Open arms

Today, my husband and I went to visit my job with baby.  We were greeted by all.  What an amazing feeling.  All levels of staff came to see us, and show our little guy love.  We were overjoyed.  My boss who is very special to me, was so happy to see us.  I love the feeling that when I go to work I look forward to it; seeing everyone.

For many years I had jobs where I was not validated and I was mistreated. I often wondered how can I make my environment more positive and the energy more flowing. To be in sync with the office dynamic so I would want to be there.  I really couldn’t figure that out until i started to realize that it’s about integrity and showing by example.  I’m positive, but I can’t change people. 

Therefore, I need to have realistic expectations about my office environment goals. Also, the quality of family.  My colleagues are my work family, this infrastructure is part of creating a solid foundation. Trust, safety net, policy and procedures that keep the team organized and maintain the light,  loving and caring work environment.

We can’t change people, we can’t have the ideology that maybe we can change people, we need to let people be who they are and love them for who they are. Some of the valuable things about having different qualities makes us more interesting to be around. If we all had the same qualities, it would be pretty boring and nothing would get done.  With that said in the work environment when you are positive even facing negative energy usually your integrity will shine through. Today,  it was a feeling of coming home to my work family and being greeted by open arms.


Have a Fannytastic Life!