Home before the holiday.

What a journey.  We finally closed and now are moving into our home.  So, humbled, blessed and joyful! 

We found out that lawyer was not only lying to us, but mishandling our money and it wad just a mess.

We had to switch lawyers in the last moment, and he saved both of our deals. 

Our home is lovely, spacious and full of life and happiness.

I’m so grateful to every one who sponsored us on our GoFundMe page. This helped us in the final stages although we still have a fight ahead of us; that is with Jersey City.  They took our complete profit of $83,333.33 and we were left with about $147.00 sad but true.

We will be alright, we have an upcoming hearing with the city next week.  

If any one asked me about buying a house and selling a house I would tell them the following:

  1. Get your mortgage approval first, Not  through a realtor but through a bank you do business with;
  2. Find a lawyer, from someone you trust.  A solid referral;
  3. Ask the lawyer: What services do you provide and for a basic timeline of what to expect;
  4. Find a realtor, from someone you also know.  A solid referral;
  5. Ask the realator: What services do you provide and a basic timeliness of what to expect;
  6. Before you do business with them teachers your mortgage representative who they are and ask if they ever heard of them, check the BBB and verify their licenses; and,
  7. Make sure you do all your homework, in the end you are paying for this so get your money’s worth.

I have other tips I will share, till then remember to stay #fannytasticlife with all your dealings.