Designated Company Dragon Lady, who me (not blushing)

Pretty much you all know that I’m not the company cotton ball, I’m the Dragon Lady.  

I’m ok with that, I can’t  stop putting out fires with my own flame because this ends up being on my daily do list.  It happens periodically that I need to step in, neck out, take it, dish it then serve it.

When working with people who have been empowered or inflated, who may or may not have the pedigree and I need to regulate regardless of the title.  With all the respect I have in my human.  Just sometimes I am contracted as the verbal assassin that destroys the PhD because their artillery is just not equipped to defuse this nuclear verbiage that unloads per second while they are still arranging their thoughts per decade…still loading, still loading.

My grandmother once said, “Fanny slow down I can’t keep up with what you are saying” and I responded “think faster”, forgive me for bragging and rest in peace Grammy just setting the emphasis.  

I don’t employ nonsense.  I restore policy, procedure, regulation and infrastructures that were designed to do the job.  While circumventing has become a new norm, I won’t adapt it.  Technological radicals or nuances; yes! Plagued egos; no!  

Still smiling and having a #Fannytasticlife at my cubicle, you do the same, no matter your platform!