My family is awesome because we have certain traditions that we do every year.  Our year follows the school year,  because, I have kids; obviously.

I am so afraid of scary movies but that doesn’t stop the lazy Sundays watching Halloween movies with the guys and popcorn.  

We our big Goosebumps fans.  My son have almost every book. When we watch the movie we discuss and compare to the stories.   I love doing this with my guys.  

We have so many traditions that even when I am exhausted and not feeling well; I do.

My mom passed away when I felt I needed her and in my heart I don’t know what will happen and if I will live long enough to see my grandbabies one day.  All I know is that I will leave my kids with amazing traditions that they will remember and do with their families one day.

Until then, we live! We rejoice! We celebrate! We tradition and continue to build on great memories of this #fannytasticlife I have.