Simple pleasures of sweet luxury.

When I was kid, certain things meant a lot to me.  We were poor.  But rich in spirit.  My parents were artist and lived in the East Village of New York. Had my mom stayed in Brooklyn with her family she would have had the lifestyle any Jewish American Princess could want.  She decided to live in Alphabet City with my father. She loved the struggling artist, organic, flower child lifestyle they had. They didn’t marry until I was about 6.  We were nothing traditional. 

It was interesting, my dad was very handsome.  Even my teachers would ask if he was single, and he was with mom who he adored.  He would give her anything he could.  They were from to different worlds but had so much passion they taught each other their languages so they could communicate.  They told me to express my love in the now not in the later.

Growing up, later in life, I decided that I will work hard, raise the bar and never look bad to anything sad, only the positive highlights so that I could move forward.  Remember the struggle but recall the strength of endurance that was needed to reach the goal.

When my husband and I started out we didn’t have two nickles to rub together but we kept strong.  

Recently, I had to give up some of my luxurious lifestyle normality to make way for my new commute and day care costs in our new community.

The other day one of my colleagues gave me a Starbucks gift card.  Oh my God I got so excited, like it was gold.  

I took my laissez faire lifestyle for granted…. no.  I am just really appreciative of all I have now.  Sometimes you need to sacrifice to make way for change and then reward will come. 

Sweet blessing today and to all, enjoy your #fannytasticlife day while I enjoy my latte♡