton in so many movies that he was in and one of my favorites was Johnny Dangerously, however I cant mention that officially on this list, as this is teen movies.  But if you want zany, dark, Tim Burton flare than this is the perfect one for you.  It was so ahead of its time when it was released.  I watch this movie every year, right after apple picking season to kick off October and Halloween season;

Teen Wolf, is my number 17 pick. This movie is so outrageous you got to laugh.  Michael J. Fox is awesome in this as he a huge basketball athlete and jock.  With the silly eighties actors and antics that have him going through all the crazy adolescent puberty stages but as wolf, certainly earning an LOL;

The Gremlins, is my number 16 pick. I remember my sweet neighbor who I always adored, Daisy invited us to her apartment to watch this movie.  I was so scared I ran out of the apartment, I might have been five years old.  But later on watching this movie it wasn’t scary and now offers so many signs of the times that enjoy; awww getting nostalgic;

Mannequin, is my number 15 pick. I put this on the list for my sister, this was hands down her favorite movie and I was forced to watch it and I must say I enjoyed it. Loved Sex in the City’s, Kim Cattrall and of course “Blane” from the Pretty in Pink’s, Andy McCarthy. This movie was super fun and hilarious. Later when I had a job as a merchandiser, I searched all over Block Buster to finds this movie, so that I can speak to it. For example when we worked overnight shifts to quote Mr. Richards, “You people that work at night scare me. Just watch him.” and when the stock crew helped on merchandising projects I would quote Hollywood Montrose, played by Meshach Taylor and say, “Imagine pretending you’re a regular stock boy when you’re an A-number one arteest!” funny right;

Ferris Bueller’s Days Off, is my number 14 pick. Love this movie, the car, ” The 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. Less than a hundred were made…” the characters, Ferris, Sloane and Cameron and the day of hooky in Chicago. And the ride the parking attendants go on, and then the run home, just in time. Love it;

Stand By Me, is my number 13 pick. Can I squeeze out another tear, I love this movie with such heart. River Phoenix (awwww), and ofcourse my doll face Corey Feldman who I love and who could forget Jerry O’Connell and Will Wheaton and a bunch of famous faces we now know and love today;

Weird Science, is my number 12 pick. I mean I wish I was that smart. This movie had me taking my mothers eyeshadow, music keyboard and vinegar trying to create a science project. That did not pan out but what did was the entertainment in this movie. Just Silly fun

The Karate Kid, is my number 11 pick, as I mentioned. I loved watching this movie as a young person and believing that I could create my own destiny and be the person I needed to be. Daniel in the story is bullied by teens in his grade, which stems from a girl he is attracted to. He end up overcoming the bullies, the story is an inspirational one;

The Breakfast Club, is my number 10 pick. Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, and Anthony Michael Hall. My crush was of course Judd and all his under layering issues. This was mayhem that you may have thought about while trapped in the walls of school and a great laugh;

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, is my number 9 pick. Excellent! First of all Keanu Reeves, who can do know wrong (… loved him in John Wick) But everything he touched turned to gold. Alex Winter is rejoining his ol’ pal and they are coming out with an all new Bill & Ted, Face the Music that is available now. I am going to watch this movie this weekend. I will update the blog with the review here **** Honestly, my expectations are high and cant wait;

Adventures in Babysitting, is my number 8 pick. This starred the Karate Kids and Back to the Future lovely Elisabeth Shue and eighties queens of cinema. This movie was fun, truly outrageous, I mean “ could a righteous babe like you be lonely?” you wont because you will be filled with laughter watching this movie;

Lean On Me, is my number 7 pick. Morgan Freeman played the Principal in this movie based on a school in Paterson, NJ that reminded me of the Junior High School I attended in the Lower East Side of New York. This movie resonated with my childhood and as my friends and peers in our neighborhood was struggling with similar issues. Morgan has always been an incredible actor and human this movie was stellar excellence I mean I literally saw him walk on water, yes it was a movie but, and, he did it;

The Neverending Story is my number 6 pick. Waaaah Artax… so sad, but he survived right. Well, this movie was so touching when the nothing faced their world and young Bastian needs to name the princess… but what does he say…? come again, I had to re watch over and over for years until I read an article that stated he screamed “Moon Child” after his mother on Google. In the 80’s, I walked around pretending to know;

Below represent the eighties prerequisites into the decade, from my perspective.

Pretty in Pink, is my number 5 pick. Yes, we all love and secretly love this movie. Favorite scene is when Otis Redding, try a little tenderness plays on the record and then Ducky starts dancing in the record store, before Blane comes and sweeps … need to cut myself off, I was watching the James Corden show and he had Jon Cryer on, they redid this scene wowowo classic!!!! Just Classic;

Footloose, is my number 4 pick. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon who is strikingly handsome he comes from Chicago to a small town with so many rules even against dancing but you can’t stop those swanky feet. Love this movie and soundtrack;

Dirty Dancing, is my number 3 pick. Patrick Swayze, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” after seeing that scene until recently I always sit in the corner waiting to be yelled out to dance, hand to god. All jokes aside this movie is romantic, tough, gritty, fun, sexy and absolutely amazing!!! “How do you call your lover boy…’;

Teen Witch, is my number 2 pick. “Supersonic, idiotic, disconnected, not respected, Who would ever really wanna go and top that? Such a waste, a pretty face, But hanging in your nowhere space…” yes, ultimate movie that is so hard to find but I love, love, love and can watch so many time. The lead played by Robyn Lively, who is Louise Miller is a geeky, mousey character that dreams to one day be popular. She finds a sweet Babushka who helps make her dreams come true. She quickly realizes that she was perfect from the start and she wants her life back to normal. The lesson in this movie is to love yourself!!!! True that! Fun fact Robyn is also sister with the actress Blake Lively, whoop whoop; and,

Now it is that moment I announce the Number 1, pick…are you ready?

The Goonies, is my number 1 pick. Like a-duh, for sure. First, when Chunk is captured and says, “But the worst thing I ever done – I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and then I went to this movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony and then, t-t-then, I made a noise like this: hua-hua-hua-huaaaaaaa – and then I dumped it over the side, all over the people in the audience. And then, this was horrible, all the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life.:” I mean this was from just one scene, wow. I loved this movie. I use this movie as parenting reference on how my kids needs to live and enjoy life. I will say for example when Stef said, “Bran, God put that rock their for a reason…and I don’t think you should move it” I will say um God… yadda yadda for a reason and I dont think yadda yadda… lol. This movie reminded me of my childhood although I was in the city the summers were in the country of North Carolina. Please if you have never seen this movie, my apologies for your missed childhood but please I urge you to watch it you can get pop culture references and be officially and 80’s teen movie fan!

Now, there are about 75 movies left on the IMDb top 100 list but these are my picks with a twist. I have enjoyed these movies and bringing this for your viewing pleasure. I would recommend watching them all if you are up to the challenge. That is if you haven’t seen them… side glare. When I watch them I can almost say them verbatim, which annoys all my friends and family but of course that is the way of my Fannytasticlife!

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