A world with out dreams…

We have all just witnessed the unbelievable ordeal of the election results. What at first we thought was just a joke became a reality filled with broken dreams, no hope, covered in hate.

In the days that followed, we see acts of hate all over our nation.  I always knew racism existed, I never knew to what extent; blatant and crude.  Americans should be ashamed of their behavior, this is the country where everyone’s ancestor came to seek refuge and salvation.  What is happening now is nothing less than a travesty of our nation. 
As a nation, we have been through so much: Slavery, Chinese  Exclusionary Act, Japanese Concentration Camps, Barbaric Exploitation of Puerto Rico, etc; when do we turn around and learn from our mistakes and make them right?

This nation will fall unless we rise as a people who do not hate but love and start to make things better.  

No matter how much of a #fannytasticlife your have, it is time to get serious!