Idioms I adore!

Sometimes I just like to chew the fat, regardless of what we discuss it’s cool, I mean chillando like be cool like a cucumber.   Also, hold your horses we just got started so get your head out of the clouds before I kick the bucket and let’s discuss Idioms I adore, its a piece of cake!

Where did idioms come from, how did they all get started from what I wouldn’t I even know.  All I know, is that I use them and over abuse them all the time.  My name is an idiom, believe it or not.  I wasn’t always living this Fannytasticlife, I know hard to believe. 

I need to give credit where it is due so, back at the end of the 90’s I was working for a super famous clothing retailer.  Without giving it away we were the movement in denim.  Well at the time my manager Philip was a doll and he always made me feel like gold.  He called me Fannytastic.  He would often say this to me in front of everyone.  On one occasion my mother came and he was very kind to her and told her how much he though of me as an employee; she adored him.  While working for that company I would go to different stores and eventually left that store to work at the World Trade Center.  While I was there over the next couple of years my mother passed away and we lived and survived the September 11, attack. When I came back to that location I was grateful to see Philip, not only did he greet me he said let’s find that Fannytastic life that brought us all cheer.  After that day I owned it.  Now, I live this Fannytasticlife of mine with no idioms to spare.

I enjoy using idioms more then normal polite chatter I prefer it as my means of verbal travel as it is the paprika to my salt and pepper.  I store them in an airtight repertoire ready to pounce on the unsuspecting visitor to the town of my accent de jour on the corner of lingering sarcasm and witt.

My second favorite, I learned from my amazing friend Paul. My dear friend and I would go for coffee and I would often tell the coffee barista the name for pickup was “big daddy” so when we would get our drinks during the lunch break rush, they would call out “Big Daddy” and he would brave through the crowd to the bar to get the drinks.  He would say I need to go through this rigmarole to get the coffee (Teehee). However, he often said this word, rigmarole as he would say, “I need to run copies and rigmarole for a meeting I just cant be gallivanting like you all around!”.  I adored it when he used it that way and I use it all the time.

My famous one is to, chew on the fat, which means to chisme, gossip or tell a long story.  I love this one but not every knows about it. If you know me, all I need is a nice hot coffee and a game of scrabble and we can chew on that fat, for sure!  My mother did and often used idioms that is why I say the majority of the things I say.

This next idioms is very special because whenever I would have touching moments with my very good and dear friend and we would cry he would turn to me and say, “Pee more cry less.” So adorbs, right? I just love this one, and the story goes that his grandmother would tell him this. I looked this up and it was a Russian idiom, charming!

Sometimes I can see my idioms flowing and watch with such artistry from my vocals and the expression on peoples faces having no idea what they encountered.  I apply the rule of law, which is: Ignorantia juris non excusat.  This actually means that ignorance of the law does not omit fault and as for my idioms, ignorance of them does not mean they don’t exist. Especially when I tell people that they are full of idioms, that never goes over well.

When I as a kid I had an issue with reading and comprehension. My father would often work three different jobs and my mother was very ill so I was often left to my own devices for reading help. My mom needed support to help raise my sister and I. My grandparents stepped in.

When I was a baby,my grandparents took custody over me from the ages of six months old until I was about eighteen. They would pick me up on Fridays and bring me home on Sundays. In the summer They would have me from June to August, and, while I was with them I did not have a computer or television really to watch. They had this big park across from their home and they would let me play if I read.

They would guide me through reading and brought me the Encyclopedia Britannica. I remember reading all about Aardvarks and completed the volumes with Zoologist. I would also need to complete a current event essay from the Wall Street Journal when I would visit to stay focused. I secretly loved writing, especially in my journal. In the back of one of the papers there was a funny section but it was idioms, an illustration showing the joke and what it meant. This is how I fell in love with the idea of idioms, blogging and writing altogether.

This natural love of reading my own children adapted and this makes me so proud! Our trips to the library and book stores are my favorite times. They often will ask to be read to or for us to do reading night, where each person will take a turn reading a part of the story. They can easily turn to their video games, movies but they love this. This helps them think creatively and outside the box, which is in the core of our family development; all jokes aside, Bobs your uncle!

Many people along my journey would leave their impact on me and I adapted their idioms like a feather in my cap.  The idioms fit into my life naturally like getting my ducks in a row. This was very important to me because of the control it gave me with expanding my natural vernacular. Elevate the conversation, what do you adore? I would love to know as I continue on this journey of my Fannytasticlife!

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