Feeling yourself

I woke up, and new lotion was needed for this body.

Happy, finally it has been a minute… stress was released this week and I am able to feel good.

My babies dancing in my bedroom, laughing, hugging mommy.

I said I need my fringe, I need some gloss, pink leather, jeans, bling, shinny hair. 

As a women especially a mother sometines we loose ourselves in the routine.

Hubby, came home.  Peeped his sweet deliciousness. Love him he is a damn good man and wonderful:Father, Husband, pick a title he is amazing at it.

I washed all the dishes, tidy up the casa.

Wanted my King to breath.

Babies lined up and gave me sweet kisses as I left to go to work, filled my heart.

Im just thankful, the sun is shinning bright on me, I love the light.

Glory to God!

Feeling myself!

Have a blessed #fannytasticlife