A new home and now a fight for what’s right.

We have been put through the ringer. Most of you know what I am about and the past six months we have been doing everything any anything to comply with everything that is needed to close our old and new home.

We are now in the thick of it.  And currently fighting with Jersey City trying to fix a contract issue.  Our contract states we owe nothing and NJHMFA has agreed with us and discharge the lien. However, Jersey City says they “interpret” it differently and feel they are owed $83000.  We are middle class union workers and are a family of five.  They are going to leave is with nothing.

We are ready currently creating a petition to fight this and not for just us but neighbors who are in the same predicament.

We have created a GoFundMe page to help my family when we move into our new home.  We are currently homeless because our buyer moved into our property with out our authorization and is currently squatting in there.  It went from rough to worse.  Today is our last day in the hotel and then we will try to stay with family.  

If you can helps us please check out link below, if you only send prayers we will gladly accept.  Thank know you to all my #fannytasticlife followers and fans.  Love you all!


A world with out dreams…

We have all just witnessed the unbelievable ordeal of the election results. What at first we thought was just a joke became a reality filled with broken dreams, no hope, covered in hate.

In the days that followed, we see acts of hate all over our nation.  I always knew racism existed, I never knew to what extent; blatant and crude.  Americans should be ashamed of their behavior, this is the country where everyone’s ancestor came to seek refuge and salvation.  What is happening now is nothing less than a travesty of our nation. 
As a nation, we have been through so much: Slavery, Chinese  Exclusionary Act, Japanese Concentration Camps, Barbaric Exploitation of Puerto Rico, etc; when do we turn around and learn from our mistakes and make them right?

This nation will fall unless we rise as a people who do not hate but love and start to make things better.  

No matter how much of a #fannytasticlife your have, it is time to get serious!


Masks, we all wear them for work, school, family and life.  We sometimes are the smiling sociopathic clown that is really depressed or the sad emo who is truly happy but attention thirsty.

I always smile as big as I can, I am not a sociopath.  I am a woman with a high tolerance of pain and a short fuse.  I can’t help that I am confrontational.  the truth is we are all earthlings, for the most part; ha. This is why I believe everyone is on the same level, which is the crust of earth under God and his majesty.  

My mask is designed to protect the owner of it.  It draws you in, this trusting wicked smile, and enigma of perplexity of origin confused, you.  Naturally you are curious and then become overwhelmed and compelled to talk to me.  My response is sharp not sweet.  

The shock is so confusing you are simply confuzzies and don’t have the elevated wit to rebuttal but instead of being offended you enjoy the banter; you are welcome.  

My natural habitat has me like a porcupine and each quill is laced with an intoxicating and addicting endorphin.  

Now, for those who are offended, I instantly now that you are truly self-conscious and bitter, heavy chipped at the shoulder with an exterior so hard yet sensitive that you are on the defensive.  Your mask is possibly vain.  

I find humor to be the connection to all masked.  The cure is laughter and the nourishment is love, don’t take me so serious while enjoying my #fannytasticlife 8♡25♡365