Superheroes are real

There comes a time in someone’s life when you realize that superheroes are real; it happened to me, I met one.

I mean he didn’t have a cape, he couldn’t fly, didn’t have superhuman strength, he wasn’t faster than a train or locomotive but he is a superhero.  He is amazing, I guess you’re wondering who am I talking about; my husband.  Don’t be judgemental! He is awesome.   He will do anything for his children.

Since day one, he will make sure that we have a full refrigerator, all the bills paid with clean laundry.  He monitors all the homework and still maintains a  happy wife who is always sick.  My husband is my best friend and has a decade to prove it. 

I pray that we are together forever, I hope he is praying for that too.  I only hope that I live up to some expectation that he has, which I really don’t know what it is because he never complains.  I will ask him periodically, if there is anything that I can change or are you happy with our relationship. His response is so funny but he always says, “I’m here aren’t I” and he is. 

My husband is not the emotional type of guy, the one who wears his heart on his sleeve.  He is a guy that is more of the silent rugged diesel fuel behind the ears, truck pushing, monkey wrencher with a grip on reality. 

It is how he conducts himself with our children that is so gentle, beautiful and loving.  The way they look up to him.  Admire him,  and pray every night for him.  They literally ask God to take care of him, protect him and watch over him and to bring him home safe.  He works nights, and they know he doesn’t have it easy.  He never complains.

Just knowing him is what sparked the realization that’s superheroes exist because if they did not exist then how could it be.  He must be a superhero because there’s no way he could do everything that he does just being mere mortal like me.


The art of appreciation.  Knowing and valuing the people in your life is one of the biggest lessons you could ever learn because just understanding what they may be going through or how much they do for you without you even knowing are blessings, true blessings that needs to be validated.

Have a Fannytastic Life!

Open arms

Today, my husband and I went to visit my job with baby.  We were greeted by all.  What an amazing feeling.  All levels of staff came to see us, and show our little guy love.  We were overjoyed.  My boss who is very special to me, was so happy to see us.  I love the feeling that when I go to work I look forward to it; seeing everyone.

For many years I had jobs where I was not validated and I was mistreated. I often wondered how can I make my environment more positive and the energy more flowing. To be in sync with the office dynamic so I would want to be there.  I really couldn’t figure that out until i started to realize that it’s about integrity and showing by example.  I’m positive, but I can’t change people. 

Therefore, I need to have realistic expectations about my office environment goals. Also, the quality of family.  My colleagues are my work family, this infrastructure is part of creating a solid foundation. Trust, safety net, policy and procedures that keep the team organized and maintain the light,  loving and caring work environment.

We can’t change people, we can’t have the ideology that maybe we can change people, we need to let people be who they are and love them for who they are. Some of the valuable things about having different qualities makes us more interesting to be around. If we all had the same qualities, it would be pretty boring and nothing would get done.  With that said in the work environment when you are positive even facing negative energy usually your integrity will shine through. Today,  it was a feeling of coming home to my work family and being greeted by open arms.


Have a Fannytastic Life!

Stingy, me?


So, baby is adorable and cute and funny.  I mean really I can go on and on and he is all mine (bra ha ha).

It just kind of happened, really.  I was hanging out with him. Wrapped up in his little smile and eyes, hours passed and I don’t let anyone hold him. Normal, right?

We actually went to a party over the weekend and well I hardly let anyone hold him.  It really wasn’t deliberate.  It is like when you are a kid and you get a new toy and you are not ready to share yet.  Kind of like that.

So, anywho.

Today, I went to give baby a bath.  I asked hubby to hold the baby.  I went to get pj’s, towel and lotion.  When I came downstairs hubby was already washing the baby.  I was a little shocked.  My hubby is a true gem.  He does everything.  But I was being slightly greedy.  I kept asking “do you need my help” I knew I was hovering.  He kept saying that my help wasn’t needed.  When bath was done I came and swooped in and got baby with towel, lotion, pj’s the works.  Hubby got dressed to walk dog, I could see he wasn’t the happiest.  He came back to nap, I asked him to hold baby because I wanted to wash dishes.  When I was done with my task I came back and asked for baby.  He called me “stingy”, I gave him a look… but really I was being stingy.

I love this little guy and I guess I’m a little over protective and nervous and anxious but I can’t be selfish. Like me of the boys I need to share them with my family and with our newborn baby I can not be greedy it’s not good for him or me but I will continue to love him and cherish him.

Call it insecurities, or hormones.  Now, that the baby is home, your “mama bear” instinct is ready to defend your baby cub.  Just remember,  hubby, grandparents,  family, friends, all are really just wanting  to rejoice in the precious little bundle of joy, like you.  Be there, responsible loving mom and let go when help is offered.  Go to the bathroom, have a cup of coffee or tea, comb your hair… Baby will be fine.

Have a Fannytastic Life!

New baby, rusty?

Brought home a brand new baby boy, three weeks ago today. And I’m so happy so proud, so blessed and so exhausted. The last time I had a baby was five years ago and two years before that for a total of seven years ago, so maybe I’m a little rusty.

He is just so sweet, so cute, so loving, so little so lovable. He is also a nocturnal sleeping baby who refuses to sleep at night and this ol’ gal is spoiled when it comes to sleep.

Like every new mother I read all the books of what to expect when expecting and did all the research I could and went to the library and referenced all the possibilities of having a newborn. Seven years later, who does that? Everything now, is Google this and Google that.  I mean really who has time to go to the library, look in the Dewey Decimal System which, I honestly love. Then, Figure out reference guides and books; it just doesn’t happen like that anymore. So, what I have become a big fan of his Pinterest and of course Google. 

Pinterest really opened my eyes to blogging.  This is because I simply put a search topic in and boom thousands of articles pop up! How simple, pretty easy and accessible.  So many hits on how to do just about anything. I have referenced everything I can possibly think of on Pinterest starting from: what to pack in my bag for the hospital; what to expect when I get to the delivery ward; how to manage nursing; top name brands for strollers and cribs; etc. You name it, it was easy and accessible. 

I am going off on a tangent, so now back to my brand new baby boy. The day came I brought home my baby introduced him to his older brothers.  First week done, I was flowing with milk, and glowing. 

Week two, creeped in, hubby went back to work and circles appeared under my eyes.  A cold came over me on Thanksgiving day and the sensation to nap has become more important than anything,  including self maintenance.

Now, week three settles in and a feeling of relief has come in.  And balance is back, just a smidge.   We have had a plethora of guests which, kept my sanity. Today, my husband and I went to the mall for some Christmas shopping with baby after we dropped off the boys to school. Just spending time with them has also helped the sanity.

The first two weeks I almost thought I was neglecting my older sons by holding back on the attention I give them.  However,  my children (who are very outspoken) told me that they felt a lack in attention but they understand the baby needs me.  Although, I felt guilty I also felt relief that we discussed it and it is normal.

Today, when they came home our schedule was back on track and homeostasis was at base line. Ofcourse not perfect, babyboy, is fighting sleep as I am writing this but it is ok.

Because, he is a newborn.
He only knows his mommy and her scent.
He doesn’t understand his new world yet, which is outside the womb. 
He is just wanting, to be comforted, fed and changed.  He will sleep when he is ready.  My rusty stage has now transitioned to titanium mommy courage.

The oldest golden rule that was told to me when I was a new mommy seven years ago was,  “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” To add to that, like with my other children, I need to pay attention to his clues.  Learn his schedule and then figure out the balance (possibly set up an alarm on the fancy phones we all seem to have as an aide) that way I am healthy, sleeping and energized for the new born.


Have a Fannytastic Life!