I am a lover of the constitution. 

Why would you take office if you have no belief in the constitution.   That is the foundation and safe guard of this country.  Let’s go back, why did the Pilgrims come to this land.  They sought refuge of religious persecution.   

It is written from the fathers of this country.  President Trump you are going backwards.  You are taking your own daughters rights away.  You are hurting you future grandchildren. You actions are not president worthy they are one of a dictator.  You truly have enough money to buy your own Island and be emperor of it.  


I’m angered beyond the point of resuscitation by the disrespect you throw to the people of this nation. 

You have lied all the way and continue to lie, not informed, not educated, shameful.

Your ego and pride are bigger than this country, bigger than this world.  If only space aliens from another world could just explain to you that you are not the center of the universe.

President Trump, please take a look at yourself, power hungry and hatred is what fills you to the absolute top.

I am a lover of the constitution,  I studied it even before college and I know the value of the words more than the artifacts that it presents itself as.  

Please learn, educate and humble yourself.

Patience I hope to find today and activism won’t yield from my soul while I maintain my #fannytasticlife and continue to fight.