Stingy, me?


So, baby is adorable and cute and funny.  I mean really I can go on and on and he is all mine (bra ha ha).

It just kind of happened, really.  I was hanging out with him. Wrapped up in his little smile and eyes, hours passed and I don’t let anyone hold him. Normal, right?

We actually went to a party over the weekend and well I hardly let anyone hold him.  It really wasn’t deliberate.  It is like when you are a kid and you get a new toy and you are not ready to share yet.  Kind of like that.

So, anywho.

Today, I went to give baby a bath.  I asked hubby to hold the baby.  I went to get pj’s, towel and lotion.  When I came downstairs hubby was already washing the baby.  I was a little shocked.  My hubby is a true gem.  He does everything.  But I was being slightly greedy.  I kept asking “do you need my help” I knew I was hovering.  He kept saying that my help wasn’t needed.  When bath was done I came and swooped in and got baby with towel, lotion, pj’s the works.  Hubby got dressed to walk dog, I could see he wasn’t the happiest.  He came back to nap, I asked him to hold baby because I wanted to wash dishes.  When I was done with my task I came back and asked for baby.  He called me “stingy”, I gave him a look… but really I was being stingy.

I love this little guy and I guess I’m a little over protective and nervous and anxious but I can’t be selfish. Like me of the boys I need to share them with my family and with our newborn baby I can not be greedy it’s not good for him or me but I will continue to love him and cherish him.

Call it insecurities, or hormones.  Now, that the baby is home, your “mama bear” instinct is ready to defend your baby cub.  Just remember,  hubby, grandparents,  family, friends, all are really just wanting  to rejoice in the precious little bundle of joy, like you.  Be there, responsible loving mom and let go when help is offered.  Go to the bathroom, have a cup of coffee or tea, comb your hair… Baby will be fine.

Have a Fannytastic Life!