Slightly rough around the edges.

I usually believe I am a professional.  However let me keep it real.  I am from the Lower East Side of New York City (if you haven’t heard of it or not sure where that is … for Christ sake, Google it, please don’t embarrass yourself… about this or anything, just shake your pretty head say “ok” then quietly google into to soft light) anywho, inside me is this girl who is wild, hides a can of spray paint,  likes finger waves, tattoos, hip hop and heavy metal.  She also has a mafiosa rebel personality that is usually buried deep. I don’t refer to her as my ghetto side I refer to her as my Gangsta side.
She does come out, if you catch her vein.  For the most part, I am a loving mother of three a devoted wife and a no-nonsense Paralegal who has earned every iota on her feet, her lovely stiletto wearing feet, not on her back.  

I take pride in this.  Ok, it took me twelve years at CUNY’S four year program… so what?  Also, I plan on attending law school next fall and if all else fails, a Masters in Labor law.  

I have a life that everyday is a moment of learning constantly in the hustle of edification. Many judge and that is ok I can’t help others insecurities.  I mean I know what I want, what I  like for example: Red Hots, spice, almonds croissants from Pret and lattes from Starbucks, Mercedes that look like Jeep wranglers, control, macro managing and laughing the loudest all in red lipstick and pointy nails and not giving a darn.  Of course I will have haters in the dozens.  When someone hates me that is their problem, I feel fine, I love myself. Ha.

This is why I go down rough.  You all know that saying if it is too hot in the kitchen, yadda, yadda, well… Yadda!

I have this saying that I use everyday, on my desk I keep a box of tissues.  When some one is stressed, I let them know “if you have an issue grab a tissue, time is money”  I mean, I work by the bull, and you would be mistaken, if you thought I was the cute type.  Plenty of moxy, snark and pizzazz.

I recently, saw the movie Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn was like my inner me, almost… I mean I’m not looney.  

The point of this tangent-rambling is don’t change who you are to please anyone, not your loved ones, bosses, anyone.  Be who you are! 

We wouldn’t want a nation of clones, variety is the key to happiness and love of course.

Yo, don’t forget to have a #Fannytasticlife yall!