Superheroes are real

There comes a time in someone’s life when you realize that superheroes are real; it happened to me, I met one.

I mean he didn’t have a cape, he couldn’t fly, didn’t have superhuman strength, he wasn’t faster than a train or locomotive but he is a superhero.  He is amazing, I guess you’re wondering who am I talking about; my husband.  Don’t be judgemental! He is awesome.   He will do anything for his children.

Since day one, he will make sure that we have a full refrigerator, all the bills paid with clean laundry.  He monitors all the homework and still maintains a  happy wife who is always sick.  My husband is my best friend and has a decade to prove it. 

I pray that we are together forever, I hope he is praying for that too.  I only hope that I live up to some expectation that he has, which I really don’t know what it is because he never complains.  I will ask him periodically, if there is anything that I can change or are you happy with our relationship. His response is so funny but he always says, “I’m here aren’t I” and he is. 

My husband is not the emotional type of guy, the one who wears his heart on his sleeve.  He is a guy that is more of the silent rugged diesel fuel behind the ears, truck pushing, monkey wrencher with a grip on reality. 

It is how he conducts himself with our children that is so gentle, beautiful and loving.  The way they look up to him.  Admire him,  and pray every night for him.  They literally ask God to take care of him, protect him and watch over him and to bring him home safe.  He works nights, and they know he doesn’t have it easy.  He never complains.

Just knowing him is what sparked the realization that’s superheroes exist because if they did not exist then how could it be.  He must be a superhero because there’s no way he could do everything that he does just being mere mortal like me.


The art of appreciation.  Knowing and valuing the people in your life is one of the biggest lessons you could ever learn because just understanding what they may be going through or how much they do for you without you even knowing are blessings, true blessings that needs to be validated.

Have a Fannytastic Life!