Business Me

Everyday is an adventure; keep your wits about you. On these journeys we need to realize who we are. Understanding the depth of your character can truly impact your day and how you interact with others.

We have many sides of who we are: Home me; Friends me; School me; Alone me; and, Business me.

Business me is savvy, energetic, motivated, confrontational, problem-solver, secure, a team player, wears a suit, always polished, a leader, a listener, shows empathy, rallies the group, gives condolences, corresponds, requisitions, makes no demands, offers praise, gives rewards, builds networks, lends a hand, puntional, reliable, and always shows respect.

Keep in mind that although this is characterized under the category “Business me”, over all, this is still me.

Having this position of realization changes the ball game because knowing who I am puts the ball in my court.

Identifying myself helps me identify other and their own needs. The saying goes, “You know what you are going to say but you don’t know what someone else will say.” Mastering your identity helps you to engage on a level that allows anyone participating in a conversation with you to leave with feeling of mutual respect and no matter the topic a sense of enjoyment.

Whether work or play I tend to have a #Fannytasticlife

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