Growing up I didn’t have it easy.  I remember the hardship my parents had, they were starving artist.

Seeing their struggles taught me something valuable; to give.

I have always been very generous and usually don’t need the credit.  Something about seeing someone happy or feeling love, for me, is rewarding.  

I do my share of annual fundraising.   But I always feel it is not enough.  I wish at times I can do more.

My mother always told me “don’t leave the house without three dollars, two so you are not a vagrant and one dollar in case someone is in need.”  That is usually my code. 

I grew up with a lot of my mother’s philosophies that I now teach my own children. Because these ideas have been the most honest and raw.  

Yes, I love glamour,  makeup, clothes… vanity.  However, we all need to be grounded and humbled.  

I was homeless when my mother died.  I am not ashamed of the experience.   It was real and came with major lessons.  I learned that I never want to be in that situation again nor do I want my children to go through that.

I guess at the time my family just didn’t realize the struggle I faced at 21.  I was rescued by my cousin who with her newborn took me in and I am forever grateful.   She gave. 

Giving can come from the time you spend or from the love you share or from monetary givings.  We need not forget to remember the lesson of love.   On that note have a #fannytasticlife today and always.