Never saw a resolution I liked…

Wow, what a year; 2016 was probably one of the hardest for my family.  To catch you up ans keep you current.  

We moved in to our new home…

the holidays happened …

The hubby’s office party…

The gingerbread house and Christmas tree…

My office holiday potluck…followed by the my office holiday party.

and now are in the new year…2017!

Today, everyone will ask “What are your resolutions for 2017?”

I have a problem with resolutions because people aren’t always realistic and honest about the state they are in presently. So, the resolution because impossible.

I always set goals through out the year, in addition, I adhere to my budget and stick to my plans.  I’m also a time keeper; time is the most precious non tangible item you possess so it is wiser the manage the time you have.  For example, I am always on time.  I’m usually the reliable one. Or the gal to count on.  Because of my time management.  However recently, in my move to my home, I now get to work 10 min off.  The train route between work and my new home is longer and the lapse between trains, I can’t make.  So I need to make decisions on how I will adjust this.  Not blaming anyone but adjusting my life to accomadate the schedule. While some may say, “My resolution is to always be on time.”  Automatic fail, first determine what the actual problem is then work on a resolution. 

So with that said, my resolution for 2017 is to have a #fannytasticlife!

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