I see your true colors…

I see your true colors was a popular song when I was a kid.  Only as an adult I finally get the meaning.

I usually don’t consider myself a nice person.  However, I do consider myself caring.  Normally my niceness factor is thrown out the window because I don’t bite my tongue.  If I feel I need to say something; I will.  My personality is confrontational and I walk around with my soapbox defending the underdog … not nicely but crude, raw and true.  If I was a man, I would be a leader, a strong mentor, a valiant solider, a warrior but most of the time I am called a b!÷(h.  

I don’t refer to myself this way and I don’t feel I owe an apology.  I had to learn to toughen up and think on my feet. I worked very hard studying life as I attended the school of hard knocks, with no sympathy, wasn’t reaching or requested.  I won’t complain I rather fight verbally.  

My true colors are in fact what you see, I don’t hide myself or who I am.  I believe in some simple codes of life:

  • I don’t lie, too much work to keep up;
  • I defend immediately;
  • I work hard not because I am a hard worker but I truly value the integrity of anything attached to my name;
  • I trust 100% from jump street, you cut that down by your trueself;
  • I won’t talk behind your back I prefer to tell your face, your back and your mother so help me father;
  • I also remember what people say, I will hold your words against you; oh and,
  • I hate liars. 

That sums it up.  So, I would suggest to stop hiding your true colors and have a #Fannytasticlife!