Idioms I adore!

Sometimes I just like to chew the fat, regardless of what we discuss it’s cool, I mean chillando like be cool like a cucumber.   Also, hold your horses we just got started so get your head out of the clouds before I kick the bucket and let’s discuss Idioms I adore, its a piece of cake!

Where did idioms come from, how did they all get started from what I wouldn’t I even know.  All I know, is that I use them and over abuse them all the time.  My name is an idiom, believe it or not.  I wasn’t always living this Fannytasticlife, I know hard to believe. 

I need to give credit where it is due so, back at the end of the 90’s I was working for a super famous clothing retailer.  Without giving it away we were the movement in denim.  Well at the time my manager Philip was a doll and he always made me feel like gold.  He called me Fannytastic.  He would often say this to me in front of everyone.  On one occasion my mother came and he was very kind to her and told her how much he though of me as an employee; she adored him.  While working for that company I would go to different stores and eventually left that store to work at the World Trade Center.  While I was there over the next couple of years my mother passed away and we lived and survived the September 11, attack. When I came back to that location I was grateful to see Philip, not only did he greet me he said let’s find that Fannytastic life that brought us all cheer.  After that day I owned it.  Now, I live this Fannytasticlife of mine with no idioms to spare.

I enjoy using idioms more then normal polite chatter I prefer it as my means of verbal travel as it is the paprika to my salt and pepper.  I store them in an airtight repertoire ready to pounce on the unsuspecting visitor to the town of my accent de jour on the corner of lingering sarcasm and witt.

My second favorite, I learned from my amazing friend Paul. My dear friend and I would go for coffee and I would often tell the coffee barista the name for pickup was “big daddy” so when we would get our drinks during the lunch break rush, they would call out “Big Daddy” and he would brave through the crowd to the bar to get the drinks.  He would say I need to go through this rigmarole to get the coffee (Teehee). However, he often said this word, rigmarole as he would say, “I need to run copies and rigmarole for a meeting I just cant be gallivanting like you all around!”.  I adored it when he used it that way and I use it all the time.

My famous one is to, chew on the fat, which means to chisme, gossip or tell a long story.  I love this one but not every knows about it. If you know me, all I need is a nice hot coffee and a game of scrabble and we can chew on that fat, for sure!  My mother did and often used idioms that is why I say the majority of the things I say.

This next idioms is very special because whenever I would have touching moments with my very good and dear friend and we would cry he would turn to me and say, “Pee more cry less.” So adorbs, right? I just love this one, and the story goes that his grandmother would tell him this. I looked this up and it was a Russian idiom, charming!

Sometimes I can see my idioms flowing and watch with such artistry from my vocals and the expression on peoples faces having no idea what they encountered.  I apply the rule of law, which is: Ignorantia juris non excusat.  This actually means that ignorance of the law does not omit fault and as for my idioms, ignorance of them does not mean they don’t exist. Especially when I tell people that they are full of idioms, that never goes over well.

When I as a kid I had an issue with reading and comprehension. My father would often work three different jobs and my mother was very ill so I was often left to my own devices for reading help. My mom needed support to help raise my sister and I. My grandparents stepped in.

When I was a baby,my grandparents took custody over me from the ages of six months old until I was about eighteen. They would pick me up on Fridays and bring me home on Sundays. In the summer They would have me from June to August, and, while I was with them I did not have a computer or television really to watch. They had this big park across from their home and they would let me play if I read.

They would guide me through reading and brought me the Encyclopedia Britannica. I remember reading all about Aardvarks and completed the volumes with Zoologist. I would also need to complete a current event essay from the Wall Street Journal when I would visit to stay focused. I secretly loved writing, especially in my journal. In the back of one of the papers there was a funny section but it was idioms, an illustration showing the joke and what it meant. This is how I fell in love with the idea of idioms, blogging and writing altogether.

This natural love of reading my own children adapted and this makes me so proud! Our trips to the library and book stores are my favorite times. They often will ask to be read to or for us to do reading night, where each person will take a turn reading a part of the story. They can easily turn to their video games, movies but they love this. This helps them think creatively and outside the box, which is in the core of our family development; all jokes aside, Bobs your uncle!

Many people along my journey would leave their impact on me and I adapted their idioms like a feather in my cap.  The idioms fit into my life naturally like getting my ducks in a row. This was very important to me because of the control it gave me with expanding my natural vernacular. Elevate the conversation, what do you adore? I would love to know as I continue on this journey of my Fannytasticlife!

Fannytasticlife, Coping with feeling left out! Fannytasticlife

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Accents de jour

Where are you from? Are you Italian? No. Are you Puerto Rican? No. Oh so you are Mexican? Nope. Oh, So you are Columbian? Nope. So, where are your from? What are you?

My heart goes out to all the folks out there trying to figure out the quantum physics of my origin. Really, I am very serious about this because my own culture has plagued me.

Self discovery has always been in the back of my mind. What confuses people is the way I look and my accent. I mean Fuhgeddaboudit, what accent, right…right?

I grew up in the Lower East Side (LES) of New York City. I refer to it lovingly as the “Lowa.” Some may call it Alphabet City. My prime space to dwell was on the corner of 11th Street and Avenue A. My confusion erupted from the culture, let me explain.

When I was in the 4th Grade, we had culture day. All the little boys and girls were assigned to draw the flag of their own specific culture. So of course I grabbed the red, white and blue and started drawing the most gorgeous Puerto Rican flag. My teacher came over and said, “Fanny you are not Puerto Rican” we argued and she than said, “Your mother is Jewish!”

I went home with my flag and went to my mother, who had already been called by the teacher. She said, “Fanny we are Russian, Polish and Bolivian” but I knew this. I was more confused. Because I explained we have a Puerto Rican flag in the kitchen, living room, fire escape, bedroom… we eat arroz gandules, pasteles, pernil…? We went to the Puerto Rican parade every beginning of summer. When my mom would clean she would have old school salsa and occasionally whip out the chancleta when I misbehaved, which was rare cause I was a saint. What was going on here?

My mother explained that we go to Temple on Saturday and Church on Sunday. My mother explained that as we know she is Jewish and my father is Catholic. He is from Bolivia, South America and identifies himself as Aymara of the Andean culture of the Andes mountains. She discussed how she was slightly unsure of exactly where but her parents came from Poland, which was controlled by Russia. My father also explained that he was part Wales and German with Jewish descent from his fathers side. After I digested this, which I was aware of why do we represent Puerto Rico?

My mother explained when she met my father he did not know english and she did not know spanish. There were no other Bolivians in the area. When they moved to our neighborhood there were only Puerto Ricans who were her friends. So, in order to understand the latin culture she immersed herself and so did my dad as they both felt it was a median between them and then assimilated to the culture.

The other issue was that my mother was very sick, so she did not have custody of me during the weekend. So, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday I lived with my grandparents in Brooklyn. Here I learned only about Jewish home cooking and Italian neighbors home cooking. Also, every summer I would go to North Carolina with my grandparents, where I was submersed in down south culture. So, I would go from Yo’ to Yall’ in a New York minute. I would toss all the food from up North out for Hush Puppies and Sweet Tea.

Proudly if someone asked I would often say to help them feel better, is that, I am 100% fake Boricua as my friends would loving tell me.

I identified as a Jewish Latin woman my whole life. However, many people would say to me that I sounded like these two woman, who I have always adored Fran Drescher and Rosie Perez; I can see that. In some instances when I moved to New Jersey I would get, what country are your from? Um, last time I checked…America.

This would often make me laugh explaining that I was from America of the US of A because I was literally born in Bellevue hospital one floor from the psychiatric ward. Although I come from a melting pot where if you dare questioned someones authenticity it was a punch to the mouth. Outside of the mean streets of New York City fashion, elsewhere in the United States, I had to learn that people dont travel everywhere to uproot and the folks from these towns always lived there. What I mean is that their mom lived there, their grandaddy live there, their great grand daddy and so on. So anything slightly different was not from the America they new, their norm.

Instead of being offended I had to get passed that and learn the new normal, which was easier top understand their point of view. I did and since I had always been quite a chameleon; although I have thick accent, thicker than my mustache this wasn’t difficult for me again, and, I had to put my feelings away.

Recently, I was able to do DNA search and family tree on one of the popular heritage sites. At first I was sceptic, like, really? I always wanted to see if I had other family maybe have insight on my brother who passed away or the cousin my mother always spoke about that was kind of a secret.

At first, I built my tree and made so many branches that I loved this process. I gave in an sent in my DNA and what I found out, I felt gave me closer. Closer, because the majority of my family was deceased. I was able to get answers that made me truly sob over.

My results came back that I was not Puerto Rican, which made me honestly laugh and felt sad about it. However, what my parents had mentioned in the past I was able to get so much insight. I am officially 60% European Jewish (50 from my mom and 10 from my dad); Indigenous America – Andes (Bolivian Aymara and Andes mountains); 11% Spain (this would be when spain came to Bolivia before they sought out independence); 3% Portugal; and 2% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe, which matched my fathers stories.

At first, I felt empowered with this knowledge. As you can probably imagine I was always told I was not 100% anything. I was also told I was not Jewish enough or Spanish enough, yadda yadda so this often plagued me. I remember, one of my previous directors, mentioned to me that I was not Jewish because she did not see me in her temple this honestly made me sad for her and her lack of education. I also did not even know where she went to temple. I do have a temple and church I go to, by the way… you know… just saying.

Anywho, I can now yell from the top of a mountains, truly what my DNA was. I also found the missing first cousin who my mother told me about and his dynamic but we will need to revisit that at a later time maybe a part two.

So now my accent, I really dont know what to say when I am speaking but I know I truly own it. Remarkably, it is what draws the crowds in on this Fannytasticlife!

Hear it for yourself on my podcast Fannytasticlife, thank you.

Fannytasticlife, Coping with feeling left out! Fannytasticlife

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Highest Percentile, one day at a time.

From my first sons doctors appointment, to my third childs recent physical going to the doctor has always been very interesting. This is because the doctor would always say that they are big; and, much bigger than other children.

One time the doctor said what are you feeding him, chicken!” I replied no one breast milk, serious he was less than three months old.

When they were very little I got so annoyed I had changed doctors.

They were taller, their feet were bigger and they were heavier than other little boys their age but they are my little baby boys.

My new doctor, at that time for them was amazing he listened to my concerns and let me know this was because of hereditary and where our family was from.  We have this expectation of norms but people from all over the world are different. 

We moved and unfortunately I had to find a new doctor.  We found a new practice in my new town. My youngest son needed a physical recently, I warned him that the doctor is going to bring up his weight.  I actually had to have a conversation with a four year going over his feelings, reactions and what to expect from the doctor.  We went and as I predicted the doctor mentioned it. My son told him that he understood and let him no that he loved himself.  I had to laugh at that.

My sons are active and eat healthy I don’t foresee them ever reasonably being the same size as “their normal” as they would need to physically shrink.

The interesting part is when we came home my sons were very mature about this situation and assured me that the doctor was just doing his job.  Proud mom moment.

My other son said atleast he got an A because the record showed he was the highest percentile.  He also added that I should be proud that he passed both test hearing and vision.  I was, very proud!

Always proud of my #Chicoboyz

They inspire me to stay healthy in this Fannytasticlife.

Listen to my Podcast trust you won’t be disappointed ♡

Fannytasticlife, Coping with feeling left out! Fannytasticlife

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Sacrifices on My Journey of Edification

We all travel through the education journey, since we were very young children. We are raised that education is important and of course essential and as a kid you dont have a choice.

I often wonder, what would have happened had I completed everything that I needed immediately, right after highschool and so on. However, I didn’t really have that choice and oftentimes I need to remind myself this.

The other point is that everyone has a different journey and timeline.

When I was a younger amazing Fanny, I applied for a specialized art school for high school. I had past the art entrance test, interview and received a waiting list letter. I was then told that they could not accept me as they were not taking any applicants from District 1. By now, most of you know that I was raised in the Lower East Side (LES) of New York also known as Alphabet City. I am proudly from 11 Street and Avenue A.

At the time, I applied we were having many issues in my district, with crime, violence and poverty but that was a norm for me as I was blind to it. I honestly thought everyone had these issues in their neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the school board didn’t and decided because of what was going on in District 1, it would be safer to exclude the children from that community. My mom was devastated and we did not plan a back up plan. So I had to attend my local high school, which was the toughest school school in New York City at the time. I knew a lot of people that were beat up, shanked, raped and attacked there. I also had friends that graduated and we called them survivors. My parents were not having it, so in a pinch transferred me to another high school that unbeknownst to us was an alternative school.

It was the early 90’s and although we didn’t have much, I asked for new school clothes and a fresh book bag for high school and was excited to start that fall. When I arrived to get my classes, I realized a couple of things: At 15, I was the youngest female student there, a majority of the girls who were 18 were pregnant and the boys had mustaches, tattoos and were in their twenties. I couldn’t understand what happened. My mother came back with me the next day and we sat and spoke with the counselor who explained that this school was an alternative for kids who didn’t want their GED and wanted to finish High School and attain an academic diploma. The other issue was that I couldn’t transfer out until I completed one year.

So, like in every situation I am in, I made the best of it. Became friends with everyone, babysat my classmates kids after school, did the best in all my classes, tutored my crush who had just celebrated his 21 birthday and maintained an A average so I can transfer out. I also, worked on my athletic side and played basketball with the fellas from my study group, rollerbladed, became a strong arm in handball and started to chisel up my soft side. That summer I anticipated being transferred out and I was playing basketball with my friends and I heard a pop in my back. I felt like my middle was jelly, so I went home and told my mother. The pain was paralyzing to say the least. I ended up having scoliosis surgery with instrumentation and infusion of a surgical steal rod from my hip to shoulder, which consisted of my whole spine (Cervical Vertebrae, Thoracic Vertebrae and Lumbar Vertebrae). This was not the new lapriatric type of procedure but the old kind and the scar is about 1 inch wide and in the center of my entire back. I had over a thousand stitches, staples, and ended up losing sensation on my left side of my body. I had lost blood and almost didn’t survive the operation. During this time my mom moved us to Woodhaven, Queens, NY. When I had come home, I need physical therapy often and I was told that I probably won’t be able to walk.

My mother made an appointment with the social security office and we had multiple visits for aide. She then explained that I would need disability care for the rest of my life. I was determined to not give up and I asked her to transfer me to the local High School, and that I want to live and not be unable to live my life. With my grandparents help they enrolled me into Franklin K Lane High School, which was on the borderline of Brooklyn and Queens.

At first glance, I was so impressed to go here. I am from the city we dont have green fields, a campus as majestic as this. My new neighbors who were my age that attended there warned me that this school was rough. However, I am from LES and I wasn’t afraid I was focused.

Everyday I would leave my house two hours before school and walk to school. My school wasn’t far away you can get there on foot in fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, I had to wear a body brace and walk with brace support cane. It was painful and slow but my new neighbors helped me all the time as they would sometimes walk with me.

I academically fell behind because I missed so much school due to my operation. So I enrolled in night school and summer school determined to graduate ahead. I also maintained my physical strength at home doing minimal exercises to build stamina. I finally, got my diploma six months before my cohort. I felt amazing. Also, wanted to mention that if this school seemed familiar it was the school from Spider-man: Homecoming; awesome right!

Many times in my life when I was feeling happy devastation would occur. I had to learn quickly to overcome to survive. Soon after I graduated my mother got very ill and we thought she was invincible. In 2000, my mother had passed away and this was unexpected and I needed time to deal with this pain while I was attending college locally, at the Borough Manhattan Community College (BMCC), which is part of City University of New York (CUNY). I kept my studies going and attended all my classes. However, while I was there I worked within the World Trade Center. I knew everyone in the building, From the security, porters, cleaners, management, office workers because they were all my customers and on one beautiful day in September all of that was taken away from all of us; the city. I lost friends, clients and my school was used to house bodies pulled from the rubble of the terrorist attack that struck our city. A devastating event that made me push pause on life again.

It was years later that I decided to go back to school. I was now married with a baby and I took it one step at a time. I was now living in queens enrolled in LaGuardia Community College. I was an honor student, Phi Theta Kappa and anticipating graduation for September 2010 with my Associates degree in Paralegal Studies, which was also a CUNY. I was also pregnant and about to give birth. I finally, graduated and my baby was ten days old and there I was with my graduation class who happened to be ten years younger than me. My family attended including both my sons.

I then attended another college, New York City College of Technology and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and Technology, which was also a CUNY. I published from the Emerging Scholars Program: Law, privacy & Technology: Is emerging regulation a constitutional reality or an urban legend fallacy. This article received recognition from our schools City Tech Writer. The feeling of recognition made me strive for better. I was able to graduate with my good friend and accomplish another goal at my own pace.

I felt very accomplished, although I knew many of my friends and family already had this, this was my dream coming true.

In 2019, we were now living in New Jersey and I decided to now enroll into Berkeley College for my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. I have been doing everything I can to graduate by the end of Fall 2020. I am now faced with a new challenge. Due to COVID, I recently became unemployed so I truly need to keep my purse tight and had to drop one course in order to maintain my family budget/expenses. That means that this course will be pushed into Spring 2021. I was planning to enroll in a PhD program for 2021, however I have learned many things in this journey of my #Fannytasticlife and the most valuable thing I can share that is relevant to this story is the following:

It is with every obstacle and challenge that molded me to the person I am today, not everything was handed to me and in every instance I had to renavigate and carve my new path, which led me to a greater good of self development, mindfulness and inner motivation. The value is finding the courage and the willingness to just keep going.

This means that I can not give up on my path and now I need to reevaluate and create a new path to carve steadfast in my goals and agenda.

This is not the moment of woe, as I dont attend pity parties and certainly won’t RSVP to them. Although I have been through so much, I had to learn that there is never a moment of setback because we have one life to live and one try at it. Therefore, each moment is very special and valuable to learn from and reevaluate yourself.

I am always in a a mental position to pivot with the readiness to learn. This is how I have maintained and will continue to have a #Fannytasticlife!

Fannytasticlife, Coping with feeling left out! Fannytasticlife

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COVID-19 and The Life Reset

What a whirlwind and still so much of 2020 we have left, certainly have been through enough. Now what?

I had just turned forty this past March and had not posted a blog in a long time. I decided this year would be my new chapter. However, as we all know the unexpected happened to our world. As a society we faced Corona Virus or COVID 19 and now we had to do the impossible and cut out civilization in our modern time.

For myself, my family lost two family members, my husband lost his job and then I lost my job and we had to redesign our brain, goals, dreams, hopes and prayers.

At first glance, this was not only horrible but devastating. The loss of the family was utterly shocking. This could not be happening to us and not being able to be there for the family and mourn these amazing people that we loved so much. The matriarch and patriarch of our family was taken from us so swiftly. We could not hug and embrace anyone who needed the love. As time moved on we had to push on without consideration or emotional healing.

When my husband was fired in April at first I felt life would just swallow us whole, and we could not survive with my job alone. I started to save and contacted all our utilities and bills to warn them them of our situation and right when I thought we had it under control I was then terminated and now I had only our savings. I felt sadness finally overcome us, and then my husband said we got this.

This whole time since “quarantine” I never felt embarrassed or the need to explain anything to anyone as I could clearly see my neighbors and family were facing the same issues. We were not alone but forced into hypochondria, hermit dwellings and of course solitude.

We faced our children and decided to tell them our truths and what is going on in our world. They were ages four, nine and eleven. I was not surprised on the level of information they already had and my sons biggest concerns was our health and well being. They are normally very mature and articulate and the care is very reliable, they let us know we can count on them.

Getting desperate was not a choice I had to search my soul for a stronger mother, wife and neighbor. With my savings I started momming up our budget, my time, our life experiences, walking with my kids, my dogs and never without masks, gloves and shields. Taking my children by hugs only and constantly letting them know how proud we are of them. Playing with them and relearning who they are. I had missed so much of them due to work and life and the daily hustle.

My husband did not let us down as he started to become the best baker in town, builder, inventor, dog trainer, crafter, artist, pianist and even an ordained minister. It was amazing to see him blossom into his passions he always wanted to do. He became more involved with the Rotary Club of our town and started to smile like I had almost forgotten he could and had’nt seen for all these years.

I felt lost in the beginning and I became introverted but my husband inspired me to just thank GOD and feel blessed and remember who I was. And, one day I did, we all did.

I searched the internet and found maybe the last one but a pool that will do the job and I got it a 12ft. kiddie pool for my children. With our own two hands built my family a kid oasis in the backyard. We spent every day there even in the early cold spring. When we heard the lake would open we decided to go and see. Looking back on the past three months I can honestly say that we spent every day from Monday to Friday at 11 am to 12:30 at the lake and then in our yard in the afternoon just living, for our children.

Finally, living a way that focused as a family with our children and not a penny to spend, spare or lend. We had to rethink our budget: food, bills, lifestyle but we did not save on was praying and staying mindful and hopeful still.

My husband was able to find a new job in July and we are grateful with a very tight purse. I still need to be with my babies as I have no camp to send them to and no job to run off to, all they have is me and I have is to be with my family as this is what we need now in this reset of life.

What will fall bring? What will happen when the boys go back to school? I start to feel the anxiousness come over me but I turn to my husband and he grounds me and says that we will worry about that when it happens live for today.

Thank you for reading my blog I am back with vengeance for life my #Fannyasticlife !

#COVID19 #CoronaVirus #2020 #LifeReset