Being a work mom, wanting to be a stay at home mom… perks, sacrifices, need and wants. I am so confused.  

I thought I had my mind set and I was ready to go to law school with my two children out of the day care phase.  However, then I had baby three and here we are spending on daycare and another little sweet face needing his mommy.

My husband works very hard and can financially support us.  Then again, the benefits package I have he doesn’t have, which is probably why my salary is significantly less.

Currently, we are moving and now wouldn’t  be the best time to make this decision.  I will make this decision late this year.  I just feel we can save so much and have more quality time if I was home.  

My husband could finally rest.  He just works so hard.  My heart breaks for him.  Yes, he loves his job and he has passion for what he does but working seven days 12 hours a day, he is so strong.

I’m not sure how he would feel about me staying home.  Because I am so annoying already, one of my quirks. 
Men don’t really have these decisions to make, but as a mother I really need to gather these thoughts, weigh them out and figure it out while maintaining my #fannytasticlife.