Emotions running high…

The day you do everything “right”…

You woke up early, got your babies right. Fed your dogs, got a Lyft to the Rail, 

You are on fire, on time.

Shocking you have enough money and time for a Latte’.

Land at work, getting everything on the agenda.

But that one chick, who secretly hates her life and is miserable.  She seems to have everything but she is rotten inside, decides today is the day, she will throw you under the bus.

In slow motion you watch her verbally assault you, to you boss, the one who has validated you for no good reason the one who loves you unconditionally, she smears your goodwill your Probono to your boss.

And, you don’t shield, you don’t defend your self.  You allow it.

Then you walk away, and cry hard.

While she walks away feeling triumphant another victim to add to her pile.

But this time, God’s light shines on you, you talk to your boss.  What she says, shocks you.

She doesn’t believe that creature.  She only believes in you this is her gift, her love.

Now, you know that battle was lost but the war, the war is ours to have.

God blessed and prayed for.  This evil eye, jumps in all those who call for it, I don’t ever turn to evil.  I have been called many names malificent, dragon, pittbull, I don’t deny my strength. 

But, if you don’t know me, you can call me #DianaPrince or #Wonderwoman because I will maintain my #fannytasticlife …